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DB/Specialist Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

Sauce Gardner, CB

Below is a quick blurb about each Cornerback, Safety, Kicker, Punter, and Long Snapper I have scouted for the 2022 NFL Draft. DBs and Specialists all included! The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a CB, S, K, P, or LS who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam and let me know who your favorite defensive back is in this draft!.



Ahmad Gardner is my CB1. An absolute shut down corner who was rarely challenged on his island. Fast with good size and arm length. Smooth athlete who explodes to top speed quickly when needed. Not a ballhawk and won’t make big splash plays, but high end cover corner.


Derek Stingley is my CB2. Good size and speed prospect who had an outstanding freshman season. Flashes physicality and ball skills. Won’t led WRs get away cleanly. Smooth transitions. Struggled with injuries and can be a bit stiff when backpedaling. High upside.


Kaiir Elam is my CB3. Tall with big range. Can close quickly on WRs and rarely allows a clean catch. Won’t bite on fakes. Seems to always be in position as a high end athlete. Not overly physical at the line and plays the receiver over the ball. Can get boxed out by big WRs.


Andrew Booth is my CB4. Tough, physical player at the LOS with good size and strength. Disrupts timing routes well. Good backpedal with nice turn and run ability. Transitions well to change direction. May not be elite athlete. Hernia surgery is a concern. Some upside questions.


Kyler Gordon is my CB5. Good size and length. Explosive closing speed. Plays the ball well and is disruptive on quick slants. Rarely saw a WR he couldn’t move with off the line. Can play back a bit on out routes and allow easy catches. Won’t make a big interception. Raw tracking in the air.


Trent McDuffie is my CB6. Good athlete who has a smooth backpedal and clean hips. Changes direction very smoothly. Some good strength at the line. Very short arms. May be better in the slot than outside. Ball skills are questionable. Scheme dependent.


Tariq Woolen is my CB7. Big, long, fast. High end size and athlete. Great jam at the line. Good tackler. Won’t get beat deep. Hips are smooth for his size and explodes after changing direction. Raw ball skills. Can play high and stiffen up. Needs to learn how to read WRs and QBs.


Roger McCreary is my CB8. Excellent cover corner who seems to always know what the WR will do. Great COD. Blankets very talented WRs. Won’t bite on double moves. Short arms may force him into the slot. Not the best athlete for his size. Won’t cause big turnovers.               


Martin Emerson is my CB9. Ideal zone corner. Great size and anticipation of the ball. Strong on the line and can push WRs off of routes. Good ball skills to make an interception. Quick reactions. Takes bad angles often. Lacks quickness on slants off the line. Can be beat deep.


Tariq Castro-Fields is my CB10. Size and speed athlete who flashes upside on the field. Low cut with great turn and run ability. Shifts hips into cuts and closes quickly. Can make some mental tracking errors. Can bite on the double move. Not as good at press as you’d want.


Cam Taylor-Britt is my CB11. Great athlete who can even move to Safety. Closes quickly. Great footwork to stay with deep posts. Not afraid to get physical after the catch. Better tackler than expected. Ball skills are lacking. Gets pushed around at the line. Short and struggles with 50/50 balls.


Alontae Taylor is my CB12. Good size, length, and speed. Covered SEC WRs consistently and was usually in good position. Nice backpedal and smooth hips. Played with little help. Struggled on 50/50 passes to the sideline. Can get caught peeking at the QB. Not as physical as you’d want.  


Coby Bryant is my CB13. Ideal zone corner. Tall and strong. Great at reading the QB. Ballhawk who can take it to the house. Can outmuscle a WR for the ball. Good leaping ability. Good tackler. Not very fast. Closing speed is suspect. Stiff upper body and can get beat in M2M.


Jalyn Armour-Davis is my CB14. Size and speed player who played consistently. Good footwork with little wasted movement. Takes good angles to close on the ball. Wins on contested catches. Back pedal can get choppy. Doesn’t move laterally well. Gets beat on quick inside routes.


Zyon McCollum is my CB15. Outstanding athlete. Great size and movement skills. Can make-up distance quickly if he makes a mental error. Gets physical playing the ball. Is raw on mirroring routes and can make mental errors. Goes for the big play too much. Raw with huge upside.


Joshua Williams is my CB16. Tall and rangy player. Gets physical off the line and won’t allow clean release. Fights for positioning. Tracks the football well. Relies too much on physical tools. Not smooth in transition. Needs to work on fundamentals and reacting to routes.


Damarri Mathis is my CB17. Excellent athlete with great closing speed. Good tackler. Closes quickly and can cause drops. Rarely is beat on 50/50 passes. Won’t get beat deep. Often left on an island and gives a big cushion. Not sticky in coverage. Plays too cautiously.


Josh Jobe is my CB18. Smart player who mirrors WRs well. Transitions quickly. Smart and gets inside leverage on routes. Not very big or fast. Won’t be physical when fighting for passes. Injury concerns. Got worse over the course of his career. 


Cordale Flott is my CB19. Excellent cover corner with a fluid backpedal. Never wastes movement. Takes great angles. Tough to shake. Thin body allows him to get pushed around. Rarely gets position. Not a great tackler and won’t help in the run game. Doesn’t play the ball often.


Derion Kendrick is my CB20. Former WR with good size. Good ball skills and knew how to gain leverage. Improved every year. Usually needed safety help. Not the best athlete. Struggled changing directions and adjusting to sharp routes. Weak tackle technique.


Jaylen Watson is my CB21. Big, strong, and physical. Ideal Cover 2 corner who can jam and transition into a backpedal. Explosive closing speed and good tackler. Solid ball skills. Not great at turning and running. Wastes a lot of steps and lags behind routes. Good upside.


Marcus Jones is my CB22. Excellent slot corner who is a ballhawk and turns into a runner after the turnover. Good coverage skills. Very fast and fluid. Not very physical and is rather small. Major injury concerns could keep him down.


