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OL – 2019 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

The biggest takeaway from the offensive line workouts was that the top blockers showed why they are considered to be the cream of the crop.

North Carolina St. C / OG Garrett Bradbury continues to shine in the pre-draft process, following up an impressive showing at the Senior Bowl with a standout performance in Indy.  Bradbury excelled in the positional drills and displayed a terrific mix of athleticism and strength, running a 4.94 forty within group-best 3-cone time and putting up 34 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press.  At this point it may not be a question of if Bradbury is going to be selected in the first round, but rather how early.

Washington St. OT Andre Dillard may have cemented his status as the top left tackle prospect in the class.  Dillard ran a 4.96 forty at 315 pounds and was the only offensive lineman to reach the coveted 4.40 threshold in the short-shuttle, which has been a reliable indicator of pro success in recent years.  In the positional drills Dillard looked extremely smooth and was seemingly in a class of his own athletically.  Dillard was already considered to be a likely Top 20 pick, but the Top 10 overall could realistically be within reach.

Boston College OG Chris Lindstrom seems to be universally lauded by the scouting community but is rarely mentioned as a possible first round pick.  It’s somewhat reminiscent of Frank Ragnow last year, who wound up going #20 overall.  Perhaps that will begin to change now after an unexpectedly stellar workout.  Lindstrom grades out very well on tape but the big question evaluators still had is whether there might be some athletic deficiencies.  Those concerns should be laid to rest after Lindstrom ran a 4.91 forty at 308 pounds while also posting the second best broad-jump, behind only Andre Dillard, and the sixth best 3-cone.

Texas A&M C Erik McCoy was overshadowed by Garrett Bradbury but also had an outstanding workout, running a sub-5.0 forty (4.89) and coming through with a superb performance in the positional drills.  Bradbury and Elgton Jenkins of Mississippi St. appear to be battling to be the first pivot off the board, but McCoy should hear his name called shortly after those two.  Most likely in the Top 50-75 overall, which is relatively rarified air for a center.


Other Notes:

Oklahoma OL Cody Ford is the type of player who is far more impressive on the field than working out in shorts.  With that said he looked good in the positional drills and showcased decent athleticism and feet to go along with 34-inch arms.  There is debate over whether Ford projects better as a right tackle or guard at the next level and based on the results from Indy there is still a real possibility of remaining outside. … Washington OT Kaleb McGary continues to check all of the boxes, coming through with a nice all-around workout to go along with bang-up tape and top-notch intangibles.  There is a past medical issue (heart) that somewhat clouds McGary’s draft stock, but assuming that isn’t an issue he looks like a Top 50 prospect and immediate starter. … Penn St. OL Ryan Bates enjoyed a solid workout and looks to be a classic jack-of-all-trades but master of none.  Versatility is the major draw with Bates though as he has the ability to line up at any position along the offensive line.  In the NFL there is always a tight crunch with rosters and a player like Bates frees up an extra spot, especially on gameday.  As a result even if Bates never emerges as anything more than a swing backup it will still represent solid value on Day 3. … Ole Miss OT Greg Little and Stanford OG Nate Herbig stood out on the negative end of the spectrum.  Little was a highly-touted recruit coming out of high school and was considered to be a potential Top 10 pick at one point.  However, Little’s junior tape is good but not great and he looked pretty ordinary in his workout.  Considering the uneven on-field results and seemingly overrated athleticism, Little could be in danger of falling out of the first round all together.  The late rounds may be a best-case scenario for Herbig, who is heavy-footed and doesn’t carry his 335 pounds very well at all.



