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Originally Posted by saintsfan912
Originally Posted by danman253
Originally Posted by saintsfan912
Cant say I look like a fool. Nobody knows who is better unless the teams play so arguing this makes us all look like fools i guess.
Uhh yes i can, u posted faulty information, then when you tried saying it was right, snuff posted facts, thus making you look stupid.
And arguing with me over something that neither of us an prove makes you look just as stupid.
Actually they're arguing with you over something that can be proved.....and it was proved......and you were wrong.

At first I thought this was just a bunch of biased homers picking the Big10 to win this mythical game. I think the Big10 is down this year and I think the SEC is a little better (Yes I said a little better.....the SEC fans need to get over themselves and stop thinking they're 60 times better than any other conference). But if you're building an all star team you're taking the best of the best, and the Big10 has the 2 "best" teams in the country. You could win this argument with an OSU/Michigan combo team. When you throw in studs like the LBs from PSU then it's not really homerish to vote for the Big10.
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