Kalon Barnes is my CB23. Elite athlete who is extremely fast. Explosive off the snap and transitions well into coverage. More straight line speed than transition speed. Thin and not very strong. Very finesse player who will need an off coverage scheme.


Isaac Taylor-Stuart is my CB24. Could play Safety. Good size and speed player who is a solid tackler. Physical off the line and hand fights down the field. Slow to react at times and seems to rarely have position on receivers. Needs some development, but has upside.


Akayleb Evans is my CB25. Big, long athlete. Uses his arms and physicality to win. Makes receivers fight for the ball. Can go step for step with most down the field. Struggles if a WR breaks away from him. Stiff in transition and can whiff on poor angles. Scheme fit specific.


Mario Goodrich is my CB26. Smart player who has good footspeed. Can get physical at the line despite his size. Good ball skills, reads the QB well and reacts. Thin and not overly fast or explosive. May struggle to hold up to NFL WRs. Sluggish changing direction.


Chase Lucas is my CB27. Athletic with tons of experience. Good mover who is a solid tackler for his size. Reads WRs well and explodes out of transition. Won’t go for the interception. Struggles to turn his head in time for some passes. Low ceiling.


Joshua Thompson is my CB28. Fast down field corner who won’t get beat deep. Good athlete and smooth footwork. Has the makings of a top CB. Plays off coverage and allows easy receptions. Closes at poor angles. Still raw despite experience.   


Jack Jones is my CB29. Ballhawk who excels at closing on the ball and making a play. Smart and agile moving from backpedal to closing flawlessly. Thin frame and struggles if WRs get physical with him. Won’t box out. Inconsistent tackler.


Chris Steele is my CB30. Big corner with good straight line speed. Flashes high end athleticism at times. Takes good angles to receivers. Not very explosive when transitioning. Lags behind on inside routes. Often loses the ball deep when tracking.


Decobie Durant is my CB31. Speed player who uses his raw abilities to win. Good at ball tracking and making a play while its in the air. Small, and not a great tackler. Raw in his backpedal and often wastes movement. Developmental player with upside.


Sam Webb is my CB32. Big, long, and physical. Good at jamming at the line. Explosive movement, changes directions well. Is high cut in back pedal. Slow to close on the ball. Doesn’t read the QB great and can get faked out. Developmental player.


Mykael Wright is my CB33. Experienced player who can tackle. Has some good ball tracking skills. Doesn’t let WRs get behind him. Small and slow prospect. Allows too many clean catches. Plays way off coverage at times. May not be NFL caliber.


Jermaine Waller is my CB34. Good zone CB who can jam at the line. Plays the flat well. Would be ideal in a Tampa-2 scheme. Not the biggest or fastest. Struggles to turn and run with athletes. Hips stiffen and lack horizontal movement. 


Gregory Junior is my CB35. Good size and athleticism. Was able to use smoothness to have consistent coverage at level of competition. Solid tackler. Tons of upside. Can lag behind WRs cutting. Read and react ability average. Not great length. Still learning the game.


Darrell Baker is my CB36. Big, long, and fast. Can turn and run with most receivers and will win 50/50 balls. Looks like an NFL CB. Good tackler. Doesn’t bend his knees well and can get stuck in his back pedal. Gets caught guessing too much. 


Damarion Williams is my CB37. Slot CB with good feet. Good mover who swings his hips and follows with receivers. Can get physical at the line. Gets too grabby in coverage. Strong, but doesn’t show it after the catch. Struggles with bigger WRs. Not the fastest at a small size.


Montaric Brown is my CB38. Tall, good coverage CB. Plays smart and reacts quickly to routes. Rarely caught out of position. Not the best athlete and can falter against athletic WRs. His jam gets beat at the line too often. Tackle technique is inconsistent.


Qwynterrio Cole is my CB39. Tall with good range. Reaches over WRs to break up passes. Can box out at the boundary. Can make the big play at time with ball skills. Very stiff in and out of breaks. Can sometimes get too aggressive and go for the big play.


DaMarcus Fields is my CB40. Technically sound corner who explodes out of his breaks. Good closer with solid size. Has some very good games. Back Pedal is pretty slow and can get behind WRs. Struggles to track the ball. Can get caught turning the wrong way often.


Vincent Gray is my CB41. Tall with good length. Has success at the line knocking guys off of routes. If WR beats his jam, struggles to recover. Can get a step behind. Needed safety support in most games.


Shaun Jolly is my CB42. Small slot corner with a lot of experience. Good ball skills. Solid athlete. Had a down year struggling against bigger WRs. Has some good potential as a smart player, but will likely be a reserve.   


Tayler Hawkins is my CB43. Big and physical corner. When in position, he can make a play. Decent tackler. Short arms make his jam ineffective often. Gets beat on inside moves often. Plays too high.


Ja’Quan McMillian is my CB44. Slot corner who plays the ball. Good hands and can catch and turn it the other way. Gets good inside positioning. Small and slow. Unlikely to match NFL athletes. Had some bad games against good talent.


Tony Adams is my CB45. Big athlete who can turn and run well. Can force WRs out to the boundary. Will use hands too much downfield. Back pedal is raw and causes him to lag behind. Doesn’t always use his length to its fullest extent.


Christian Benford is my CB46. Big, strong with range. Makes WRs earn it off the line. Decent ball skills. Raw in his foot and hand techniques. Watches the WR instead of the ball too much. Raw with some good upside.


Zyon Gilbert is my CB47. Good athlete who flashes good ball skills. Great at closing inside. Solid tackler. Not the smoothest mover. Can get caught peaking into the backfield too much. Gets too physical and can draw flags.

