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DL – 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

There is a perception that Derrick Brown of Auburn didn’t have a good workout but that wasn’t the case.  Brown’s results weren’t bad, they just weren’t quite as impressive as some of his peers.  The only number that really stood out was an 8.22 in the 3-Cone.  However, in the days afterwards Brown posted the video below running a 7.46, which would have been second best among defensive tackles in Indy.  Oh, and the tape from his college career is still outstanding too.  In the end all the talk is much ado about nothing and Brown is locked in as a Top 5-10 overall pick.

One prospect whose performance was legitimately disappointing was A.J. Epenesa of Iowa, despite relatively low expectations.  Epenesa weighed in at 275 pounds, which was 5 pounds less than he was listed at in college, but was only able to run a 5.04 forty.  The rest of his testing numbers were also quite average.  On one hand speed and athleticism aren’t hallmarks of Epenesa’s game and that was already baked into the cake with his evaluation.  Failing to meet even modest thresholds will most likely have a negative impact on Epenesa’s stock and push him down draft boards.

Anyone who follows college football closely already knew that Neville Gallimore of Oklahoma was a great athlete and that was confirmed, most notably with a 4.79 forty at 304 pounds.  For perspective, that was faster than many of the defensive ends in attendance.  That wasn’t a surprise but nobody foresaw what was coming from Khalil and Carlos Davis of Nebraska.  The twin brothers ran extremely well, 4.75 at 308 pounds for Khalil and 4.82 at 313 pounds for Carlos.  That certainly opened some eyes.  Khalil was likely already in the draftable range after also impressing at the East / West Shrine Bowl and Carlos certainly helped his cause.  Also deserving of mention are Justin Madubuike of Texas A&M (4.83 at 293 pounds) and Ross Blacklock of T.C.U. (4.90 at 290 pounds).

James Smith-Williams of North Carolina St. is a perplexing prospect due to a stark disconnect between his physical tools and the results on the field.  Smith Williams checked in at 6-3 5/8 and 265 pounds and ran a 4.60 forty, which was top of the mark for all defensive lineman.  Smith-Williams also had one of the best broad jumps.  Unfortunately that explosive speed and athleticism hasn’t translated to production with just 8 career sacks, including only one as a senior.  Smith-Williams will likely be selected at some point on Day 3 based on potential but it won’t be as early as those testing results might lead a casual observer to believe.

One prospect who isn’t getting enough attention is Alex Highsmith of Charlotte, a former walk-on who was extremely productive and also tested well in Indy.  Highsmith ran a 4.70, albeit at 248 pounds which was tied for lowest among defensive linemen.  In addition to that forty time Highsmith performed well across the board, including a position best 4.31 short-shuttle.  Keep an eye on Highsmith, who could be an early-Day 3 pass rushing steal a la Maxx Crosby. … It worth noting that Marlon Davidson of Auburn weighed in at 303 pounds after being listed at 278 as a senior in college.  That extra bulk likely indicates he’s preparing to play inside in a 4-3 scheme or the five-technique in a 3-4 at the next level. … Jonathan Garvin of Miami (FL) is an interesting EDGE prospect for Day 3, despite a lack of hype.  The 6-4 1/8, 263 pound, long-armed Garvin ran a solid 4.82 forty while also posting a position best vertical and the second best broad jump. … Leki Fotu of Utah came in at 6-5 3/8 and 330 pounds with 34 1/4 inch arms and 10 5/8 inch hands then ran a 5.15 forty.  That is a rare blend of size and athleticism.



