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rocco31fb hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Originally Posted by ChrisCybulski
Originally Posted by rocco31fb
Originally Posted by ChrisCybulski
Originally Posted by rocco31fb
San Deigo had home field wrapped up with 2 games to go. With no need to win, the whole team relaxed and it showed in more than just Rivers. I'm sorry, but I think this thread was created because Chris is still mad the Broncos missed the playoffs.
I actually started this thread when it looked like we were in.. might have actually even been before th Bengals game ended, not sure. I'm not even really that pissed about missing the playoffs, it's disappointing, but the Broncos have nobody to blame but themselves. They should be a 12-4 team right now because they shoulda beaten STL, SF and SD the first time. But they aren't.
The Broncos should be a 10-6 team if they stayed with Plummer. They gave up on the season when they chose to start Cutler. You can't say they shoulda beat a team when they had a chance and didn't.
Well I'm not saying we got robbed of those games, I'm saying we pissed them away by playing badly. We were in position to win those games. And Plummer was awful, honestly, he was just terrible, Cutler was EASILY ten times better. Consider Cutler almost had a 2:1 TD:INT ratio and had 2 TDs in each of his first four starts(tying a rookie record) Plummer through 2 more INTs than TDs and only averaged 1 TD per game. The offense was stagnant when Plummer was in there, Cutler brought life to the offense.
While I agree with you on his stats, more than a few of those TDs that Cutler threw were jump balls that he was lucky to complete. Also, the Brandon Marshall TD was bad tackling by the Seattle Defense. I don't want to go over every TD Cutler and Plummer threw, but I don't agree that Cutler was 10 times better. He made some of the dumbest throws that a rookie would make that ruined a lot of those games. While the offense wasn't as exciting when Plummer was in, he gave the Broncos the best chance to win. I know it's tough to admit, but the Master made the wrong call when he benched Plummer.

Thanks eaglez.fan
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