Faion Hicks is my CB48. Good athlete who often is sticky in coverage. Plays the ball down the field. Some big upside. Small and may only be a slot player. Doesn’t jam. Can lose the ball at times. Won’t contest many catches if he is out of position.  


Allie Green is my CB49. Big corner who won’t let WRs get positioning. Great at using his hands off the line. Plays the ball in the air well. Had a great early career, but fell off at Missouri. Not athletic enough. Hips lock up too much and gets beat deep.


Bryce Watts is my CB50. Fast slot corner who can blaze. Best runner on the field in most games. Raw athlete who plays with good instincts. Raw in footwork and wastes a ton of motion. Often breaks late. Developmental with upside.


Kekaula Kaniho is my CB51. Smart slot corner who reacts quickly. Technician with his hands and feet. Rarely out of position. Small and slow. Won’t stick with agile NFL athletes. Could be a nice reserve in the right zone system.

Brandon Sebastian is my CB52. Experienced player who doesn’t have the requisite NFL athleticism. Gets caught flat footed a lot and can be blown past at times. Often needs help up top and plays shallow. Good technique and hands wins the day.


Qwabbtrezz Knight is my CB53. Slot corner who won’t lose his spot easily. Good adjustment at reading and reacting. Closes fast. Good awareness. Short and slow. Might be limited on the type of WRs he can go up against.


Nick Grant is my CB54. Good size and arm length to handle bigger WRs. Good tackler and will help in the run game. Loses quicker WRs when they cut. Can often be a step behind. Needs to develop the mental side of the game a bit. Not very fast.


Dallis Flowers is my CB55. Good size with speed to boot. Not afraid to knock a WR around on their route. Has solid ball skills too. Not always dominant at smaller level. Tries to do too much and can take bad angles. Effort goes hot and cold.


Ja’Sir Taylor is my CB56. Good slot athlete. Smooth back pedal and good explosion. Has some upside. Not much of a tackler. Won’t get physical. Can get fooled off the snap. Developmental prospect with upside.


Matt Hankins is my CB57. Long player who wins at the line. Good at reading the QBs eyes. Struggles when WRs get off cleanly. Not very fast. Stiff when he turns and runs. Could work in a zone style scheme.  


Christian Holmes is my CB58. Good athlete. Explosive down hill tackler at his size. Better against run than pass. Takes very poor angles. Rarely out in front of a WR. Has a ton of athletic upside, but never has put it together.


Josh Blackwell is my CB59. Good athlete.. Can go step for step down the field. Has some upside if he can improve instincts. Rarely gets good leverage on high passes. Won’t high point. Small frame. 


Leonard Johnson is my CB60. Good size and can jam at the line. Sluggish when turning and running. Often gets beat in a foot race. Should get more physical in the route.


Walter Neil is my CB61. Small with short arms. Very quick in space and can make a play on passes even a step behind. Back pedal is high and won’t change direction great. Some good slot upside.


Samuel Womack is my CB62. Small with long arms. A good athlete with a ton of experience. Has good instincts and plays the ball in the air. Makes WRs work for it. Can get boxed out. Not great against the run. May be a role player in the NFL, 


Dominique Long is my CB63. Long athlete who does his best work at the LOS. Not fast and will lose one on one most times. If he doesn’t throw off timing, it leads to an open WR.


Obi Eboh is my CB64. Big and long without NFL athleticism. Good instincts and can make a play on the ball. Sluggish in his back pedal and running with receivers. Rarely that sticky in coverage.  


Jaylon Jones is my CB65. Good, long athlete in the SEC. Can go toe to toe with top speed WRs. Inconsistent technique. Could develop over times. Needs to get more physical and reacts late to the ball often. Lots of upside for slot of outside potential.


Kyler McMichael is my CB66. Nice size and speed player. Closes fast and is a good tackler. Plays off a lot. Rarely in good position to make a play. Ball skills are average. 


Daron Bland is my CB67. Tall with long arms. Long strider who gets down the field quickly. Good arm usage to knock down passes. Raw when changing direction. Back pedal needs work. Good upside developmental prospect.


Kader Kohou is my CB68. Small school athlete who makes big plays. Short, but plays a lot bigger than he is. Top notch at his level. Raw skillset with some wonky technique and footwork. Lots of upside.


Tre Avery is my CB69. Fast mover who moves well in space. On the smaller side, but not afraid to get a little physical. Left on an island often to mixed results. Couldn’t do much against tall WRs. May have been miscast.


Delonte Hood is my CB70. Good size and speed. Dominant at his level of competition. Long and plays the boundary well. Solid tackler. Jump might be too much. Not going to make huge gamechanging plays at the next level, but good upside.


Jacobi Francis is my CB71. Inconsistent player with some highs and lows. Flashes ball skills and toughness in breaking up passes. Has some poor games out of position and barely making plays. Could have some hidden upside.


Theo Jackson is my CB72. S/CB hybrid. Good speed with nice size. Hits hard and wraps up well. Flashed some man to man ability, but plays well in deep zone. Long. Struggles changing directions nd turning to run. Often picked on by QBs.


Tyree Robinson is my CB73. Good at his level of competition. Plays very physical and is relentless. Technique solid with nice back pedal. Small and slow player. May just not be athletic enough for the NFL.


Deane Leonard is my CB74. Track athlete who can run with SEC WRs. Doesn’t turn around well and changing direction can be rough. Nice height, but often plays the WR over the ball. Gets flagged too much.


Coney Durr is my CB75. Small and slow. Usually had help over the top and struggled on the outside. More of a physical slot WR who can help in the run game. 


Michael McMorris is my CB76. Tough player who plays the run very well. Explodes into the back field and can tackle for loss. Small and slow. Struggles when down the field. Gets physical but won’t do much to disrupt passes.


Colby Burton is my CB77. Long jammer at the line. Minus athlete who is slow to change direction. Usually leaves receivers open off the line.