McTelvinAgimArkansas6-2 5/830910 1/833 1/280 1/44.981.762.8927DNPDNPDNPDNP
BradleeAnaeUtah6-3 3/825710 1/832 1/878 1/84.931.692.832531.01154.437.44
RossBlacklockT.C.U.6-3 1/82909 3/432 3/878 3/44.901.702.86DNP29.01074.677.77
DerrickBrownAuburn6-4 5/8326934 1/480 7/85.161.782.982827.01084.798.22
JosiahCoatneyMississippi6-3 3/83081032 3/476 7/85.211.803.002227.0994.828.07
KendallColemanSyracuse6-2 3/42571031 3/475 3/44.951.702.85DNP32.01144.627.50
DarrionDanielsNebraska6-3 1/43119 1/833 3/481 3/45.181.813.002127.01094.937.75
MarlonDavidsonAuburn6-3 3/8303103380 1/25.041.782.9421DNPDNPDNPDNP
CarlosDavisNebraska6-23139 5/83276 1/24.821.672.7827DNPDNP4.52DNP
KhalilDavisNebraska6-13089 3/431 1/274 3/44.751.662.7532DNPDNPDNPDNP
RaekwonDavisAlabama6-6 1/83111133 7/885 1/45.121.782.992428.01114.867.95
JordanElliottMissouri6-3 7/830210 1/432 3/8795.021.712.902427.5DNP4.73DNP
A.J.EpenesaIowa6-5 1/827510 1/834 1/281 1/45.041.792.961732.51174.467.34
LekiFotuUtah6-5 3/833010 5/834 1/478 7/85.151.803.0021DNPDNPDNPDNP
NevilleGallimoreOklahoma6-23049 5/832 3/477 1/44.791.692.7923DNPDNP5.017.97
JonathanGarvinMiami (FL)6-4 1/82639 5/83480 1/44.821.672.772336.0125DNPDNP
TrevisGipsonTulsa6-3 3/82619 5/833 7/881 1/4DNPDNPDNP25DNPDNPDNPDNP
JonathanGreenardFlorida6-3 3/82639 1/434 7/881 1/44.871.712.852230.51134.347.13
YeturGross-MatosPenn St.6-52669 3/434 7/882 1/4DNPDNPDNP2034.0120DNPDNP
DaVonHamiltonOhio St.6-3 3/43209 3/43379 1/45.141.802.983329.5102DNP7.72
LaDariusHamiltonNorth Texas6-22629 1/432 1/878 3/44.891.742.852730.01144.497.66
AlexHighsmithCharlotte6-3 1/82489 1/833 1/876 7/84.701.682.75DNP33.01254.317.32
TrevonHillMiami (FL)6-2 7/82489 1/432 3/878 1/44.891.702.83DNP28.0113DNPDNP
BenitoJonesMississippi6-13169 3/432 7/880 7/85.261.803.02DNP26.5DNP5.278.21
KhalidKareemNotre Dame6-3 3/426810 7/834 3/884DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JavonKinlawSouth Carolina6-5 1/832410 1/234 7/883 3/4DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
RashardLawrenceL.S.U.6-23081134 1/880 3/85.071.722.8822DNPDNPDNP8.03
JamesLynchBaylor6-3 5/82899 7/831 7/876 7/85.011.732.922329.01114.397.39
JustinMadubuikeTexas A&M6-2 5/8293933 1/280 1/24.831.732.8531DNPDNPDNP7.37
LarrellMurchisonNorth Carolina St.6-2 1/22971032 5/879 3/85.051.812.942929.01184.517.89
JulianOkwaraNotre Dame6-4 1/425210 1/434 3/881 3/4DNPDNPDNP27DNPDNPDNPDNP
JohnPenisiniUtah6-1 3/831810 1/232 7/878 1/4DNPDNPDNP2325.5DNP4.93DNP
ChaunceyRiversMississippi St.6-22629 3/432 7/880 3/44.971.802.932030.51064.707.33
MalcolmRoachTexas6-2 1/82979 5/831 7/877 1/24.841.682.812030.0114DNPDNP
AltonRobinsonSyracuse6-2 3/42649 1/432 3/8794.691.652.752535.51194.327.32
QaadirSheppardMississippi6-2 7/82611032 3/478 3/44.831.672.802831.5115DNPDNP
JamesSmith-WilliamsNorth Carolina St.6-3 5/82659 1/433 3/481 1/24.601.622.692832.01234.527.35
JasonStrowbridgeNorth Carolina6-4 1/427510 1/832 3/880 3/84.891.722.862631.01134.377.45
DerrekTuszkaNorth Dakota St.6-4 1/22519 7/831 3/876 7/84.791.702.782433.51204.346.87
BroderickWashingtonTexas Tech6-2 1/430510 3/832 1/279DNPDNPDNP23DNPDNPDNPDNP
KennyWillekesMichigan St.6-3 1/22649 1/231 1/477 7/84.871.692.823232.5119DNP7.39
RaequanWilliamsMichigan St.6-43089 3/833 3/878 3/45.041.782.961725.51014.787.72
RobertWindsorPenn St.6-4 1/22909 7/833 1/8794.901.742.852128.51114.447.47
D.J.WonnumSouth Carolina6-4 5/825810 1/234 1/883 3/44.731.702.772034.51234.447.25
ChaseYoungOhio St.6-4 7/82641033 3/480 5/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JabariZunigaFlorida6-3 3/826410 3/832 7/8794.641.612.712933.0127DNPDNP


Tallest:  Raekwon Davis, Alabama (6-6 1/8)

Shortest:  Benito Jones, Mississippi & Khalil Davis, Nebraska (6-1)


Heaviest:  Leki Fotu, Utah (330)

Lightest:  Trevon Hill, Miami (FL) & Alex Highsmith, Charlotte (248)


Longest Arms:  Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina, Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn St. & Jonathan Greenard, Florida (34 7/8)

Shortest Arms:  Kenny Willekes, Michigan St. (31 1/4)


Biggest Hands:  Raekwon Davis, Alabama & Rashard Lawrence, L.S.U. (11)

Smallest Hands:  Derrick Brown, Auburn & Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M (9)


Longest Wingspan:  Raekwon Davis, Alabama (85 1/4)

Shortest Wingspan: Khalil Davis, Nebraska (74 3/4)


Fastest 40:  James Smith-Williams, North Carolina St. (4.60)

Slowest 40:  Benito Jones, Mississippi (5.26)


Fastest 10-Yard Split: Jabari Zuniga, Florida (1.61)

Slowest 10-Yard Split:  Lurrell Murchison, North Carolina St. & Darrion Daniels, Nebraska (1.81)


Fastest 20-Yard Split:  James Smith-Williams, North Carolina St. (2.69)

Slowest 20-Yard Split:  Benito Jones, Mississippi (3.02)


Most Reps:  DaVon Hamilton, Ohio St. (33)

Fewest Reps:  A.J. Epenesa, Iowa & Raekwon Davis, Alabama (17)


Best Vertical:  Jonathan Garvin, Miami (FL) (36.0)

Worst Vertical:  Raequan Williams, Michigan St. & John Penisini, Utah (25.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Jabari Zuniga, Florida (127)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Josiah Coatney, Mississippi (99)


Best Short-Shuttle:  Alex Highsmith, Charlotte (4.31)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Benito Jones, Mississippi (5.27)


Best 3-Cone:  Derrek Tuszka, North Dakota St. (6.87)

Worst 3-Cone:  Derrick Brown, Auburn (8.22)


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