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Default Free Agency/ Signings Thread


Do not Re-sign
TE Matt Murphy: Frankly, no reason to re-sign him. Now that we're going back to a true FB there's no need to carry 5 TEs. We hardly knew thee, really.

TE Ryan Neufeld: I actually like Neufeld. He's a good blocker, especially on returns, and is versatile in that he can play both FB and TE. However, the fact that we have two other TEs, and I want to add one more, plus his inability to stay healthy makes him a non-enmity.

DE Anthony Hargrove: Honestly, this has nothing to do with his failed drug tests. We have four DEs. We have a lot of money invested in 2 of them, one is signed to a long-term contract, and one is a FA. The FA (who also is last on the depth chart) is the one that goes. Time for an upgrade.

DT Jason Jefferson: If we really want to compete we can't have Jason Jefferson's in our DT rotation.

LB Mario Haggan: Haggan has been a very good STer and an adequate backup for the Bills. However, with him and his carbon copy Josh Stamer's contracts up, its time to move on. We have better backups than Haggan (Wire, Ellison, Digi), and with only 7 LB's kept on the roster, there isn't any room.

CB Jason Webster: A yeah, talk about a failed experiment. I normally am not happy when a player gets injured, but him going down really helped our team. Greer>Webster.

SS Bryan Scott: He really was just a stopgap, didn't fit our system either. He played well (I actually think he played more LB than SS), but not well enough to stay on the team.

WR Peerless Price: It'd be easier, and nicer, if he would just retire. Unfortunately, he has expressed his desire to come back. He's being replaced as the #2 WR. Additionally, he IS NOT a good slot receiver, and even if he is, we already have 2 good slot receivers. Bye bye.

RB Anthony Thomas: No real point in keeping him around. Jackson stole his roll as backup, so he doesn't really have a spot on the team. I doubt Jauron cuts him though...

QB JP Losman for a 2009 draft pick: Do I think Losman would be a good backup? Sure. Does he like that idea? Nope. As for the decision to go for a 2009 draft pick. We already have a plethora of picks this year, so lets upscale the pick. Instead of getting a late 3rd/early 4th round pick this year, lets get a late second/early third round pick next year.

WR Sam Aiken: What's the harm? Honestly, when's the last time our 6th WR even saw the field on offense? He's a great gunner on STs, keep him on for that reason alone.

TE Michael Gaines: I was very pleasantly surprised by what Gaines brought to the team. While not the big redzone target we need, he provided a good checkdown target who was good at running after the catch. He has very deceptive speed. Bring him back as a third TE.

T/G Jason Whittle: Good depth, experienced vet, should come cheep. Its time this line build some good depth, Whittle can provide just that.

LB Josh Stamer: As I alluded to earlier, it was a tossup between Stamer and Haggan. Stamer fits the defensive system better, and I believe he's better on STs, so I pick him.

FS/SS Jim Leonard: Did he play great last year? No. Did he play well for a backup switching between positions? Yes. While I don't want him as the primary safety backup, he makes a good third option and brings versatility at both positions. Also good on ST.

WR Lee Evans: We've all been saying it for awhile. However, many of you, after a less than stellar season, find it less important. I, on the other hand, see it as an opportunity. Get him signed below what we would have to pay after a season he's truly capable. I'm not gonna throw out numbers, but something over 5 years, please.

LB Angelo Crowell: The path for most unknown players becoming superstars happens in a 3 year process. Year one: starts to play well, know one notices. Year two: breakout year, some of the national media notices. Year three: pro-bowl level season, gets a lot of press, possibly makes probowl. So, by this standard, Crowell will start to get this big press next season. Coincidentally, I think he is a FA after next season. Get him locked up to a 4-5 year contract.


Free Agency
WR DJ Hackett: Injury issues aside, Hackett would make the perfect #2 receiver to Lee Evans. A big target who can get open underneath and play the X, it would allow Lee Evans to move back to Z where he is much more productive.

DT Corey Williams: Wpod and Midwest have me convinced. I'm on the Williams bandwagon. Williams gives us the internal penetration skills we need, as well as some much needed size. While I believe he played the 3-tech in Green Bay, I believe he would be a perfect 1-tech to rotate with Kyle Williams here.

CB Drayton Florence: Florence has played a key part in SD's postseason run. Last game he helped to effectively slow down the Indi offense. Despite this success, he is expected to be let fo in favor of a younger Cromartie. Florence would be a great option at corner for us. Also, having a new starter would allow McGee to move back to nickel, and have Thomas and Youboty at dime and quarter. Very good depth.