Joe Joe Headen is my CB78. Productive player who made some splash plays. Has good awareness and instincts. Can play the ball. Small and slow. Lacks NFL athleticism. Will get beat deep at times. Struggles against athletes.


Rishard Dames is my CB79. CB/S hybrid. Struggles with direct coverage, but showed some deep safety ability. Good instincts and ball skills. Small and slow. Won’t close well. Likely not an NFL athlete.


Dominique Shelton is my CB80. Small slot type WR who flashes explosiveness. Hip technique is average and can lead to a speed loss. May not quite have NFL athleticism. Intriguing small schooler.


Tristin McCollum is my CB81. Good size and athlete. Explosive. Uses his hands well to high point footballs. Can run with most WRs. Not as polished as his twin brother. Needs to learn how to track the ball and get positioning. Big upside.


Kyle Mayberry is my CB82. Good speed and strength. Fluid hips. Small but brings the muscle at times. Struggles to get good positioning. Won’t be on the outside. Takes poor angles at times.


David Vereen is my CB83. Long arms and good athlete. Moves well and has good instincts. Plays the ball and turns his head to track. On the small side and has some poor plays in there. Developmental.


Naeem Smith is my CB84. Explosive athlete who uses his hips really well. Changes direction in a hurry. Not the biggest or fastest. Can’t run 9 routes with WRs. May need to move to safety.


Omari Alexander is my CB85. Good lateral agility. Shifts and can play the run game well. Slow, won’t go step for step with WRs. Often leaves players wide open. Physical slot.


Joshua Valentine-Turner is my CB86. Good size and length. Can jam at the line a bit. Not the fastest player, and will struggle to turn and run.


Caleb Holden is my CB88. Short, but explosive. Moves around very well and can bring the lumber on a hit. Has athleticism for his level, but will struggle in the NFL at keeping up. Short arms.


Roger Cray is my CB89. Small and slow. Often lagged behind better athletes. Fundamentals were iffy at times too. Has some ball skills and can make a big play now and then. 


Tae Daley is my CB90. Might be better safety than CB. Good tackler with nice technique. Not very explosive and not a closer. Not great in coverage. 


Darion Dunn is my CB91. Experienced player who was often the weak link in the defense. Flashes some athletic especially off the snap. Won’t tackle with consistency and can’t run with better athletes.


Allan George is my CB92. Good size, length and athlete. Very raw in how he reads receivers and reacts. Often gets off balance. Not a great tackler. Needs to learn how to play the position.


Shabari Davis is my CB93. Solid size and length. Flashes good hitting ability. Explosive player who makes some incredible plays ont he ball at times. Stiffens up a lot. High cut. Will need to develop for the NFL.


Bailey Devine-Scott is my CB94. Tough player who gets grabby off the line. Doesn’t mirror well. Usually beat down the field.


Dio Williams is my CB95. Big tackling corner. Jams at the line. Stiff hips. Won’t turn and run cleanly. Not quick off the snap.


Tavin Harville is my CB96. Tall and long. Good ball skills. Can make big plays. Not athletic enough for the NFL and will struggle to set.


Jerry Cantave is my CB97. Nice mirror skills and footwork. Can be quick with solid size. Not very consistent. Won’t tackle or make plays on the ball. Too many negative plays.


Raleigh Texada is my CB98. Good athlete with speed. Didn’t get a ton of playing time. Allowed plays down the field too much. Lacks football instincts.


Zeke Brown is my CB99. Good size, but very slow. May have to move to safety. Won’t stick to receivers or be able to keep up with them.           


Josh Drayden is my CB100. Small and slow. Has good experience against high end WRs, and has his share of wins, but likely won’t hold up for the NFL.


Meiko Dotson is my CB101. Not overly big or fast. Physical player, but not enough for the NFL.


Greg Ross is my CB102. Nice size, but rarely uses it to his advantage. Average tape for a small school player who is inconsistent play to play on technique and mirroring the WR. 


Jeremy Webb is my CB103. Big body. Nice length to be physical. Uses his hands poorly and WRs can get past him. Won’t make-up speed well. Likely too slow.


Quandre Mosley is my CB104. Nice size and length. Looks like an NFL CB, but didn’t get the playing time to show it. Often allowed big plays down the field. Struggled against SEC WRs.


Duron Lowe is my CB105. Fast track athlete who can run down the field. Flashes NFL talent, but usually is out of position and not able to stick with cutting WRs.


Jordan Perry is my CB106. Tall with some explosion. Flashes some good athletic ability, but rarely puts together plays that stand out. Not a great cover corner.


Cameron Lewis is my CB107. Reserve who is explosive and could be a special teamer in the right situation. Sluggish at changing direction and generally gets beat off the line.


Anthony Blue is my CB108. Good athlete who shows NFL skillset. Good sticky coverage, but he has MAJOR off field issues that should keep him out of the NFL. 


Darren Evans is my CB109. Good size and speed player who never put together how to read offenses and cover WRs. Some good upside to make a camp.


Elijah Jones is my CB110. Looks the part, but doesn’t play up to it. Has major problems getting physical with receivers and sticking with them.  


Elijah Reed is my CB111. Big, but not fast. Might be a better safety. Physical tackler who can jam, but won’t turn and run.


Kenneth George is my CB112. Okay player who shows some good lateral agility. Not a ton of time and may be more of a special teamer.


Caesar Williams is my CB113. Tough player who can get physical and tackle. Not great in coverage.


Tobias Oliver is my CB114. Good size and length. Nice jam and tackler. Won’t do much in coverage and gets beat often.


Zachary Hannibal is my CB115. Decent mover, but rarely a sharp sticky cover corner. Struggles vs. more athletic WRs.


Joshua Flowers is my CB116. Flashes some speed, but not quite experienced enough for the NFL. Not a good mirror CB.     



