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NFL Scouting Combine

Jeff Okudah of Ohio St. is the consensus top defensive back in this class and absolutely looked the part in every aspect of his workout.  An elite, shutdown cornerback prospect, Okudah shouldn’t escape the Top 5 overall.  CJ Henderson of Florida also checked all the boxes by showcasing a terrific blend of size (6-0 3/4 / 204), speed (4.39) and athleticism (37 1/2 inch vertical leap and 127 inch broad jump).  Henderson will be selected in the Top 20 overall and may even have an outside shot at landing in the Top 10.

Perhaps the biggest winner among the defensive backs was A.J. Terrell of Clemson, who made a compelling case to be the third cornerback off the board.  Terrell ran a 4.42 forty at 6-1 1/8 and 195 pounds and may now be in the mix for the Top 20 overall.  Kristian Fulton of L.S.U. also answered some concerns about his speed by running a 4.46 and may have secured a spot in the tier behind Okudah and Henderson.

A couple of small school standouts continue to ace every test put in front of them.  After starring at the Senior Bowl both Kyle Dugger of Lenoir-Rhyne and Jeremy Chinn of Southern Illinois tested better than the majority of their Division I colleagues in Indy.  Check out these numbers:  Dugger ran a 4.49 forty at a stout 6-0 7/8 and 217 pounds with the longest arms (32 7/8 inches) and biggest hands (10 3/8) of any defensive back in attendance to go along with the best vertical leap (42 inches) and third best broad jump (134 inches).  Not to be outdone Chinn checked in at an imposing 6-3 and 221 pounds then ran a 4.45 with a 41 inch vertical leap, which tied for second best among the defensive backs, and a position best 138 inch broad jump.  Neither Dugger or Chinn should escape Day 2 and an argument can be made that they both belong in the Top 50 overall.

Noah Igbinoghene of Auburn is a bit of a project after only recently converting from wide receiver but provided plenty of reason for teams to be tantalized by his potential.  The son of not one but two Olympic track stars, Igbinoghene ran a 4.48 forty at 5-10 3/8 and 198 pounds and tested very well athletically.  Because of that physical profile and immense upside it wouldn’t be surprising to see someone reach a bit for Igbinoghene, perhaps early on Day 2.

There were a couple of notables disappointments at both cornerback and safety.  Xavier McKinney of Alabama, who is considered the favorite to be the first safety off the board, only ran a 4.63 forty.  That isn’t necessarily a deal breaker but he’ll likely need to improve upon that time at his Pro Day in order to be selected in the Top 20-25 overall.  Meanwhile Jalen Elliott of Notre Dame was unable to build upon the momentum from an excellent Senior Bowl week.  In fact, his 4.80 forty time was dead-last among defensive backs in attendance.  Needless to say Elliott will need to run considerably better for scouts before the draft if he hopes to be selected.  A couple of top cornerbacks ran more like safeties.  Cameron Dantzler of Mississippi St. clocked a 4.64 which is less than ideal for a cover guy who is widely considered to be a Day 2 pick.  Stanford Samuels III of Florida St., who is contending for a spot in the middle rounds, turned in a 4.65 time.  Despite their above average length that lackluster speed is going to be a red flag that could push them down draft boards.

Anyone Winfield, Jr. of Minnesota may be the top playmaking defensive back in this class and ran an excellent 4.45 forty.  Even though Winfield, Jr. lacks ideal height at 5-9 1/8 he boasts a solid frame at 203 pounds.  Assuming Winfield, Jr. is cleared medically after a litany of injuries in college he should be among the first group of safeties off the board on Day 2. … Troy Pride, Jr. of Notre Dame was the top cover guy throughout the Senior Bowl week and followed that up with a strong showing in Indy by running a 4.40.  After the season Pride, Jr. was considered to be more of a fringe Day 2 / Day 3 prospect but may have locked up a spot in the Top 100 during this pre-draft process. … Teams will likely go back to the film and double their efforts to figure out what to do with Tanner Muse of Clemson, who ran a 4.41 forty at 6-2 and 227 pounds.  A classic ‘tweener with experience at both safety and linebacker, Muse may have moved into the draftable range with his performance in Indy. … A couple of underrated 6-0+ cover guys made impressions.  Reggie Robinson II of Tulsa is a rangy ballhawk who both ran (4.44) and tested well athletically.  That combination of size, speed and playmaking ability could make Robinson II an option early on Day 3.  L’Jarius Sneed of Louisiana Tech, who has experience at cornerback and safety and ran a 4.37 and posted a 41 inch vertical leap.  That intriguing profile will likely entice some team to invest a late round pick on the toolsy, versatile defensive back.



