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Default Don Hutson or Jerry Rice: Who is the Greatest WR?

Most current NFL fans know what Jerry Rice has accomplished, setting an holding all of the records for wide receivers in NFL history. But just because a player has all of the records does that make him the best?

Don Hutson was ahead of his time. Here is a Don Hutson Bio you can check out. Take a look and let me know what you think. You may be surprised just how good Don Hutson was. In fact, it took more than 40 years for his records to be broken and he played 10-12 games per season, not 16.

Also, Hutson was far more dominant during his era than Rice was during his. This is a close call and I want to know your thoughts.

Here is something to consider. These are game averages vs. other receivers in their era. Although, Hutson's numbers came before the first passing boom in the late 40's and early 50's.

Don Hutson 4.2 Catches a game 68.9 yards per game and .85 touchdowns per game
Crazy Legs Hirsch 3.0 catches for 55.7 yards per game and 0.47 touchdowns per game
Lavelli 3.1 catches for 52.7 yards per game and 0.58 touchdowns per game

Here is Rice vs. other receivers of his era and shortly after.

Jerry Rice 5.1 catches a game for 75.6 yards per game and 0.65 touchdowns/game
Randy Moss 5.0 catches a game for 79.1 yards per game and 0.81 touchdowns/game
Sterling Sharpe 5.3 catches a game for 72.6 yards per game and 0.58 touchdowns/game

As you can see, Hutson was more dominant during his era than Rice was during his. In fact, even though Hutson did not play in the passing era, and defenses put their focus completely on him, we was better than Rice in 1 of the three categories. Rice on the other hand holds all of the records and probably will hold most of them for a very long time.

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