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Default Season Rewind: 2010

Alright, so I have 11 games stored on my DVR, I went back and started watching the first half of the New Orleans game. I think it's the oldest one I still have recorded. Anyway, a few things struck me about that game, in particular the 2nd quarter that we just facerolled.

Didn't put up a ton of points, but we slowed the monster to a snail's pace, eating up over 11 mins on one friggin drive that included 2 4th down conversions and was finished off by Michael Turner shrugging Jonathan Vilma off for the touchdown. While that was impressive and all, we handed the ball back to the New Orleans Saints with over a min to go in the quarter.

The player that flashed at that point, Sean Weatherspoon. There were 4 or 5 consecutive plays where the kid was either #1 in on the tackle, or #2 nearly knocking down the pass. The kid was kickin some serious butt until his injuries, I'm so excited to see him come back to that form, and even better now that he's going to be settled.

Beyond that another player who flashed, amazingly enough was Jamaal Anderson. We all remember the boneheaded play that Brees made, and Decoud picked it off, but what I didn't really remember was that Jamaal actually forced Brees' hand. He knocked him off his mark, out of the pocket, and if it weren't for an egregious hold, actually more of a tackle, against him he would have brought him down for the sack, fortunately enough it caused the interception though. Beyond that Jonathan Babineaux was in on the same play crushing the middle and clipping Brees' feet on his way out of the pocket, again forcing that underhanded wtfuxwasthat pass.

I'm saying all of these things to say, our defense played some good games against some lights out offenses. If it weren't for our defense bucking up and picking our team up, we never would have had the chance to win that game in overtime like we did. So, I'm excited to see how well our defense plays when everyone is healthy again.

Oh, side note, if teams are forced to put 7 in the box instead of 8 because of Julio, Turner is going to be league MVP. Watching what Snelling did against 7 man fronts instead of 8s when they subbed Tuner out just shows me what kind of impact Turner can have on a game when allowed a little breath of air. It's also going to give Quizz a lot of room underneath.
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