Kyle Hamilton is my S1. Insane size and hitting ability. Great range in coverage and can cross the field quickly. Ballhawk who is also a big hitter. Plays smart and takes great angles. Embraces contact. Not a straight line speed player. Hips can stiffen on transition back. Top notch player.


Lewis Cine is my S2. Brutal hitter. Explosive against the run. Makes WRs pay over the middle. High points the ball well. Can cover TEs cleanly. Goes for the big hit too much. Lets plays get behind him too much. May not be truly elite at anything.


Daxton Hill is my S3. May play slot CB. Lateral mobility is top notch. Smooth transition of his hips to run with smaller WRs. Good playmaker who can take it to the house. Not the most physical player and can whiff on tackles. Takes a bit to get up to speed. Tweener.


Jaquan Brisker is my S4. In the box safety who closes to the line fast. Explosive with good tackle technique. Can lay the lumber. Flashed coverage ability this past season. Can get deep in a hurry. Raw in tracking the ball and in taking angles. Can overpursue and miss hits. Big upside.


Jalen Pitre is my S5. Great run defender with good instincts. Covers middle of the field well and reads the QB. Can create turnovers. Fast and decisive. Small frame and can get beat deep when looking into backfield. Lowers head to tackle. 


Kerby Joseph is my S6. Good size and range. Ideal 2-deep player who can make plays over the top. Good ball skills. Can lower his head when tackling leading to broken tackles. More straight line than sideline to sideline. Needs some fundamental work, but big upside.


Nick Cross is my S7. Physical with good speed. Good pass rusher on safety blitz. Shows M2M opass coverage on TEs. Tries to do too much. Overpursues too much. Lacks tackling technique and goes for the big hit too much.


Tucen Anderson is my S8. LB/S hybrid. Ideal in the box tackler who is big and fast. Closes quickly and can chase down RBs/WRs. Good tackling technique and can get physical in coverage. Plays very high cut and slow changing direction. May not be an ideal 1-on-1 cover S.


Quentin Lake is my S9. Great tackler with good wrap-up technique. Tall with range and good closing speed. Weeds through traffic well. Takes good angles. Can struggle to turn and run with speed WRs. Slow to react at times. Won’t fit all teams.


Verone McKinley is my S10. Excellent ball skills and play making safety who knows how to get interceptions. Good instincts in coverage. Moves laterally well.  Small and slow. Struggles to close quickly. Allergic to tackling. Better player than timed results.  


Bryan Cook is my S11. Good size and tackles well at the second level. Smart player who takes good angles and can break up passes. Not the fastest player and can get beat in coverage. Ball skills are mediocre.  Injury concerns.


Markquese Bell is my S12. Size/speed prospect who is a punishing hitter. Flies all over the field and makes plays. Good at high pointing the ball. Raw in pursuit and often will overpursue and miss the tackle or PBU. Lots of potential.


Bubba Bolden is my S13. Experienced and disciplined. Good size and speed with flashes of big upside. Good blitzer off the edge. Injury concerns. Won’t make a big interception. Changing direction can be a bit sluggish at times.  


Yusuf Corker is my S14. Good range and tackling ability. Cleans up the run game a ton. Up and down in coverage with some great games covering deep. Not a major playmaker. Can get caught behind receivers too often leaving them open. Makes mental errors.


Percy Butler is my S15. Elite speed gives him good range. Gets into the backfield and makes plays against the run. Gets to the edge quickly in the second level. Can struggle to read routes. Bites on fakes often. Needs to improve his technique.


Dane Belton is my S16. Good size and speed player. Playmaker who gets good positioning on the ball. Great deep cover safety with fluid hips and movement. Minus tackler who doesn’t use his size well. Often runs himself out of plays. Can get too aggressive.


JT Woods is my S17. S/CB hybrid. Nose for the football. Can return interceptions for touchdowns. Fast quick twitch athlete. Plays the ball more than the receiver. Not very physical and struggles vs. bigger receivers. Won’t help much in the run game.


Smoke Monday is my S18. Experienced and productive. Good size safety who can hit hard. Plays smart and tracks down ball carriers. Not a plus in coverage and can struggle one on one. Always feels a step behind M2M.              


Leon O’Neal is my S19. Technician who reads and reacts very quickly. Good tackle technique. Knows when to play the ball in the air. Not very fast, closing speed can lag behind. Plays high cut and his hips are stiff. Could be core special teamer/reserve.


Kolby Harvell-Peel is my S20. Long career, productive. Good at closing on the football and making a big play. Plays smart with good positioning. Won’t miss an angle. Gets lost in traffic. Not physical enough against the run. Struggles to hit TEs cleanly.    


Delarrin Turner-Yell is my S21. Fast with good ball skills. Nice deep coverage player who rarely lets plays get behind him. On the small side and not the best tackler. Misses positioning often. Some good upside with his athleticism.


Juanyeh Thmas is my S22. Good size and mover. Can tackle and lay the lumber toward the line. Stands up well to TEs in coverage. Plays high cut. Not a natural mover. Needs to learn how to use his athleticism to his advantage.


Sterling Weatherford is my S23. LB/S hybrid. Massive size for a safety. Good athlete and closes in a hurry. Good in the box tackler. Takes raw angles. Not great in man coverage against faster players. Doesn’t change direction well. 


Marcelino McCrary-Ball is my S24. Good coverage LB who excels against TEs. Flashes potential to tackle in the run game. Out of position often as a deep safety. Despite speed, not great at turning and running with WRs. Some potential.


Greg Eisworth is my S25. In the box run stopping safety. Good tackling technique. Plays low and has a ton of experience. Not a plus athlete. Struggles to change direction. Misses tackles in space. Minus in coverage.


D’Anthony Bell is my S26. Flies around the field and makes plays in every spot. Good size and speed. Big hitter who can cause fumbles. Plays the ball in the air, can get interceptions. Dominant at level. Raw technique. Overpursues a ton. Doesn’t work within structure.


