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Default Brett Favre comeback or Aaron Rodger's New Era

Mods: I made a question like this one, but I phrased it wrong and people didn't understand what I was saying (my fault). Hopefully this will be a more accurate poll and people understand this time.

Do you think Favre should have come back, or do you think it is time for the Aaron Rodgers Era of football to begin the Green Bay? This isn't who should start (my fault on last poll), but if you think it would be better for the organization if Favre retired and Rodgers would take over now, or Favre should come back and Rodgers should keep holding a clipboard.

In my opinion, Aaron Rodgers was drafted to be the franchise QB. Brett Favre's career is over and he has nothing more to prove. The Packers, in all likelihood, won't make the playoffs and this is a wasted season if Rodgers doesn't play a lot. If the Pack want to get back in contention they need to look towards the future and give Aaron Rodgers his learning curve. If he doesn't play a lot, they will suffer a lot in 2007 because he won't have that added experience. He should know the playbook pretty well, and he isn't a rookie.
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