DamonArnetteOhio St.5-11 5/81959 1/83074 1/24.561.662.67DNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
GraylandArnoldBaylor5-9 1/81869 1/829714.591.632.711233.01204.307.01
TrajanBandyMiami (FL)5-7 3/4180929 7/873 1/44.501.592.6410DNPDNPDNPDNP
EssangBasseyWake Forest5-9 3/81917 7/83174 1/24.461.552.601239.51284.136.95
JulianBlackmonUtah5-11 3/418793175 1/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
AntoineBrooks, Jr.Maryland5-10 5/82209 1/431 1/874 7/84.641.612.701834.5DNPDNPDNP
MylesBryantWashington5-7 7/81839 1/829 1/269 1/24.621.612.70DNP31.51154.026.81
TerrellBurgessUtah5-11 3/82029 1/429 1/271 3/84.461.582.602033.5122DNPDNP
ShyheimCarterAlabama5-10 1/21949 1/229 5/871 3/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JeremyChinnSouthern Illinois6-32219 5/832 1/877 5/84.451.552.582041.0138DNPDNP
NevelleClarkeCentral Florida6-0 7/81909 1/831 5/876DNPDNPDNP1035.01264.316.88
RodneyClemonsS.M.U.5-11 5/82099 1/431 1/474 5/84.711.652.752133.5118DNPDNP
BrianCole IIMississippi St.6-1 3/42131031 3/875 3/44.521.602.66DNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
KamrenCurlArkansas6-1 3/82068 1/232 5/875 3/44.601.592.682434.5125DNPDNP
CameronDantzlerMississippi St.6-2 1/4188930 5/872 3/84.641.642.71DNP34.5DNPDNPDNP
AshtynDavisCalifornia6-0 7/82029 3/830 1/275 1/8DNPDNPDNP14DNPDNPDNPDNP
JavarisDavisAuburn5-8 1/21838 7/830 5/873 1/44.391.562.591135.5124DNPDNP
GrantDelpitL.S.U.6-2 1/22139 1/830 3/874 1/2DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
TrevonDiggsAlabama6-1 3/82059 3/832 3/478 3/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
KyleDuggerLenoir-Rhyne6-0 7/821710 3/832 7/878 1/24.491.612.651742.0134DNPDNP
JalenElliottNotre Dame6-0 3/82059 1/831 3/476 5/84.801.672.791534.01254.306.87
JordanFullerOhio St.6-1 7/820393176 1/84.671.642.75DNP35.51224.27DNP
KristianFultonL.S.U.5-11 5/81979 1/830 5/871 7/84.461.562.61DNP35.51234.276.94
AlohiGilmanNotre Dame5-10 1/22019 1/430 7/8744.601.672.771732.01194.086.81
JeffGladneyT.C.U.5-10 1/4191931 7/875 1/44.481.612.641737.5124DNP7.26
A.J.GreenOklahoma St.6-1 1/2202930 7/874 7/84.621.622.6913DNPDNPDNPDNP
JavelinGuidryUtah5-9191931 1/474 1/44.291.512.5221DNPDNPDNPDNP
BryceHallVirginia6-1 1/42029 5/832 1/478 1/2DNPDNPDNP11DNPDNPDNPDNP
HarrisonHandTemple5-11 1/81979 1/831 3/476 3/84.521.562.611441.01334.277.15
JaylinnHawkinsCalifornia6-0 5/82089 1/231 3/477 1/8DNPDNPDNPDNP35.5117DNPDNP
C.J.HendersonFlorida6-0 3/4204931 5/875 7/84.391.562.582037.5127DNPDNP
LavertHillMichigan5-101909 1/830 7/874 3/8DNPDNPDNP21DNPDNPDNPDNP
DarnayHolmesUCLA5-9 3/41959 1/429 1/269 3/44.481.642.6712DNPDNPDNPDNP
NoahIgbinogheneAuburn5-10 3/81989 3/831 3/475 1/84.481.572.631537.0128DNPDNP
DaneJacksonPittsburgh5-11 5/81878 3/430 3/874 7/84.571.602.67DNP35.01224.277.07
LamarJacksonNebraska6-22089 1/232 1/477 7/84.581.602.661036.5122DNPDNP
JaylonJohnsonUtah5-11 7/81939 3/831 3/874 3/84.501.592.661536.51244.137.01
BrandonJonesTexas5-11 1/81988 3/430 1/874 1/2DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
ThakariusKeyesTulane6-0 7/82028 3/432 5/878 1/4DNPDNPDNPDNP36.0126DNPDNP
XavierMcKinneyAlabama6-0 3/82018 5/830 7/875 1/24.631.652.721936.0122DNPDNP
JoshMetellusMichigan5-1120910 1/432 1/475 5/84.551.602.662036.51244.406.94
ChrisMillerBaylor5-11 1/4190929 7/872 5/84.611.582.661235.51334.127.09
TannerMuseClemson6-2227931 1/276 1/44.411.562.602034.5124DNPDNP
MichaelOjemudiaIowa6-0 5/82008 7/832 1/477 3/44.451.542.62DNP36.01224.216.87
JeffOkudahOhio St.6-1 1/82059 1/832 5/878 5/84.481.602.651141.0135DNPDNP
JamesPierreFlorida Atlantic6-01838 1/231 1/4764.591.612.68DNP33.5123DNP7.02
TroyPride, Jr.Notre Dame5-11 1/2193930 5/8744.401.582.621335.51194.266.94
J.R.ReedGeorgia6-0 3/42029 7/832 1/276 3/84.541.572.631534.0130DNPDNP
JohnReidPenn St.5-10 3/81879 1/830 1/873 1/84.491.592.632034.01293.976.95
AmikRobertsonLouisiana Tech5-8 3/8187930 1/473 7/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
ReggieRobinson IITulsa6-0 7/82058 3/831 1/275 5/84.441.552.592236.01324.187.09
StanfordSamuels IIIFlorida St.6-118710 1/831 3/476 3/84.651.642.73DNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JosiahScottMichigan St.5-9 1/41858 3/429 3/871 1/44.421.542.5517DNPDNPDNPDNP
L’JariusSneedLouisiana Tech6-0 1/21928 7/831 3/875 3/84.371.562.561241.0131DNPDNP
GenoStoneIowa5-10 3/82079 1/829 1/4714.621.592.641233.5116DNPDNP
A.J.TerrellClemson6-1 1/8195931 1/475 5/84.421.552.581534.5129DNPDNP
DanielThomasAuburn5-102159 1/431 5/874 3/84.511.602.662437.0125DNPDNP
StantleyThomas-Oliver IIIFlorida International6-0 3/81929 5/831 1/874 5/84.481.582.63DNP34.0127DNPDNP
KindleVildorGeorgia Southern5-9 7/81919 5/832 1/475 1/24.441.602.622239.51334.287.14
K’VonWallaceClemson5-112069 1/83173 1/24.531.572.621838.01334.156.76
AntoineWinfield, Jr.Minnesota5-9 1/82039 1/230 1/872 3/44.451.582.62DNP36.0124DNPDNP


