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shawn hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Originally Posted by Don Vito
Originally Posted by shawn
Originally Posted by JBond93
Originally Posted by Brodeur
Hooray for Roy Williams, Corey Bradford, and Mike Furrey getting the playing time at receiver. BMW might get some playing time because he has looked solid enough at practice. Rogers has been insanely inconsistent and I've given up on him.
I just really don't see how BMW would fit Martz system. I mean, the biggest guy on the Rams was Torry Holt at 6'0 190. Mike Williams at 6'5 229, Rogers at 6'3 220 def. don't fit. Where as Bradford at 6'1 201 should be fine. That's why they won't do anything.
if you look at it like that, then roy williams wouldnt fit the system eaither, because he's big to???
Ya Roy Williams and Rogers are big, but they arent slow at all so they shouldnt be too out of place in that system.
oh alright, i see what your saying, i misunderstood it, i thought you were saying that they werent good fits because of there size, i didnt no you were talking about speed

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