PositionFirst NameLast NameSchoolHTWTHandArmWing40RepsVJBJSS3-Cone
OL01PaulAdamsMissouri6-5 7/83171033 1/281 5/85.181627.01034.747.68
OL02ZackBaileySouth Carolina6-5 1/82999 5/83379 5/8DNP2428.0103DNPDNP
OL03AlexBarsNotre Dame6-5 7/83129 3/832 3/479 1/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL04JacksonBartonUtah6-7 1/43109 1/43481 3/45.182527.01094.667.85
OL05RyanBatesPenn St.6-4 1/23069 1/232 1/278 7/85.092827.01024.537.45
OL06BeauBenzschawelWisconsin6-6 1/43099 5/833 3/879 5/85.2420DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL07GarrettBradburyNorth Carolina St.6-2 7/830610 1/231 3/476 1/24.923431.01044.537.41
OL08YodnyCajusteWest Virginia6-4 7/8312103482 1/4DNP32DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL09DeionCalhounMississippi St.6-2 1/23101033 1/878 1/45.072628.51054.627.46
OL10DennisDaleySouth Carolina60503179 1/233 3/881 3/45.232026.51034.927.95
OL11NateDavisCharlotte6-3 1/43169 1/233 1/879 3/85.232326.01074.837.94
OL12MichaelDeiterWisconsin6-5 1/830910 3/433 1/878 5/85.232128.01054.817.88
OL13AndreDillardWashington St.6-53151033 1/280 3/84.962429.01184.407.44
OL14ChumaEdogaUSC6-3 1/23089 5/834 3/481 1/25.1921DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL15DavidEdwardsWisconsin6-6 1/43089 3/433 3/880 1/85.28DNP25.5994.777.69
OL16BobbyEvansOklahoma6-4 3/83129 7/834 3/480 1/25.2022DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL17CodyFordOklahoma6-3 3/43299 3/43482 1/25.211928.51044.878.27
OL18HjalteFroholdtArkansas6-4 5/83069 3/431 1/476 1/25.203127.51054.547.51
OL19LamontGaillardGeorgia6-2 5/830510 3/833 1/281DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL20DerwinGrayMaryland6-4 1/23209 5/834 3/881 5/85.2626DNP90DNPDNP
OL21DonnellGreeneMinnesota6-5 1/43359 1/235 1/483DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL22EthanGreenidgeVillanova6-4 3/832710 3/834 3/482 7/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL23PhilHaynesWake Forest6-3 5/83229 1/233 1/2805.203331.01084.957.76
OL24NateHerbigStanford6-3 1/233510 1/832 3/8785.412924.0905.048.15
OL25TytusHowardAlabama St.6-532210 5/83481 5/85.052129.51034.878.34
OL26MitchHyattClemson6-5 3/830310 1/434 1/881 7/8DNP2825.51024.527.72
OL27MartezIveyFlorida6-531510 3/836 1/486 1/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL28AndreJamesUCLA6-4 1/8299103280 1/45.322129.01054.848.00
OL29ElgtonJenkinsMississippi St.6-4 1/231010 1/43483DNP2928.01094.627.77
OL30DevonJohnsonFerris St.6-7 1/43389 1/234 3/482 1/45.162627.5895.288.34
OL31FredJohnsonFlorida6-7 1/832610 5/83484 1/2DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL32TylerJonesNorth Carolina St.6-33069 3/433 3/481 1/2DNP2331.51114.827.75
OL33MikeJordanOhio St.6-5 7/83121034 1/4835.271932.51164.717.71
OL34BrandonKnightIndiana6-3 3/4314103481 1/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
OL35ChrisLindstromBoston College6-3 3/43089 1/234 1/880 1/84.912530.51174.547.61
OL36GregLittleOle Miss6-5 1/431010 1/435 1/4855.33DNP25.01134.74DNP
OL37ErikMcCoyTexas A&M6-3 7/83039 5/83377 3/44.892931.01074.628.28
OL38KalebMcGaryWashington6-7 1/831710 1/832 7/879 3/45.052333.51114.587.66
OL39ConnorMcGovernPenn St.6-5 3/83089 7/834 1/882DNP28DNP1124.577.66
OL40JoshuaMilesMorgan St.6-531410 3/435 5/884 7/85.32DNP36.01094.758.07
OL41YosuahNijmanVirginia Tech6-6 7/8324103481 1/2DNP27DNP1144.508.07
OL42IosuaOpetaWeber St.6-4 1/43019 7/833 1/478 1/45.023933.01124.948.06
OL43JavonPattersonOle Miss6-2 7/8307932 1/278 1/45.132727.5984.787.72
OL44RossPierschbacherAlabama6-3 5/83071032 1/879 3/45.202022.5DNP4.707.83
OL45TreyPipkinsSioux Falls (SD)6-6 1/83099 5/833 7/881 1/25.121633.51144.707.61
OL46RyanPopeSan Diego St.6-732011 1/834 1/484 1/2DNP25DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL47BenPowersOklahoma6-43079 7/833 3/481 3/4DNP21DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL48IsaiahPrinceOhio St.6-6 1/230510 1/835 1/284 1/25.092327.01155.027.90
OL49DaltonRisnerKansas St.6-4 3/431210 1/43481 1/85.302328.51104.527.69
OL50TylerRoemerSan Diego St.6-6 3/831210 1/433 7/882 7/85.211830.51084.767.75
OL51DruSamiaOklahoma6-4 3/430510 1/83380 1/25.292827.51014.707.89
OL52MaxScharpingNorthern Illinois6-5 7/83271033 5/880 1/8DNP2728.01084.697.77
OL53WilliamSweetNorth Carolina6-631310 1/834 3/883 1/85.272330.51115.008.01
OL54TrevonTateMemphis6-2 1/22939 5/832 3/877DNP22DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL55JawaanTaylorFlorida6-53121035 1/884 3/4DNP24DNPDNPDNPDNP
OL56OliUdohElon6-5 1/23231035 3/885 1/85.052628.51055.057.88
OL57JonahWilliamsAlabama6-4 1/230210 1/833 5/881 3/45.122328.01004.798.01

Tallest:  Jackson Barton, Utah & Devon Johnson, Ferris St. (6-7 1/4)

Shortest:  Deion Calhoun, Mississippi St. & Trevon Tate, Memphis (6-2 1/2)


Heaviest:  Devon Johnson, Ferris St. (338)

Lightest:  Trevon Tate, Memphis (293)


Longest Arms:  Martez Ivey, Florida (36 1/4)

Shortest Arms:  Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas (31 1/4)


Biggest Hands:  Ryan Pope, San Diego St. (11 1/8)

Smallest Hands:  Javon Patterson, Ole Miss (9)


Longest Wingspan:  Martez Ivey, Florida (86 1/4)

Shortest Wingspan:  Hjalte Froholdt, Arkansas & Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina St. (76 1/2)


Fastest 40:  Erik McCoy, Texas A&M (4.89)

Slowest 40:  Nate Herbig, Stanford (5.41)


Most Reps:  Iosua Opeta, Weber St. (39)

Fewest Reps:  Trey Pipkins, Sioux Falls & Paul Adams, Missouri (16)


Best Vertical:  Joshua Miles, Morgan St. (36.0)

Worst Vertical:  Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama (22.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Andre Dillard, Washington St. (118)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Devon Johnson, Ferris St. (89)


Best Short-Shuttle:  Andre Dillard, Washington St. (4.40)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Devon Johnson, Ferris St. (5.28)


Best 3-Cone:  Garrett Bradbury, North Carolina St. (7.41)

Worst 3-Cone:  Tytus Howard, Alabama St. & Devon Johnson, Ferris St. (8.34)


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