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RB / FB – 2019 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

The strength of this running back class is considered to be the depth as opposed to the high-end talent and that seemed to prove out at the Scouting Combine.  Especially with Alabama’s Josh Jacobs, the consensus top prospect at the position, not participating due to an injury.  Overall the performances from this group were relatively underwhelming, with a few exceptions.

The star of the show was Penn St. RB Miles Sanders, who continues to emerge from the considerable shadow of his predecessor Saquon Barkley.  Sanders tested fine athletically but it was his work in the positional drills that earned rave reviews.  Sanders seemed to glide around the field, showcasing nimble feet and fantastic hands as a pass catcher.  There is still a lot of competition and jockeying for position at running back but Sanders made an extremely strong case for himself in Indy.  Sanders is firmly in the Day 2 mix and now a legitimate contender to be the second runner off the board.

Kansas St. RB Alex Barnes made quite a mark in Indy, especially amongst teams that utilize advanced metrics.  SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness) is a scoring system “designed to gauge sport-specific athleticism” and Barnes’ tested in the 99th percentile.  Simply put, it’s unlikely there will be another runner in this class as big, fast and strong as Barnes.  That’s a pretty good selling point to have working in ones favor on Draft Day.

Oklahoma St. RB Justice Hill recorded the fastest forty time for a running back this year with a 4.40 as well as the top mark in the vertical and broad jumps.  Hill is clearly an explosive athlete but lacks ideal size and has some durability concerns.  Every team is always looking for speed though and Hill provides that, even if it’s only in a backup or change of pace role.

A couple of runners with a lot of fans within the draftnik community disappointed.  It was no secret that Florida Atlantic RB Devin Singletary lacked prototypical size, but he placed dead-last in four of the five categories at the weigh in.  Then Singletary only managed to run a 4.66 in the forty.  I often say you can get by with being small or being slow, but it’s very difficult to get away with both.  Singletary plays much faster and is very quick and agile, but unless he can improve upon that speed at his pro day it’s difficult to envision a spot on Day 2.  Georgia RB Elijah Holyfield was a trendy name at the position for Day 3 but supporters will now likely be pumping the breaks.  Holyfield ran a 4.78 forty, with the only worse mark coming from the lone true fullback in attendance.  It wasn’t just the speed though as Holyfield appeared stiff with limited explosiveness and burst.  In fairness Holyfield is considered to be more of a tough, physical runner, but in this day and age teams aren’t falling all over themselves to add slow, one-dimensional players to their backfields.


Other Notes:

Ohio St. RB Mike Weber isn’t flashy, either on the field or as a sheer physical specimen.  Weber came through with a solid all-around showing in Indy though, running a respectable 4.47 forty and performing well in the positional drills.  Especially as a pass catcher, which is more important than ever in the modern game.  The underrated Weber is going to be a nice option in the middle rounds for teams searching for value at the running back position. … A year ago at this time Miami (FL) RB Travis Homer was often mentioned in conversations about the top running back prospects in this class.  Since then Homer has gradually faded from the spotlight, but interest might be reinvigorated following his performance in Indy.  Homer tested at or near the top of his position in the forty yard dash, vertical leap and broad jump while earning positive reviews for his work in the positional drills.  The 2019 NFL Draft features an extremely deep crop of runners so for Homer to be among the handful of standouts is significant and evaluators will take notice. … Notre Dame RB Dexter Williams didn’t run quite as well as some expected but showcased his explosiveness by testing well athletically across the board – including the broad-jump (Tied for 1st), vertical leap (Tied for 6th), short-shuttle (2nd) and 3-cone (3rd). … Temple RB Ryquell Armstead pleasantly surprised by running better than anticipated for a 220 pounder, clocking a 4.45.  Armstead was already widely considered to be in the draftable range beforehand and that time should ensure he’s selected at some point on Day 3.  With that said, the 4.4 speed wasn’t apparent on tape so teams will have to dig deeper in an attempt to figure out the reason for the disconnect.



