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WR – 2020 NFL Scouting Combine Results

NFL Scouting Combine

Perhaps the biggest winner was Justin Jefferson of L.S.U., who alleviated concerns about his speed by running a 4.42 and likely locked in a spot in the first round.  Perhaps in the Top 20-25 overall.

Not sure a guy has ever run a 4.27 and had it be considered a disappointment, but that was the case with Henry Ruggs III of Alabama.  Even though Ruggs didn’t break the record for fastest forty time at the Scouting Combine he still showcased world-class speed.  The only question is whether he’ll be the third wideout off the board or perhaps even be selected ahead of teammate Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma?

Chase Claypool of Notre Dame blazed a 4.42 forty with a 40 1/2 inch vertical despite weighing in at 6-4 1/4 and 238 pounds.  That should quiet the talk of moving Claypool to tight end, although it’s still technically a possibility.  I had Claypool rated higher than anyone throughout the season and had been saying he was going to run better than most anticipated.

There may not have been a better all-around workout than by Denzel Mims of Baylor, who followed up a terrific Senior Bowl week with another strong showing in Indy.  Mims starred across the board in the testing, whether it was measuring, running or jumping, and in positional drills and now has his name in the first round converstion.

Antonio Gibson of Memphis continues to be one of the most intriguing prospects in this class.  A college wide receiver who will likely move to running back at the next level, Gibson showcased outstanding speed and athleticism in a 6-0 3/8 and 228 pound frame.

With a limited college résumé it was vital for Donovan Peoples-Jones of Michigan to perform well in workouts since potential is such a major aspect of his evaluation.  Peoples-Jones came through, running a 4.48 at 6-1 5/8 and 212 pounds with big hands and long arms.  Perhaps most impressive was an eye-popping 44 1/2 inch vertical leap and 139 inch broad jump, which were both tops at the position.

Michael Pittman, Jr. of USC ran a bit better than expected with a 4.52 and figures to be a second or third round pick. … The underrated James Proche of S.M.U. was just average in testing but looked outstanding in the positional drills. … Leviska Shenault of Colorado ran a less than stellar 4.58, which was blamed on a muscle injury.  The problem with that is it only adds to a long injury history and concerns about his durability.  As I’ve maintained for months, don’t be surprised if Shenault is still available well into Day 2. … Tee Higgins of Clemson opted not to run by his own choice, which leaves one to wonder whether he expects to post a poor result and is trying to buy more time to train. … Two of the biggest disappointments were Jauan Jennings of Tennessee and Quintez Cephus of Wisconsin, who only ran in the low-4.7’s.  Based on the tape an early Day 3 case can be made but those times could push them into the late rounds or even out of the draft all together in this extremely deep crop of pass catchers.  Especially since there are some off-the-field concerns with both, particularly Cephus. … Joe Reed of Virginia and Malcolm Perry of Navy were also asked to work out at running back, in addition to the aforementioned Gibson.