Tallest:  Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois (6-3)

Shortest:  Trajan Bandy, Miami (FL) (5-7 3/4)


Heaviest:  Tanner Muse, Clemson (227)

Lightest:  Trajan Bandy, Miami (FL) (180)


Longest Arms:  Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne (32 7/8)

Shortest Arms:  Grayland Arnold, Baylor (29)


Biggest Hands:  Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne (10 3/8)

Smallest Hands:  Essang Bassey, Wake Forest (7 7/8)


Longest Wingspan:  Jeff Okudah, Ohio St. (78 5/8)

Shortest Wingspan: Myles Bryant, Washington (69 1/2)


Fastest 40:  Javelin Guidry, Utah (4.29)

Slowest 40:  Jalen Elliott, Notre Dame (4.80)


Fastest 10-Yard Split: Javelin Guidry, Utah (1.51)

Slowest 10-Yard Split: Alohi Gilman, Notre Dame & Jalen Elliott, Notre Dame (1.67)


Fastest 20-Yard Split: Javelin Guidry, Utah (2.52)

Slowest 20-Yard Split:  Jalen Elliott, Notre Dame (2.79)


Most Reps:  Daniel Thomas, Auburn & Kamren Curl, Arkansas (24)

Fewest Reps: Lamar Jackson, Nebraska, Trajan Bandy, Miami (FL) & Nevelle Clarke, Central Florida (24)


Best Vertical:  Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne (42.0)

Worst Vertical:  Myles Bryant, Washington (31.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois (138)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Myles Bryant, Washington (115)


Best Short-Shuttle:  John Reid, Penn St. (3.97)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Josh Metellus, Michigan (4.40)


Best 3-Cone:  K’Von Wallace, Clemson (6.76)

Worst 3-Cone:  Jeff Gladney, T.C.U. (7.26)


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