QB Chris Redman: Its a little known fact that Chris Redman actually played very well for the Falcons this year. However, with Harrington under a contract and a new QB likely to be brought in via draft, I doubt he sticks around. I've always liked Redman and thought he got screwed when he was battling with Bowler in Baltimore. He's only 30 years old and brings good veteran experience to the table. He'd make a fine backup.

Round 1; OLB Dan Connor: I know you guys like Rivers better, but I have Connor here for 2 reasons. The first being, after a monster combine where he shows off is excellent off the field abilities, Rivers is going to climb up draft boards and solidify himself as the top LBed in the draft and become a top 10 pick. The second being that I just like Connor more than Rivers.

Maybe its the PSU bias or maybe its the fact that the idea of Poz-Connor reunion would be just amazing. But here's my nonbiased analysis. Connor has the ability to play both weak and strong side and would give us something we absolutely lack in our LB corps, the ability to blow up a block. Connor's biggest strength is his ability to shed a block and work in traffic. Additionally though, he is still great in space and can drop into coverage. He's the perfect addition to our defense.

Round 2; DE Quenten Groves: A LB/DE tweener in college Groves has the ability to be an amazing pass rusher at the pro level. Despite being a "tweener," Groves still possesses excellent strength and has more than one way to get to the QB. He can knock a tackle down just as well as he can blow by him. He'd make an excellent 3rd down specialist.

Round 3; TE Martin Rucker: While Wpod is going the route of the faster, yards after the catch TE in Davis, I'm going to play to our needs and take the big redzone target we all want. While Rucker may never be an elite pass-catching TE, I feel he can be a very good #2 end who excels in the redzone. Additionally, he's also been credited for his ability to stretch the field. Lets face it, we're gonna have to wait for Royal's contract to run out to get a legit #1.

Round 3b; C Cody Wallace: The idea with this pick is an eventual replacement for Fowler (contract up after 08 or 09). I am not a fan of Fowler, but we need some continuity, so he stays for now. Cody Wallace has been described as having a "nasty demeanor" and a "great leader." He's good in the run game, yet has had some problems with footwork, though not sure how that's a huge issue unless we're going to imploy a zone blocking scheme. Once Fowler is gone he should be fully developed and ready to step in.

Round 4; SS Craig Steltz: A true enforcer in the secondary. Has the ability to make people fear going across the middle. Will he ever start? No. Solid backup? Yup. Gives us 5 solid safeties.

Round 5; OT Barry Richardson: Saw his name and looked him up. His description really reminded me a lot of Jason Peters, that being a freak athlete. However, at this point he has very poor technique, and needs some coaching. Maybe with some prolevel coaching instead of guys from the big east, he can develop into an adequate player.

Round 5; FB Mike Cox: A traditional leadblocker who provides everything you want from a lead blocker. He can open up a hole up the middle or track a guy down in the open field (something Shelton was always criticized for). I really had to research this pick, but eventually found this video. It's about GTs RB, but notice the great blocks by #40. Mute before clicking.

Round 6; QB Matt Flynn: I don't care what DJ says, having only 2 QBs on your roster is stupid. The goddamn rules are designed for you to have a 3rd QB on your roster. There's a specific 3rd QB rule! Take advantage of it. As for Flynn, he may not have the biggest arm or be the most athletic, but he played well, not great but well, in college and think he'd make a fine 3rd stringer with backup potential.

Round 7; WR: I'm not going to pretend I know who any of these guys are. Pick one, preferably one with height.

Round 7; DT/LS/FB Derek Lokey: This one's for you wpod. I've never heard of him, but if he's everything you say he is, I'm on board.

QB: Edwards, Redman, Flynn
RB: Lynch, Jackson, Wright
FB: Cox, Lokey
WR: Evans, Hackett, Parrish, Reed, WR, Aiken
TE: Royal, Rucker, Gaines
OT: Peters, Walker, Richardson, Chamberlin
OG: Dockery, Butler, Whittle
C: Fowler, Wallace

DE: Schobel, Kelsay, Groves, Denny
DT: CWilliams, McCargo, Triplett, KWilliams, Lockey
MLB: Poz, Digi
OLB: Crowell, Connor, Ellison, Wire, Stamer
CB: Florence, Greer, McGee, Thomas, Youboty
SS: Whitner, Steltz, Leonhard
FS: Simpson, Wilson, Leonhard
ST: Lindel, Moorman
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