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The Countdown with Oshane Ximines

The Countdown with Oshane Ximines

Oshane Ximines | Old Dominion

Q&A with Old Dominion DE Oshane Ximines at the 2019 Senior Bowl


Interview Question #4

Scott Wright: There is some debate as to whether you will be a defensive end or outside linebacker at the next level.  What are your thoughts on position?

Oshane Ximines:  Wherever they need me, man.  I definitely get extra workouts with the DB coach working on my drops and things like that.  It’s coming along.


Interview Question #1

Scott Wright: How did you wind up at Old Dominion?

Oshane Ximines:  I’m from a very small area. My population is about 5,000. Haskell, North Carolina. I wouldn’t change the way I grew up for the world. I love it there. I have a lot of family there and a lot of people look up to me there. Like I said, it was a small town and a lot of the big schools just didn’t believe I could compete at their level and it is what it was and I just – Old Dominion came down and they said they wanted me.  We had a good connection and it just rolled from there.


Interview Question #2

Scott Wright: Who in the NFL would you compare yourself to?

Oshane Ximines:  That’s a tough one cause, you know what I’m sayin.  I watch everybody.  Just to name a few:  Dee Ford, Yannick from the Jags, Von Miller, Khalil Mack.  Anybody that plays the defensive end position.  I watch and learn cause they’re at a higher level than I am and I’m always willing to learn.  Willing to take little things from everybody’s game.


Interview Question #1

Scott Wright: The Senior Bowl week is a huge opportunity for small school prospects to dispel concerns about their game.  Is there anything specific you’re trying to prove in Mobile?

Oshane Ximines:  I’m just trying to show these teams what they’ll get when they pick me in the NFL Draft.  I just want to show my effort and show that all I care about is winning.  I just want to show them that.  That’s the biggest thing to me.  That’s what means the most to me. I’m pretty sure the teams watch the films.  They know my deficincies, but I just want them to know they gonna get somebody that’s gonna go all out and somebody that’s gonna win.

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