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Denver Bronco99
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Originally Posted by Smokey Joe
Originally Posted by bigbluedefense
Originally Posted by bearsfan_51
If Urlacher is overated I challenge anyone to name a MLB in the game today better than him.

If you said Zach Thomas or Vilma, you're wrong.

Give him another MVP or a Pro Bowl or two and he's in the HOF.
Before I say this, understand that I believe Urlacher is the best MIKE in the game.

Having that said, I think he's overrated in a sense that he could be even better than he is, IF he only had a brain (duh duhadada [lame attempt at singing the Wizard of Oz]).

Urlacher does not call the plays, line up his teammates or call defensive audibles. I believe Mike Brown holds those responsibilities. I could be wrong though, and if I am, heck, Urlacher still doesn't do a good job at it. He is not a cerebral type linebacker. He gets by too much on his pure athleticism. I see him take the wrong angle many times, but he just happens to save himself and make an "incredible" play by thrusting his body back into the proper area and making a play. Thats all fine and dandy now, but he won't have that forever, and he will fall off HARD when he loses it. He has all the physical tools, but he has no brains to go with it.

I think Vilma can overtake him in a couple of years easily. He has the instincts and the brain. But Urlacher will fall off just like Ray Lewis. But unlike Lewis, his dropoff will be even worse because he won't have any instincts to fall back on.
Um Brian Urlacher has called the plays. He is the one that calls for all the defensive audibles. He is the one that the coach gave the QB wrist to. Also, Brian Urlacher has great instincts. I have no idea where you are getting this from. He puts up great numbers year in and year out, even with all the talent around him. There is no LB faster then him. Turn on a Bears game once in a while, because quite honestly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

no doubt i think the top three are wilson,urlacher,lewis in no order..and urlacher is probably on the top of the list...but i can name a hand full mabey 2 of LBs faster then urlacher 2 being on the broncos...in williams and gold and possibly wilson as all of them run in the 4.45 range
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