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That's exactly what I am saying. Everyone is just throwing things out there hoping to be right so they can pat themselves on the back. Lots of nice, eduacated guesses.

If the Patriots and Randy Moss have already agreed to a deal verbally, why would he get upset if they tagged him?
I don't think it was that at all. I just don't think they thought it would be necessary.


And then, like I mentioned before, after taking a pay cut, setting a new receiving touchdown record, but not winning the Super Bowl, it seems logical that Moss will want to be paid a little closer to his value now that he's revived his career. Add to that his age, and this is the last chance for him to get a long term, lucrative deal done. New England tends to let players looking for these sorts of deals walk/get traded (see: Deion Branch, Asante Samuel).
Those guys have rings. Randy doesn't. With his age and his comfort level both in this offense and in this area, and with just how much he is beloved by Patriots fans and how much money he's already made, I would think he'd want to come back here as long as the Pats made him a fair offer.

But it's also very easy for me to feel that way without knowing what he really things...
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Old 02-28-2008, 12:44 AM    (permalink
Starkar Mace
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More speculation!

I don't think the situation looks very good for New England because they can't re-sign Moss until free agency starts, so even if they do get a verbal deal done, he may want to see what offers he gets. I think it all depends on how much Moss wants to remain with the franchise. You think he does, I'm not so sure that another team's offer and situation may be more attractive than what New England offers and what their situation is.

To be honest, I find it somewhat cavalier whenever people suggest Randy Moss should stay with the Patriots "to win", with the obvious implication being that if he remains with the team, he's going to win a championship. As we learned in the 2007 season, nothing is a 100%, sure thing. And if the person saying he should stay "to win" accepts that a SB victory isn't guaranteed, it seems even more haughty and arrogant because it seems to suggest that of the thirty-two teams in the league, only the New England Patriots are guaranteed to win their division and experience some degree of success.

I'm not accusing you of having this attitude, but when you mention that Samuel and Branch have rings, it seems to suggest that the past success of the franchise seems to guarantee its future success, and that no other organization can offer Moss success. I think if Moss went to Green Bay or Dallas, assuming either of those organizations want him, he could find just as much success as he will with New England in 2008. He's not going to break the touchdown record again with either team, but he's not going to break it with New England next year either.

Personally, I think he's more likely to put up better stats in either Green Bay or Dallas (compared to what he will hypothetically put up in New England in 2008, not what he put up in 2007), because Green Bay will probably run their spread offense again next year, which I don't think New England will be able to continue to do, and Dallas will have Terrell Owens, and having Moss and T.O. would seem to be somewhat indefensible. I also think that Green Bay or Dallas or both will potentially have better seasons than New England next year. Once you go 18-1 you really have nowhere to go but down, because the odds of going 19-0 after going 18-1 are pretty slim. Of course, they could win the Super Bowl, but I think it's less likely than it was in 2007, because they really stacked the team in a way that was really a one time shot at it. That was really contrary to their past philosophy of not spending big bucks on free agents and getting cheaper players who none the less filled the need.

I hope I don't come off as a Patriots hater or anything like that, I'm just trying to examine the situation as an impartial observer. I'm not a Patriots fan, but I do admire certain aspects of their organization, and it is one of the few I follow. We'll find out the truth tomorrow!
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Old 02-28-2008, 06:28 PM    (permalink
bret hart
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Originally Posted by WinslowBodden View Post
How insane would Moss Edwards and Winslow be with our offensive line and Jamal Lewis.............. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
the browns are one of the teams he definetely makes sense to go to. you have braylon edwards who is inconsistent and drops passes, and kellen winslow who has a bad attitude... jurevicius isn't getting any younger, but i really like tim carter i was disappointed when we traded him to you guys... there are a couple other guys who i like as well (namely steve heiden who has really good hands, underrated), but i just feel like they need another good receiver :)
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