BrandonAiyukArizona St.5-11 5/82059 3/433 1/2804.501.572.631140.0128DNPDNP
OmarBaylessArkansas St.6-0 3/4212931 7/876 7/84.621.622.721136.01234.507.35
LynnBowden, Jr.Kentucky5-10 5/82049 3/430 7/874DNPDNPDNP13DNPDNPDNPDNP
TonyBrownColorado6-0 3/41989 1/431 1/2764.651.632.741433.51194.277.21
LawrenceCagerGeorgia6-4 3/42208 7/833 3/879 3/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
MarquezCallawayTennessee6-1 1/42059 3/832 3/878 7/84.551.582.64DNP38.0126DNPDNP
QuintezCephusWisconsin6-0 7/82028 3/432 1/8774.731.672.772338.51244.337.20
ChaseClaypoolNotre Dame6-4 1/42389 7/832 1/2804.421.562.571940.5126DNPDNP
TyrieClevelandFlorida6-2 3/82099 1/832 7/8784.461.542.611339.5126DNPDNP
IsaiahCoulterRhode Island6-1 7/8198931 3/475 3/44.451.552.59DNP36.01214.627.28
GabrielDavisCentral Florida6-22169 1/432 1/477 1/24.541.552.661435.01244.597.08
QuartneyDavisTexas A&M6-1 1/42019 1/231 3/875 3/44.541.582.66DNP35.5DNPDNPDNP
DevinDuvernayTexas5-10 1/22009 1/230 5/875 1/44.391.562.58DNP35.51234.207.13
BryanEdwardsSouth Carolina6-2 3/42129 1/232 1/478 5/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
ChrisFinkeNotre Dame5-9 1/218692969 5/84.571.572.65740.0DNPDNPDNP
AaronFullerUCLA5-10 3/41888 7/829 3/473 1/44.591.612.69DNP34.0118DNP7.14
AntonioGandy-GoldenLiberty6-42239 5/831 3/4774.601.622.722236.01274.557.33
AntonioGibsonMemphis6-0 3/82288 5/831 1/875 1/24.391.552.571635.0118DNPDNP
StephenGuidryMississippi St.6-32019 1/832 3/478 7/84.471.592.65DNP34.01254.467.31
KJHamlerPenn St.5-8 5/81789 3/830 3/472 1/2DNPDNPDNP15DNPDNPDNPDNP
TeeHigginsClemson6-3 5/82169 1/434 1/881DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JohnHightowerBoise St.6-1 1/21899 3/431 1/275 1/84.431.542.67DNP38.51224.217.07
K.J.HillOhio St.5-11 7/81969 1/429 1/872 1/24.601.592.681732.5114DNPDNP
IsaiahHodginsOregon St.6-3 5/82109 7/833 1/880 1/24.611.582.66936.51244.127.01
TrishtonJacksonSyracuse6-0 3/41979 3/432 3/8774.501.582.66DNP36.0117DNPDNP
JustinJeffersonL.S.U.6-1 1/42029 1/833784.431.572.61DNP37.5126DNPDNP
VanJeffersonFlorida6-1 1/22009 1/832 3/477 1/8DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
JauanJenningsTennessee6-3 1/8215931 5/876 1/44.721.652.74DNP29.0119DNPDNP
JerryJeudyAlabama6-11939 1/232 1/8764.451.562.59DNP35.01204.53DNP
CollinJohnsonTexas6-5 5/8222931 3/478 1/2DNPDNPDNP17DNPDNPDNPDNP
JuwanJohnsonOregon6-423010 1/234 1/481 5/84.581.622.681433.01244.376.94
TylerJohnsonMinnesota6-1 3/8206930 7/875DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
CeeDeeLambOklahoma6-1 5/81989 1/432 1/476 5/84.501.582.621134.5124DNPDNP
KalijaLipscombVanderbilt5-11 7/82079 3/832 7/8794.571.612.681632.0127DNPDNP
AustinMackOhio St.6-1 1/22081033 5/878 1/24.591.592.65DNP31.51174.42DNP
DenzelMimsBaylor6-2 7/82079 3/833 7/878 1/24.381.542.561638.51314.436.66
DarnellMooneyTulane5-10 1/81769 5/830 7/8744.381.542.55937.0124DNPDNP
K.J.OsbornMiami (FL)5-11 1/22039 1/831 1/4754.481.582.611837.51234.357.00
AaronParkerRhode Island6-1 5/82099 1/831 1/874 1/44.571.632.701226.51124.236.94
DezmonPatmonWashington St.6-3 3/422510 1/432 3/4784.481.572.641536.01324.387.28
DonovanPeoples-JonesMichigan6-1 5/821210 1/833 1/279 1/44.481.592.63DNP44.5139DNPDNP
MalcolmPerryNavy5-9 1/21868 1/229 5/871 1/24.631.702.751036.01224.317.12
MichaelPittman, Jr.USC6-42239 1/432 1/279 1/44.521.612.681336.51214.146.96
JamesProcheS.M.U.5-10 5/82019 5/829 3/472 5/8DNPDNPDNP2034.5DNP4.407.27
JalenReagorT.C.U.5-10 5/82069 1/231 3/874 3/84.471.632.681742.01384.467.31
JoeReedWest Virginia6-0 1/22249 3/431 1/875 3/84.471.592.652138.0123DNPDNP
KendrickRogersTexas A&M6-4 1/42089 1/833 1/878 7/84.511.592.651735.51244.487.13
HenryRuggs IIIAlabama5-1118810 1/830 1/274 1/24.271.542.52DNP42.0131DNPDNP
LaviskaShenaultColorado6-0 5/8227931 7/876 1/44.581.612.6717DNPDNPDNPDNP
DarrellStewartMichigan St.6-0 1/42129 5/83275 7/8DNPDNPDNP1535.0117DNPDNP
FreddieSwainFlorida6-0 1/4197930 5/874 3/84.461.572.601636.51244.267.05
JeffThomasMiami (FL)5-8 7/81708 3/830 3/8734.451.562.60DNP36.5125DNPDNP
BinjimenVictorOhio St.6-3 3/41989 5/834 1/881 1/24.601.642.67935.0128DNP7.10
QuezWatkinsSouthern Miss6-0 1/8185932 7/878 7/84.351.522.55DNP36.51254.367.28
CodyWhiteMichigan St.6-3 3/82171032 1/279 1/44.661.652.70DNP35.51204.527.19


Tallest:  Collin Johnson, Texas (6-5 5/8)

Shortest:  KJ Hamler, Penn St. (5-8 5/8)


Heaviest:  Chase Claypool, Notre Dame (238)

Lightest:  Jeff Thomas, Miami (FL) (170)


Longest Arms:  Juwan Johnson, Oregon (34 1/4)

Shortest Arms:  Chris Finke, Notre Dame (29)


Biggest Hands:  Juwan Johnson, Oregon (10 1/2)

Smallest Hands:  Jeff Thomas, Miami (FL) (8 3/8)


Longest Wingspan:  Juwan Johnson, Oregon (81 5/8)

Shortest Wingspan: Chris Finke, Notre Dame (69 5/8)


Fastest 40:  Henry Ruggs III, Alabama (4.27)

Slowest 40:  Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin (4.73)


Fastest 10-Yard Split: Quez Watkins, Southern Miss (1.52)

Slowest 10-Yard Split:  Malcolm Perry, Navy (1.70)


Fastest 20-Yard Split:  Henry Ruggs III, Alabama (2.52)

Slowest 20-Yard Split:  Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin (2.77)


Most Reps:  Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin (23)

Fewest Reps:  Chris Finke, Notre Dame (7)


Best Vertical:  Donovan Peoples-Jones, Michigan (44.5)

Worst Vertical:  Aaron Parker, Rhode Island (26.5)


Best Broad-Jump:  Donovan Peoples-Jones, Michigan (139)

Worst Broad-Jump:  Aaron Parker, Rhode Island (112)


Best Short-Shuttle:  Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon St. (4.12)

Worst Short-Shuttle:  Isaiah Coulter, Rhode Island (4.62)


Best 3-Cone:  Denzel Mims, Baylor (6.66)

Worst 3-Cone:  Omar Bayless, Arkansas St. (7.35)


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