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culloden1745 hopes to escalate quickly but not get out of hand.

Difference between Carter + Droughns
Carter was supposed to be a #1 or #2, hes at best a 4. Huge Bust. 22 catches in a season where he was the #2 wr for half the year.
Droughns should be a backup rb/ mentor to Jacobs, Hes a proven commodity. He did poorly last season in Cleveland, but who exactly has excelled there? So as much as he was a product of the system in Denver, he was the same in Cleveland.
As for the mileage on him, less then 1000 carries in 8 years. Thats alot less the OJ Anderson had when we picked him up. All Giants need Droughns to do is spell Jacobs and get some yds, and help Jacobs pick up what he doesnt get yet. Not carry the team. Carter was a 2nd rd pick. He was supposed to be a vital part of the offense, at least a 50-60 catch guy. If he turned out to be what Accorsi thought, we might not needed to sign Plaxico.
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