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RB – 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

Since the end of the season most of the focus has been on DeAndre Swift of Georgia and J.K. Dobbins of Ohio St., but in Indy Jonathan Taylor of Wisconsin reminded everyone why he’s firmly in the mix to be one of the first runners off the board.  Taylor checked in at 5-10 1/4 and 226 pounds, which was was about 15 pounders heavier than Swift or Dobbins, and blazed the best forty time for a running back with a 4.39. That rare blend of size and speed along with incredible production likely locks Taylor into the Top 50 overall and he could even sneak into the latter part of Round 1.  Perhaps ahead of Dobbins, who opted not to workout at the Scouting Combine.

The other player who really made everyone stand up and take notice was A.J. Dillon of Boston College.  Checking in at 6-0 3/8 and 247 pounds, Dillon ran a 4.53 forty with a position best 41.0 inch vertical leap and 131 inch broad jump plus 23 reps on the bench press.  Those freakish results are eerily similar to what Dillon predicted almost two years ago.


Dillon won’t be a fit for every team but will surely be at the top of the list for those looking to run a power-based attack and replicate what the Titans are doing with Derrick Henry.

Even though the diminutive Clyde Edwards-Helaire of L.S.U. posted a somewhat disappointing 4.60 forty time it shouldn’t impact his stock.  Edwards-Helaire is plenty fast on film and showcased a well-rounded skill set, both running and catching the ball, in positional drills.  As of now Edwards-Helaire is the clear-cut favorite to be the fourth runner offer the board somewhere in Round 2.  Cam Akers of Florida St. also impressed, testing well across the board and solidifying his status in the second-tier of runners on Day 2.

Joshua Kelley of UCLA continues his ascent up draft boards, following up a terrific showing at the Senior Bowl with a strong performance at the Scouting Combine.  Kelley ran better than expected with a 4.49 and showed the ability to be an every-down running back at the next level.  The charismatic Kelley surely made a positive impression in interviews with teams as well.  At one time Kelley was considered a borderline draftable prospect but has taken full advantage of the pre-draft process, possibly moving into the middle rounds.  In the right situation Kelley could be a Day 3 steal.

For those looking to take advantage of the depth of this running back class Anthony McFarland, Jr. of Maryland and Darrynton Evans of Appalachian St. are interesting options.  Both lack ideal size and may not profile as workhorses but ran in the low-to-mid 4.4’s.  Evans in particular looked great and should start to receive more attention. … Zack Moss of Utah only ran a 4.65 but wasn’t expected to posted a great time.  However, Moss was apparently battling an injury which only feeds into the durability concerns and narrative that he can’t stay healthy. … A handful of guys who are known for their speed did not run nearly as well as anticipated, including Salvon Ahmed of Washington (4.62), Javon Leake of Maryland (4.65) and J.J. Taylor of Arizona (4.61).  That is especially concerning for Taylor, who is only 5-5 1/4 and 185 pounds.  I always say you can get away with being small or slow but it’s really difficult to get away with both. … Josiah Deguara of Cincinnati and Charlie Taumoepeau of Portland St. were asked to work out as fullbacks in addition to their college position of tight end, just like at the Senior Bowl.  Dalton Keene of Virginia Tech unexpectedly joined them though and that could be an interesting position change to keep an eye on. … There were also three running backs who were asked to work out at wide receiver and they were Anthony McFarland, Jr. of Maryland, Salvon Ahmed of Washington and Raymond Calais of Louisiana.