PositionFirst NameLast NameSchoolHTWTHandArmWing40RepsVJBJSS3-Cone
RB01RodneyAndersonOklahoma6-0 3/82249 3/430 3/475 3/8DNP25DNPDNPDNPDNP
RB02RyquellArmsteadTemple5-11 1/42209 1/830 5/872 3/44.452230.01144.297.02
RB03AlexBarnesKansas St.6-0 3/82261031754.593438.51264.106.95
RB04NickBrossetteL.S.U.5-11 1/82098 5/83072 7/84.721535.51184.447.38
RB05MylesGaskinWashington5-9 1/42058 3/429 1/271 1/84.582435.51184.277.19
RB06DamienHarrisAlabama5-10 1/82169 3/430 3/472 7/84.571637.0121DNPDNP
RB07DarrellHendersonMemphis5-8 3/82088 5/83173 7/84.492233.5121DNPDNP
RB08KaranHigdonMichigan5-9 1/82069 5/830 3/473 1/44.492134.0123DNPDNP
RB09JusticeHillOklahoma St.5-9 5/81989 1/231 5/874 7/84.402140.0130DNPDNP
RB10ElijahHolyfieldGeorgia5-10 3/8217930 3/872 1/24.782629.5118DNPDNP
RB11TravisHomerMiami (FL)5-10 3/82011031 1/275 1/24.481739.51304.317.07
RB12AlecIngoldWisconsin6-0 3/42429 5/831 1/2754.891634.01164.327.35
RB13JoshJacobsAlabama5-1022010 1/831 5/874 1/2DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
RB14BryceLoveStanford5-8 7/82009 1/829 3/872 7/8DNP18DNPDNPDNPDNP
RB15AlexanderMattisonBoise St.5-10 5/82219 1/83176 1/44.672235.01274.297.13
RB16DavidMontgomeryIowa St.5-10 1/82229 1/431 3/877 3/84.631528.5121DNPDNP
RB17JalinMooreAppalachian St.5-102129 1/432 3/877 7/8DNP27DNPDNPDNPDNP
RB18QadreeOllisonPittsburgh6-0 5/82289 5/831 1/276 1/24.581929.51144.317.53
RB19TonyPollardMemphis5-11 5/82109 1/23073 3/44.521335.0121DNPDNP
RB20MilesSandersPenn St.5-10 5/82119 1/430 5/874 5/84.492036.01244.196.89
RB21JordanScarlettFlorida5-10 5/82088 7/830 3/872 3/84.472130.01164.637.37
RB22LJScottMichigan St.6-0 3/82279 3/832 1/877 1/2DNP2133.01204.347.27
RB23DevinSingletaryFlorida Atlantic5-7 1/22038 1/228 7/8704.661535.01174.407.32
RB24BennySnellKentucky5-10 3/82249 3/83174 1/44.661629.51194.337.07
RB25MikeWeberOhio St.5-9 5/82119 3/829 3/472 1/44.472233.5DNPDNPDNP
RB26DexterWilliamsNotre Dame5-112129 5/832 1/476 7/84.571736.01304.167.00
RB27JamesWilliamsWashington St.5-9 1/21979 1/430 3/8734.51DNP33.01214.447.44
RB28TrayveonWilliamsTexas A&M5-8 1/82069 1/430 3/874 1/84.581936.51184.257.01

Tallest:  Qadree Ollison, Pittsburgh (6-0 5/8)

Shortest:  Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic (5-7 1/2)


Heaviest:  Alec Ingold, Wisconsin (242)

Lightest:  James Williams, Washington St. (197)


Longest Arms:  Jalin Moore, Appalachian St. (32 3/8)

Shortest Arms:  Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic (28 7/8)


Biggest Hands:  Josh Jacobs, Alabama (10 1/8)

Smallest Hands:  Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic (8 1/2)


Longest Wingspan:  Jalin Moore, Appalachian St. (77 7/8)

Shortest Wingspan:  Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic (70)


Fastest 40:  Justice Hill, Oklahoma St. (4.40)

Slowest 40:  Alec Ingold, Wisconsin (4.89)


Most Reps:  Alex Barnes, Kansas St. (34)

Fewest Reps:  Tony Pollard, Memphis (13)


Best Vertical:  Justice Hill, Oklahoma St. (40.0)

Worst Vertical:  David Montgomery, Iowa St. (28.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Justice Hill, Oklahoma St., Dexter Williams, Notre Dame & Travis Homer, Miami, FL (130)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Ryquell Armstead, Temple & Qadree Ollison, Pittsburgh (114)


Best Short-Shuttle:  Alex Barnes, Kansas St. (4.10)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Jordan Scarlett, Florida (4.63)


Best 3-Cone:  Miles Sanders, Penn St. (6.89)

Worst 3-Cone:  Qadree Ollison, Pittsburgh (7.53)


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