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OL Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

Zion Johnson, OT

Below is a quick blurb about each Offensive Lineman I have scouted for the 2022 NFL Draft. Offensive Tackle (OT), Guard (G), and Center (C) all included! The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a TE who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam and let me know who your favorite OL is.


Offensive Tackle

Evan Neal is my OT1. Massive body with great feet and kickslide. Can pancake and punish in the run game. Will rarely lose cleany against pass rushers. Can be inconsistent with effort and hand placement technique. Has some off plays.


Ikem Ekwonu is my OT2. Nasty run blocker who puts defenders into the ground. Gets to the second level and can run with RB. Improved pass blocking with mirroring ability. Good lateral agility. Can get caught wide and pushed back. Kickslide inconsistent.  


Charles Cross is my OT3. Near perfection pass blocker with great kickslide and knee bend. Glides on field. Great balance. Not enough run blocking film.  Doesn’t always get proper pop off snap in run game. Pure strength is average. 


Trevor Penning is my OT4. Insane nasty streak putting defenders into the ground. Dominant at level of competition. Great athleticism. Uses make-up speed on mistakes. Lower level of competition questions. Balance can be sloppy.  


Tyler Smith is my OT5. Great mover who rarely gets caught out of position. Nice balanced movement and pops with his hands. Natural bender. Not a ton of experience. Won’t create holes in the run game. Can be slow at processing and diagnosing. 


Sean Rhyan is my OT6. Great pass blocker who rarely is beat to edge. Great hand technique. Lower body strength is a plus. Gets to second level and can become lead blocker. May be better suited as a pulling G. Struggled to adjust to inside moves.  


Bernhard Raimann is my OT7. Great athleticism and strength. Can move with the best pass rushers. Long arms allow for easy pass blocking. Knee bend is inconsistent. Can get caught guessing. Some bad whiffs. Raw with blindside upside.


Daniel Faalele is my OT8. Mammoth strength. Good explosion off the snap. Leg drive in the run game creates holes. Good hand usage. Heavy waisted. Can get beat around the edge easily. May need to kick inside to utilize full potential. 


Nicholas Petit-Frere is my OT9. Moves quickly off the snap and reads defenders well. Natural bend to use his long arms well. Struggles against the bull rush. Balance issues and can get knocked down. Run blocking is average.


Braxton Jones is my OT10. Top tier athlete with great explosion off the snap. Was rarely beat by pure speed. Surprises defenders with run game pop. Can move more quickly than his balance. Hand placement gets wild at times. Had some bad stretches.


Abraham Lucas is my OT11. Good pass blocker. Won’t allow the inside move. Bends low and can get under opposing pads. Minus run blocker and rarely gets big push. Struggled with consistency this past year. Big upside.


Matt Waletzko is my OT12. Great size and athlete. Shows good upper body strength to seal edge for outside runs. Moves effortlessly in pass pro. Can get grabby. Makes mental errors. Relies too much on athleticism.      


Chris Paul is my OT13. May play G. Good athlete who stays balanced even when getting moved. Keeps defenders in a box. Good bender who could pull in the run game. Not overly aggressive or strong. Plays too high. Overpursues. 


Dare Rosenthal is my OT14. Athletic mover who wins with athleticism. Gets his hands under pads. Can make rushers go wide. Not enough of an anchor and gets pushed around. Won’t overwhelm with power. Struggled vs. better rushers. 


Max Mitchell is my OT15. Strong when he gets his hands under defenders. Can move guys where he wants them. Smart mirror. Heavy footed in his movement. Panics if pass rusher gets a good angle. Won’t add much in 2nd level.    


Myron Cunningham is my OT16. Good technician with size. Solid anchor to not get pushed around. Strong upper body and lower body drive. Wins on strength. Not very athletic. Footwork is sloppy. Spin move always wins. 


Obinna Eze is my OT17. Really long arms keeps defenders away. Great size and rarely gets beat right off the snap. Strong lower body, rarely gets pushed back. Mobility is inconsistent. Struggled against athletic edge rushers.     


Andrew Rupcich is my OT18. Dominant run blocker at level of competition. Massive build and good kick slide. Lots of potential. Plays high and is raw in hand technique. May not have high end NFL athleticism.  


Luke Tenuta is my OT19. Tall, agile mover who has some great games and some average ones. Hand placement is excellent and consistent.  High cut, can be driven backwards in bull rush. May be a better G than OT. 