SalvonAhmedWashington5-10 7/81978 3/429 1/471 5/84.621.612.69DNP34.5120DNPDNP
CamAkersFlorida St.5-10 3/8217930 5/874 5/84.471.472.622035.51224.42DNP
DariusAndersonT.C.U.5-10 1/22089 5/830 1/274 3/84.611.572.721936.01284.19DNP
LeVanteBellamyWestern Michigan5-8 7/81928 3/430 1/473 7/84.501.582.671639.5125DNPDNP
EnoBenjaminArizona St.5-8 7/82078 5/831 1/4764.571.622.691239.01224.256.97
RaymondCalaisLouisiana-Lafayette5-7 7/81889 1/43073 3/44.421.562.602037.5120DNPDNP
DeeJayDallasMiami (FL)5-10 1/82179 1/430 5/874 1/44.581.632.68DNP33.51194.327.18
A.J.DillonBoston College6-0 3/82479 5/831 5/877 5/84.531.642.692341.0131DNP7.19
J.K.DobbinsOhio St.5-9 1/22099 1/229 3/473 1/2DNPDNPDNP23DNPDNPDNPDNP
RicoDowdleSouth Carolina5-11 1/42139 1/231 3/875 5/84.541.622.68DNP38.0127DNPDNP
ClydeEdwards-HelaireL.S.U.5-7 1/42079 5/82970 5/84.601.602.681539.5123DNPDNP
DarryntonEvansAppalachian St.5-10 1/82039 1/431 5/876 5/84.411.582.602037.0125DNPDNP
JaMycalHastyBaylor5-82059 1/831 1/874 1/24.551.612.671539.01234.03DNP
BrianHerrienGeorgia5-11 1/8209929 3/473 3/44.621.622.701838.51264.407.12
TonyJones, Jr.Notre Dame5-10 1/22209 1/230 5/874 1/84.681.612.721332.51194.217.18
JoshuaKelleyUCLA5-10 5/82129 5/831 5/876 1/44.491.612.652331.01214.286.95
JavonLeakeMaryland6-0 1/82159 5/831 1/275 3/44.651.702.75DNP34.0125DNPDNP
BennyLeMayCharlotte5-8 1/8221929 7/872 1/24.751.712.802428.5112DNPDNP
AnthonyMcFarland, Jr.Maryland5-8 1/82088 7/830 3/873 3/84.441.592.65DNP29.5116DNPDNP
ZackMossUtah5-9 3/82239 1/431 1/475 1/24.651.672.781933.0DNP4.37DNP
SewoOloniluaT.C.U.6-2 5/82321032 1/878 1/84.661.622.732536.01234.28DNP
LamicalPerineFlorida5-10 3/421610 1/431 5/876 3/84.621.662.742235.01184.317.13
ScottiePhillipsMississippi5-82098 1/229 3/870 1/44.561.602.682930.01144.537.40
JamesRobinsonIllinois St.5-92198 3/429 5/872 1/24.641.612.712440.01254.197.03
D’AndreSwiftGeorgia5-8 1/4212929 7/8724.481.592.64DNP35.5121DNPDNP
J.J.TaylorArizona5-5 1/41858 1/228 3/471 1/44.611.592.701934.51184.157.00
JonathanTaylorWisconsin5-10 1/42269 1/231 1/875 3/84.391.542.561736.01234.247.01
PatrickTaylor, Jr.Memphis6-1 1/22179 3/832 1/475 5/84.571.592.691534.01234.34DNP
Ke’ShawnVaughnVanderbilt5-9 5/82148 7/830 7/873 1/24.511.622.66DNP32.0117DNPDNP
MichaelWarrenCincinnati5-9 1/82269 1/829 1/271 1/2DNPDNPDNP16DNPDNPDNPDNP


Tallest:  Sewo Olonilua, T.C.U. (6-2 5/8)

Shortest:  J.J. Taylor, Arizona (5-5 1/4)


Heaviest:  A.J. Dillon, Boston College (247)

Lightest:  J.J. Taylor, Arizona (185)


Longest Arms:  Patrick Taylor, Memphis (32 1/4)

Shortest Arms:  J.J. Taylor, Arizona (28 3/4)


Biggest Hands:  Lamical Perine, Florida (10 1/4)

Smallest Hands:  J.J. Taylor, Arizona & Scottie Phillips, Mississippi (8 1/2)


Longest Wingspan:  Sewo Olonilua, T.C.U. (78 1/8)

Shortest Wingspan: Scottie Phillips, Mississippi (70 1/4)


Fastest 40:  Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin (4.39)

Slowest 40:  Benny LeMay, Charlotte (4.75)


Fastest 10-Yard Split: Cam Akers, Florida St. (1.47)

Slowest 10-Yard Split:  Benny LeMay, Charlotte (1.71)


Fastest 20-Yard Split:  Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin (2.56)

Slowest 20-Yard Split:  Benny LeMay, Charlotte (2.80)


Most Reps:  Scottie Phillips, Mississippi (29)

Fewest Reps:  Eno Benjamin, Arizona St. (12)


Best Vertical:  A.J. Dillon, Boston College (41.0)

Worst Vertical:  Benny LeMay, Charlotte (28.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  A.J. Dillon, Boston College (131)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Benny LeMay, Charlotte (112)


Best Short-Shuttle:  JaMycal Hasty, Baylor (4.03)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Scottie Phillips, Mississippi (4.53)


Best 3-Cone:  Joshua Kelley, UCLA (6.95)

Worst 3-Cone:  Scottie Phillips, Mississippi (7.40)


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