Brad Hawkins is my S27. Flashes good agility. Tackles well in space. Has upside in zone coverage. Coverage instincts are inconsistent. Doesn’t always play the ball. Struggles in one on one situations.       


Reed Blankenship is my S28. Experienced player who plays one deep really well. Has good range and reads the offense well. Plays smart. Not the best technique tackler. Will whiff on some coverages. Not always in great position. Some upside, but likely a reserve at best.


Joey Blount is my S29. Good straight line speed. Runs down WRs and RBs. Fluid hips and can explode through to get to speed quickly. Big, but doesn’t always use his weight well when tackling. Lacks awareness at times and misses easy PBUs. Has some real upside and potential.  


Tariq Carpenter is my S30. Big LB/S hybrid. Good size and speed for the safety position. Tackles well. Good awareness. Not great in coverage. Doesn’t mover laterally very well. Stiffens up when trying to change direction at times. Work in progress with upside.    


Scott Nelson is my S31. Great deep safety who can cover ground quickly. Tough and can get physical after the catch. Jars ball loose to cause drops at times. Doesn’t weed through traffic well. Struggles to disengage in the box. Scheme dependent.


Michael Griffin is my S32. Productive small school player who played deep. Agile and tackles well in space. Keeps plays in front of him. Can take bad angles and loses 50/50 balls. May not close as fast as he needs to in NFL.


Raheem Layne is my S33. Smart player who knows how to play the ball in the air. Good production despite his small size. Center fielder who closes on the ball quickly and disrupts passes often. Won’t give much against the run and misses tackles in open space. Athleticism a question.


Nolan Turner is my S34. Experienced player who has NFL speed. Played shallow and often helped on slants/crosses. Good closing speed. Can likely play in a 2-deep look. Average tackle technique. Rarely covered 1on1. Might have untapped potential.


Jaylan Foster is my S35. Very productive final year in the SEC. Good tackler, sniffs out RBs well and won’t let WRs get free yardage. Good ball skills/ Minus athlete who is poor in coverage. Small frame and can get pushed around. May be a special teamer.


Deontai Williams is my S36. Good mover who moves with RBs in space. Decent tackle technique. Won’t get juked on double moves. Subpar ball skills. Reacts a bit slow. Takes awhile to get up to speed.


Jordan Mosley is my S37. Big hit box player who adds another run defender. Not big or fast, but can fill gaps. Has trouble in coverage and usually is beat. Won’t win 1on1 against WRs.


Brendan Radley-Hines is my S38. Productive and experienced player. Knows how to judge passes. Reads the QB well. Small and slow. Not very explosive. Unlikely to match NFL athleticism.


Evan Fields is my S39. Good coverage player who has good awareness. Sticky coverage. Good effort. Minus tackler. Gets boxed out due to size. Athleticism a question. Slight injury concern.  


Miles Hayes is my S40. Tall and rangy player. Moves fast and runs downhill. Good tackler who can punish. Coverage is iffy. Needs to bulk up. May not be able to stand up to NFL runners/receivers. Special teams upside. 


Marquel Dismuke is my S41. Good box player. Moves laterally well to cover gaps. Sound technical tackler. Not overly athletic. Struggled in direct coverage. Poor deep safety. May be a special teamer.


Brendan Schooler is my S42. WR convert to safety. Good size and athleticism. Closed quickly and knew how to counter WR moves. Struggled with how to use his backpedal and hips to make up speed. Tackling technique iffy. Developmental with upside.


Drew Hartlaub is my S43. Core special teams player. Small, but packs a punch when tackling. Takes good angles on special teams. VERY fast. Can track down the ball carrier well, but may never see the field as a safety.


Tyrone Hill is my S44. Special teams player who got some late work. Flashed athletic upside and speed. Good size and can pack a punch. Not enough experience to know if he can play defense, but has upside.


Elijah Hicks is my S45. Good tackler who flashed some ball skills. Not the biggest or fastest, but was productive. Good leader and character. Could be a reserve with the right development.


Bryce Cosby is my S46. Good mover with nice foot speed. Deep coverage ability is solid. Very small, gets pushed around a ton. Can get run over. Better tracking the ball to make a play.


Julius Faulk is my S47. Good size, speed, and length. Used athletic abilities to succeed. Closes quickly for his size, but may not be enough for the NFL. Tackle technique and footwork are raw. Raw upside player.


Sean Mahone is my S48. Downhill box player. Not the biggest, but gives good effort. Flashes closing speed to get to the line. Not a consistent tackler.


Tre Swilling is my S49. Tall with good movement in space. Won’t get juked out of a tackle. Not the fastest player, but picks up speed quickly. Flashed some coverage skill, but has negative plays. Up and down player.


CJ Holmes is my S50. Makes some splash plays on film with good ball skills. Instincts are a plus. Small and slow. May not have NFL athleticism.


Jack Koerner is my S51. Good athlete who relies on athletic ability. Can be a missile to the ball, but often takes poor angles. Needs to hone skillset into better technique.


Cory Rahman is my S52. Big and explosive. Makes big hits often. Can miss on tackles if not head on. Not the fastest closer. Shows good coverage skills in bursts. 


Russ Yeast is my S53. Small safety who packs a punch. Gets physical in coverage and can hit WRs coming across the middle. Tackles with head down too often. Won’t be plus in man to man coverage. Flashes a little potential.


Antwon Kincade is my S54. In the box safety who struggles in coverage. Good sound tackle technique. Small and slow and may not have NFL athleticism.


Derrion Rakestraw is my S55. Good size and shows some nice deep coverage. Won’t do much against more physical WRs, but has some ball skills. Okay athlete, not exceptional.