Nick Zakelj is my OT20. Great athlete who glides in his movement. Has a nice “pop” off the snap. Big upside with good lower body strength. Over reaches too often. Relies too much on athleticism. Still a bit raw, and grabs onto jerseys too much.   


Rasheed Walker is my OT21. Good size and explosion. Has a nasty demeanor in run game. Athletic movement skills. Had a rough year with mental mistakes. Got bull rushed often. Couldn’t beat the inside move. Some upside. 


Spencer Burford is my OT22. Good athlete with a strong  upper body. Clean hand placement. Nice lateral mobility.  Light and can get knocked backwards at times. Pass protection has some rough moments. Needs some development.


Luke Goedeke is my OT23. Swing G/OT. Solid size and lower body strength. Won’t let defenders move into gaps. Footwork is solid and crisp. Doesn’t add much in pass protection against dipping rushers. Inside move will usually win against him.


Cordell Volson is my OT24. Big, long, and strong. Uses arms to keep defenders away. Can bulldoze in run game. Heavy footed off of the snap. Loses to smaller/faster pass rushers. Suited to power gap scheme as a reserve.    


Cade Mays is my OT25. Agile mover who was a high end recruit. Flashes complete toolset on some drives. May be better suited as a G. Has trouble getting to the edge consistently. Lacks requisite upper body strength. Need technique development.   


Austin Deculus is my OT26. Fast and explosive off the snap. Good hand placement under pads. Gets to the second level in the run game.  Lacks a great anchor and can be shed easily. Can’t change direction easily. More of a zone fit.    


Vederian Lowe is my OT27. Not the best athlete, but long arms and good leg drive make him a solid run blocker. Not consistent against pass rushers, but can usually slow them down. Won’t overwhelm or win consistently. Low ceiling with solid technique skills.  


A.J. Arcuri is my OT28. Plus run blocker who is a hand technician. Explosive off the snap and often surprises defenders. Will bury you. Sluggish movement and won’t hold pass blocks too long. Holds too much. Underrated.


Ryan Van Demark is my OT29. Was asked to do a ton and came through. Good athlete with excellent footwork who was on an island often. Strong lower body, tough to move around. Has bad reps mentally vs. pass rush. Won’t get run push at all.


George Moore is my OT30. Muscular with a nice frame to get a push. Won’t wow with athleticism but has a high motor that works. Solid hand placement to force defenders to work hard. Has trouble popping after snap. Very few wow plays.  


Jarrid Williams is my OT31. Carries weight well. Has good lower body strength to open holes. Nice kick slide with athletic movement. Makes a lot of mental errors and struggles with his mirror. Motor can run cold at times. Good upside. 


Aron Johnson is my OT32. Agile mover who should work in a ZBS. Can handle speed rushers. Light, can be overwhelmed by strong rushes. Hand placement gets sloppy over time. Can take plays off.      


Devin Cochran is my OT33. Tall with long arms and smooth feet. Gets to the edge quick and isn’t beaten by first step. Gets put on skates at times in run game. Needs to figure out how to use athleticism to win consistently..


Jack Snyder is my OT34. Flashes power drive in run game. Athletic mover who showed development this season. May have to kick inside with shorter arms. Struggles when he gets engaged with pass rushers.  


Jalen McKenzie is my OT35. Long arms keep defenders at bay. Good anchor and won’t get tossed around much. Minus athlete who struggles against speed rushers. Experienced, but not a plus NFL athlete.


Caleb Jones is my OT36. Massive size and really long arms. Gets a head of steam in the run game and knocks guys down. Poor agility may force move inside. Ends up holding against more athletic opponents. Gets in the way vs. blocking. 


Colby Ragland is my OT37. Experienced run blocker who can drive with his legs. Not great against pass rush moves. Struggles with lateral agility. May have to kick inside.  


Tyler Vrabel is my OT38.  Good kickslide mover who gets under the pads. Fundamentally sound. Won’t get much push in the run game. Some medical concerns. Guesses too much instead of mirroring.


Jean Delance is my OT39. Athletic with good explosion off the snap. Moves players off their spot in run game and can mirror in pass game. Undersized and lower body gets knocked off balance easily. Needs the right scheme fit. 


Jahmir Johnson is my OT40. Good hands and footwork to stay balanced when engaged. Undersized with a poor anchor. Was the weak spot of his line. Rarely wins without help. 


