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Default How I would have drafted

This is my draft along draft. I draft as the Steelers pick.

RD1- Lawrence Timmons OLB FSU
I kept thinking of taking Quinn, just for value, but in the end agreed that Timmons was a need and a decent value. I would of taken Revis, Carriker, Willis, Okoye, Ginn, Anderson, ext... but we got screwed with teams taking and trading up for players.

RD2- Ryan Kalil OC USC
Seemed like a perfect fit. This is why I hated the Mahan signing. I would never sign an average player until after the draft. I said when we signed him what happens if Kalil falls to us in round two. Well he did and we had a chance at a great player instead we have mediocrity. But I wouldn't compound one mistake by making two. Kalil is a need, fits the tean, and is a great value.

RD3- Jay Alford DL PSU
I'm a Nittany Lions fan so this might be a bit of a homer pick. But no one really blew me away here. I didn't get upset at the Speath pick. He should be nice redzone threat and a cheaper Jerame Tuman.

RD4(a)- Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
I was surprised Bennett lasted this long. I personally don't think CB was that big of a need but Bennett is a third round value in the 4th. Not very physical but has very good coverage skills.

RD4(b)- Antwan Barnes LB Florida International
Again, a very good value here. I liked McBean but thought Barnes was a better value. Haggans will be gone and I didn't draft Woodley. Barnes dominated his small school and physically is unmatched. I also don't think trading up for a punter was a smart idea. So I didn't.

RD5(a)- John Wendling DB Wyoming
Again, a thought a much higher value. Maybe not a huge need but I had him as a 3rd or 4th round grade.

RD5(b)- Ben Patrick TE Delaware
I didn't think He'd still me on the board here and was really surprised he lasted until the 7th! Good value and a nice fit. I think he'd be not as good as Speath but a pretty nice replacement for Tuman.

RD6- Michael Otto OT Purdue
I didn't trade so I have this pick. I like Otto reminds me of Matt Light. Gives Starks and Essex some competition.

RD7- James Battle RB Houston
A power back to compliment Willie Parker.
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