Tre Bugg is my S56. CB/S tweener. Not a great man up cover player. May move to safety and play more zone coverage. Tough player who will hand fight. Can get up for the ball. Not the best athlete. Slow off the snap. Athletic questions.


Amari Carter is my S57. Small and slow player. Core special teamer at best. Has some explosion, but doesn’t change directions well. Played close to the line as a run defender only.


Alonzo Addae is my S58. Small frame makes it tough for him to make plays. Gets outmuscled by bigger receivers. Not a clean tackler. Can anticipate and read the QB well, but struggles for NFL upside.


Warren Saba is my S59. Small and short. Not a great tackler and comes up short in coverage. Does have some big plays and decent speed. Can close quickly. More of a special teams type.


Nazeeh Johnson is my S60. Speedster who can run all over the field. Small and doesn’t have the frame to hold up well, but he could be a special teams player or ball hawk deep cover player. Some upside there.


DJ Ford is my S61. Big size and tackler. Good hitter, but very slow off the snap. Takes awhile to get up to speed. Not good in open spaces. More of a thumper LB type.


Bydarrius Knighten is my S62. Small and slow. Not a plus athlete. Can move sideline to sideline well and wastes little movement. Reads the QB decently. Not athletic enough to cover successfully.


Alvinoski LaFleur is my S63. Not very big or fast. Good tackler who showed toughness in mid-coverage. Won’t cover deep well and can get passed up in routes. Camp body type.


Chris Moore is my S64. Very good athlete who never put it together on the field. Makes mental mistakes and seems to be in the wrong position often. Big and fast, closes quickly with upside.


Troy Lefeged is my S65. Small and slow. Good sound technique tackler. Backpedal is smooth at times, but won’t explode through his hips. Shuffles toward sideline. Some good traits, but not quite the athlete. 


Eric Monroe is my S66. Good technician who reacts quickly to the offense. Small and slow, unlikely to hold up in the NFL due to athleticism. Could find special teams success. Smart player.


Michael Hawkins is my S67. Good closing speed to receivers in the middle of the field. Can lay a bit hit despite small size. Looks rigid when not in a straight line. Not a consistent tackler.


Cash Gilliam is my S68. Small and slow. Gets run over often. Plays deep coverage, but won’t close quickly. Has some plus plays that are intriguing. Maybe a touch of upside.


Eugene Ford is my S69. Good size and tackler. Nice wrap-up technique. Very slow and unlikely to be able to make the transition to the NFL.


Trenton Thompson is my S70. Experienced player who is technically sound. Tackles well, has some length, but not overly quick or fast. Had a down year and didn’t flash NFL upside, but may be able to find something.


Jonathan Alexander is my S71. Great size and hitter, but not an NFL athlete. Struggles to change direction and won’t close well.


Jonathan Edwards is my S72. Played more of a deep role and flashed some ball skills, but not athletic enough for the NFL. Let passes come to him rather than get aggressive. Limited ceiling.


Jairon McVea is my S73. Small, but fast. Closes on ball quickly, but doesn’t flash much of read and react ability. Won’t make the big play often. Some raw ability that needs honed.


Mike Palmer is my S74. Tall with range and can get across the field well, but rarely makes a good play. Can miss easy tackles too. 


Ricky Thomas  is my S75. Very small with a thin frame. Flashes some athleticism, but rarely holds up in coverage. Won’t engage.


Makyle Sanders is my S76. Good size in the box player, but not very fast. Won’t get to the line quickly. Struggles at second level. Not a man coverage player. Shows some mid-zone ability.


Wayne Davis is my S77. Played well at his level and made some big plays. Small and slow and looks it on film. Smart player who is unlikely to make NFL impact.


Dedrick Strambler is my S78. Big and fast prospect who is all athlete. Not great technique and often got beat in coverage at lower level of competition. Too far off.


Jordan Happle is my S79. Wasn’t used much. Not very fast. More special teams player than anything, unlikely to hold the athleticism for the NFL.


Coby Tippett is my S80. Smart player with some speed. Very short and won’t go toe to toe with bigger players. Flashes coverage ability, but size will be an issue.


Lawrence Stevens is my S81. Very short and slow. Runs off the snap well, but top speed is a question. Can get beat deep. Special teams potential is there.


TJ Carter is my S82. Flashes make-up speed and has some plus plays. Too small to make a huge NFl impact. Could find special teams placement with the right team.


Isaiah Thomas is my S83. Better S than CB. Very small and slow. Plays smart and has nice technique, but it won’t be enough for the NFL.


Vonte Davis is my S84. Box safety with poor speed. Can’t cover well. Not a great tackler. Unlikely to have much NFL upside.


De’Vante Cross is my S85. Good size and big body. Tough to run through. Not overly fast or agile. Does get run over at times. 


Tae Daley is my S86. Small and slow. Shows some ball skills and read ability, but there isn’t much to write home about here. 


Traveon Redd is my S87,. Sluggish off the snap and doesn’t have the size to play in the box. Often out of position. Makes mental errors.


Daniel Isom is my S88. Small and slow. Won’t get good leverage. Struggles with engagement. Not a great tackler.


Collin Wilder is my S89. Small and slow. Struggles to cover one on one. Played short zone and flashed some explosion, but unlikely an NFL player.


 Harrell Blackmon is my S90. Small and slow. Had some splash moments of good plays, but they didn’t happen all the time. Disappears at times. 


Greg Johnson is my S91. CB who will likely move to safety. Small and slow. Not very explosive either. Always a step behind and didn’t earn a ton of playing time.


Nasir Greer is my S92. Good size and speed player. Didn’t quite put together the technique of how to back pedal and transition to attack. Not aggressive. Some athletic upside, but needs work.


Tyrell Ford is my S93. Small and not always dominant at level of competition. Very good speed that provides some upside.


Marcel Dabo is my S94. Big size and speed prospect who played in Germany. Tons of upside is there, but nothing about his play screams polished. Needs a lot of work.



