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Originally Posted by GB12 View Post
Jarrett Bush
Frank Walker
Ryan Krause
Conrad Bolston
Carlyle Holiday
Noah Herron
Tyrone Culver
Tony Palmer
Tyson Walter
Tory Humphrey
Corey Williams

As much as I want Williams to stay, I don't think it's going to happen. What I would like to see Ted do is franchise him. I think for a DT it's going to be like 7 million. Then see if we can trade him. It'd be nice to at least get something in return for him. If we can't then keep him on the franchise tag contract for the 2008 season and then let him walk. Hell even if we don't try to trade him tagging him could work out great. We get him with out any ties to future salary and won't lose a piece to our team that got us into this great position. We could increase the reps for Harrell while still not starting him. Then by 2009 Harrell should be ready and we'll be fine without Williams.
Why not just use the Transition Tag instead of the Franchise?
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