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iloxygenil hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.iloxygenil hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.
Default What is next for the Falcons?

QB - Redman (still a need)
RB - Turner / Norwood (strength)
FB - Ovie (not a need)
TE - Hartsock (still a minor need)
WR - Roddy (strength)
WR - Robinson (potential)
WR - Jenkins (need KR/PR ability a must)
LT - Quinn (Major Need)
LG - Blalock (potential but looking good)
C - McClure / Datish (hopefully Datish can win out we need the beef)
RG - Clabo (not a need)
RT - Weiner (contract concern)

LE - Anderson / Davis (Depth could be improved)
UT - Babs / Lewis (minor need, if at all)
NT - Lewis / Stanley (Major need, depth as well)
RE - Abe / Davis (Depth is a need)
OLB - Boley (Strength, depth needed)
MLB - ?Brooking?/Taylor (Need)
OLB - Nicholas / ?Brooking? (???, depth / competition needed)
LCB - Hall / ?Williams?(big ? is will he be here, right now great, could become need)
RCB - Houston (risk to put a 2nd year out there, but could be just fine, still depth could be good, esp with Hall as a ?)
NCB - Irons / ?Hutchins? (potential, still a need)
FS - ?Williams? / Erik Coleman / ?Hutchins?(potential but need to iron it out)
SS - Milloy / Stone / Coleman (looking good here)

K - (Major Need)
P - Koenen (strength)

KR - Norwood / Jennings (would like to see someone else brought in)
PR - Jennings (improved still could be improved)

That's how I see it right now...we still have some FA left, and I hope that Mo Williams can be added cause that would help our OL a lot. But our D is going to depend a lot on what happens with Hall and if he leaves do we then employ a Cover 2? If we do that then how does that effect the LBs?

Rumors of Hall being shipped to Washington are not yet the hot topic but may become that before long...all it will take is 1 serious article. #21 overall would be the minimum bid required to land Deangelo imo...possibly more. Still a lot of questions, but where do we go next?

My hope is that we land Mo Williams and then leave Free Agents alone.
Warrick Dunn (Saves 3 million against the cap)
Brooking? Depends on what system we run and how the coaches feel about him, I'd hate to see him leave but is he really going to help us out as much as we're paying him?

Then I'd hope we'd start at the #3 pick and select Jake Long or Glen Dorsey. If Long then hopefully we can get Nicks at the top of round 2. If Long hopefully Pat Sims at the top of round 2.
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