Cade York is my K1. Nice big leg and can boot 50+ yard FGs. Improve his deep accuracy every season. Won’t miss XP. Accuracy gets a bit wonky from the left hash. Money from inside 40 yards.


Gabe Brkic is my K2. Solid short accuracy kicker. Good at touchbacks on kickoffs. Not the biggest leg and may have limited upside.


Cameron Dicker is K3. Kicker and Punter for Texas. Improved massively to his senior year. Can lean his kicks to the left a bit and it can cause problems. Not overly consistent. 


Parker White is my K4. Big leg, deep kicker. Has some real upside. Flashed good accuracy this year. Rarely kicks in a straight line. Doesn’t do kickoffs.


Andrew Mevis is my K5. Good at pinning kickoffs deep. Inconsistent FG kicker who needs to be fairly close. Also did some punting. Low upside.


Nick Sciba is my K6. Nice short accuracy kicker. Reliable, but won’t boom kickoffs or deep FGs. 


Caleb Shudak is my K7. Inconsistent kicker who can miss some easy ones. Has a solid leg, but his drive varies a bit too much from kick to kick. 


Jonathan Doerer is my K8. Should have more power than he does. Not overly reliable over 40+ yards. Unlikely to do NFL kickoffs. 


Blake Mazza is my K9. Takes a bit too long to wind up and get the kick off. Kick point is inconsistent. Not overly consistent.


John Parker Romo is my K10. Flashes a big leg at times, but has some bad misses. Can get in cold streaks.  


James McCourt is my K11. Made all his XPs. Lacked accuracy. Doesn’t have NFL make up.


Matt Araiza is my P1. Booming deep punter with a huge leg. Hang time is excellent. Punt time is fairly quick. Best punting prospect in a long time. Can outkick the coverage.  Did not hold for FGs. 


Jordan Stout is my P2. Was the FG kicker and Punter at Penn State. Nice sound with the ball off his foot. Can kick some more straight line, but always deep. Really good at corner kicks and angling punts.


Jake Camarda is my P3Good hang time. Punts go straight up but carry a good distance. Takes a bit to ramp into the kick. Was the FG holder at Georgia.


Blake Hayes is my P4. Inconsistent with some downright beautiful deep punts and some that come up a tad short. Won’t outkick his coverage. Has some good accuracy to kick to the sideline too. 


Trenton Gill is my P5. Solid kickoff man. Quick punts that sail a little low. Good depth usually, but consistency is a problem. Should get more hangtime. 


Ryan Wright is my P6. Huge with big power. Nice booming punts. Hangtime can vary, and sometimes outkicks his coverage. Has a few poor punts from time to time.


Kick Christodoulou is my P7. Consistent punter who has decent power and can angle punts at times. Won’t wow you as a high end power punter, but could be signed in a pinch.


Tommy Heatherly is my P8. Nice leg but inconsistent. Has some NFL punts, but many fall short or don’t hang long enough. 


Ryan Stonehouse is my P9. Lacks NFL power, but is good at angling to the sideline or kicking away from the returner. Lots of fair catches, but needs more distance.


Zach Harding is my P10. Takes a bit to ramp up and get his punt off. Has some great booming punts, but most fall a bit short. Some shanks in there too.


John Haggerty is my P11. Has a nice quick punt. Compact, but lacks NFL distance consistently. Decent hangtime. 


Benjamin Niesner is my P12. Consistent punter. Won’t wow you, but rarely makes a bad punt.


Daniel Whelan is my P13. Rugby style punter who has a nice leg. Raw in punting accuracy and varying his hangtime, but has lots of potential.


Grant Carlson is my P14. Punts fall short of the NFL mark consistently. Hangtime can vary, but is experienced.


Will Spiers is my P15. Lots of big time experience, but doesn’t have the physical traits to be an NFL Punter. 


Ben Griffiths is my P16. Big, can even tackle on coverage. Kicks are wildly inconsistent. A few great ones, but some really bad ones. Not consistent at all.     


Long Snapper


Cal Adomitis is LS1. Really sharp snaps that get to their target very quickly. Can get below .6 seconds on snaps. Solid blocker after the snap as well. Complete LS.


Jordan Silver is my LS2. Clean snapper who puts it right on the spot. Not the fastest snap times, but comparable to the NFL. Solid and consistent. 


Billy Taylor is my LS3. Good mover and blocker for his size. Has some real plus snaps, but not very consistent. Can put the ball too high at times.


Ross Reiter is my LS4. Not overly fast or athletic off the snap. Balls have a nice tight spiral. Needs to hone in on his consistency, can go a little low at times. 


Daniel Cantrell  is my LS5. Good athlete and good blocker off the snap. Can get down the field and even make plays on punts. Velocity is average at best, and has some bad snape on film. Good upside.   


Cameron Kaye is my LS6. Fine blocker, consistent snapper, but it doesn’t have the velocity needed to stick.


Antonio Ortiz is my LS7. Big player who can maul a bit. Strong snaps with good velocity. Inconsistent and can aim it high. Needs some work.


Cole Jenkins is my LS8. Really consistent, great placement. Not quite as fast as you’d want and lacked high pressure situations.


Ethan Tabel is my LS9. Snaps are a bit low, but pretty good velocity as a whole.


Mitch Hall is my LS10. On the lighter side, can have blocking issues up the middle. Can snap it high at times. Velocity is okay. 


Keegan Markgraf is LS11. Good experience and strong snaps. Placement is a bit all over the place. 


Justin Mader is my LS12. Has some big snaps that were perfect. Velocity underwhelming. Can get lazy on his placement. 


Adam West is my LS13. Big and tosses the ball with great velocity. Needs to hone his placement and get it in the right spot. Upside is there.


Jack Maddox is my LS14. Lots of experience, but velocity falls short of the mark.



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