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Default NFC West trash-talking thread (aka the seahawks are better than your team thread)

Keep in mind the following rules:

2. Do not personally attack another member.
a) You should be capable of disagreeing without calling someone else an idiot.
b) You should attack ideas and arguments with your own arguments and supporting evidence. Calling someone's idea moronic without bothering to say why is grounds for a warning.

15. No "trolling".
a) Do not post in threads with the sole intent of provoking other board members.
b) If you don't have some legitimate information to add to a debate or thread, don't bother hitting submit.
c) Any posts submitted with the clear intention of provoking other board members will not be tolerated.

Rule 15b needs to be emphasized. Posts like "Team A is better than Team B" or "Team A will win the super bowl and Team B will go 0-16" are grounds for an infraction.

With that said, let the trash talking begin.

The St. Louis Rams are not going to be any better this season. They still havent solved their abysmal run defense (unless you count a rookie DE/DT hybrid a solution, which would be very premature seeing as he hasnt even played in a regular season game yet), which will directly lead to another 7-9 or 8-8 season.

Now onto why the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC west, and are definitely up there for the best team in the NFC. To start off, I will quote a Bill Simmons article (Simmons is the only good writer on ESPN).

Everyone is sleeping on these guys. They finished 9-7 during a season when nearly everything went wrong; now they're healthy and happy; they dumped their clubhouse cancer guys; they added a pass rusher (Patrick Kerney) and an overqualified defensive assistant (Jim Mora Jr., who nearly made the Super Bowl 30 months ago); they're playing in one of the easiest divisions (the NFC West); and they'll probably be favored in every 2007 game except Pittsburgh in Week 5 and Philly in Week 12. And it's not like they haven't done it before. Throw in their homefield advantage and skill position guys and they seem like the safest bet in the NFC. So why can you currently get 25-to-1 Super Bowl odds for them in Vegas? Because it's no fun to pick the Seahawks. They've been there before, they play in a smaller market, they have a bald quarterback, their uniforms are boring, their best player is boring, their coach looks like he should be wearing a sheriff's outfit and buying donuts, and if you say you've met more than three Seahawks fans in your entire life and you're not from Seattle, you're lying. Really, the only thing that stands out about them is their crowd. Switch their roster with Dallas' roster and they'd be 7-to-1 odds right now. Since they're in Seattle, nobody cares yet. But you will. Give it a couple of months.

To add on, the Seahawk defense is the best in the offensive-oriented NFC West, and is only getting better with age. Brandon Mebane, Darryl Tapp, Baraka Atkins, Craig Terrell, LeRoy Hill, Lofa Tatupu, Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, Josh Wilson, and Jordan Babineaux are all starters or get a decent amount of playing time and are all young, solid players. Their pass rush is superb, with great blitzing linemen and linebackers. With the great running backs in the NFC West, the run support is what the big emphasis is on. The seahawks do not have a great run defense (but then again, neither do any of the other NFC west teams), but it is solid. Bryce Fischer and Patrick Kerney are good run-stopping DE's, we have a good rotation of 5 solid DT's which will keep each one fresh, and our linebackers are arguably the best in the NFL. The hawks defense looks good this year.

The offense is undeniably excellent this year. Hasselbeck and Alexander are both healthy, the best offensive linemen in the NFL is still starting at left tackle, and despite losing Darrell Jackson, our WR corps has improved. The offensive line was the major concern last year, but I feel that this year we are solid at OL. Walter Jones is starting at LT, so the left side is fine. It doesnt hurt that Rob Sims is at LG, and he has been great so far and will only improve. Chris Spencer at C has franchise center written all over him. RG Chris Gray is ok, but he's our weak link. RT Sean Locklear is very underrated and has quick feet, he should hold his own. The group of WR's is excellent. There is no other team in the NFL that could afford to put Nate Burleson at 4th string WR.

Great backfield + Solid O-line + Great WR's = Great offense
Great offense + Good defense = SB contender.

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Originally Posted by yodachu View Post
Everyone pwns the Rams.

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