Brodarious Hamm is my OT41. Experienced in the SEC. Gets a nice pop off the snap and holds his own after engaging. Not agile enough for NFL and will get beat around the edge easily. 


Uzo Osuji is my OT42. Natural bender who is tenacious in his effort. Plus athlete. Doesn’t carry much weight and get tossed around by strong defenders. Scheme specific.


Jordan Tucker is my OT43. Great size with nice bulk to maul in the run game. Had some horrible stretches letting up sacks. Plays way too high and is easily moved by smaller defenders when pass rushing. Needs work.


Tanner Owen is my OT44. Super athlete against smaller competition. Physically dominant despite slight size. Makes mental errors, but has a ton of NFL upside in a zone scheme. 


Bamidele Olaseni is my OT45. Big size with nice explosion for a push in the run game. Plays too high in pass blocking and can get pushed around. Lead feet lead to imbalance. 


Ben Petrula is my OT46. Good size and solid athlete. Doesn’t do anything great but rarely whiffs. Not a plus run or pass blocker. Strength can vary at times. Plays high cut. 


Kevin Jarvis is my OT47. Tall with good range. Solid lateral movement. Gets in the way more than commands the situation. Doesn’t use arms or hands well. Savvy defenders can beat him easily.


Isaiah Edwards is my OT48. Mammoth size. Long arms and great lower body strength. Dominant run blocker. Struggled in pass protection at lower level. Heavy waisted. May have to move inside. 


Alec Anderson is my OT49. Experienced player with good FBI. Mirrors well and uses hands well. Not a good athlete and very undersized. Not much upside. Gets moved around often and rarely wins cleanly in pass protection. 


Sage Doxtater is my OT50. Good athlete and foot movement skills. Technique is on point. Won’t wow with strength in the run game. Can get put on skates and needs development on how to use his feet.


Sam Schlueter is my OT51. Plus run blocker who has good upper body strength. Slow off the snap and a liability in pass protection. Small and slow won’t cut it in the NFL. 


Tristen Taylor is my OT52. Good weight and anchor. Feet can be very clunky. Rarely gets a good push. Small school film is mediocre at best.


Lewis Kidd is my OT53. Lots of experience. Not overly explosive or dominating. Won’t knock you over. May have to kick inside and be a developmental prospect. 


Ja’Chai Baker is my OT54. Good size and arm length. Showed some footwork prowess in pass protection. Upper Body strength isn’t there in run game. Gets moved around.


Gene Pryor is my OT55. On the small side, but could work in a ZBS. Slow off the snap and lacks a requisite anchor. Good in short spurts. 


Aaron Dowdell is my OT56. Good run blocker who gets a push. Liability in the passing game. May be better at G. Needs to learn how to bend and use most of his talents. 


Jake Dixon is my OT57. Very good athlete who flashes dominance at his level. Held up against better competition too. Short arms, and not overpowering run blocking. Technique messy. Developmental.


Lawrence Edwards is my OT58. Girthy player who ues his full body to get holes. Minus athlete and is sluggish laterally. May have to kick inside. 


Darta Lee is my OT59. Decent upper body strength. Can maul at times. Struggles with speed rushers. Not quick enough to get his hands on players all the times.  


Justin Chase is my OT60. Gets off the line well. Can pop with his hands at times, but has bad games of getting consistently beat. Not quite up to snuff athletically. 


Beau Morris is my OT61. Experienced in a quick passing game. Not very athletic and wasn’t asked to hold blocks long. Run blocking is subpar.      


Marcus Tatum is my OT62. Long arms, good height. Lacks fundamentals and foot speed to be effective.


Jonathan Timmons is my OT63. Hulking size. Good upper body strength. Plays high. Can get driven back a ton in run game. Not much in pass protection.


Valentino Daltoso is my OT64. Solid size and experience. Lead feet that can’t move well. Leans back too much. Can be toppled easily. 


Keith Williams is my OT65. Tall and lean. Agility is solid. Not much of an anchor. Gets caught on skates. 


Jay Jackson-Williams is my OT66. Small school with fine size. Inconsistent play. Gets caught in cold streaks. Won’t wow with kickslide or athleticism.


Kenneth Kirby is my OT67. Medical concerns. Decent size and strength. Has some good moments, but never overwhelming.


Scott Lashley is my OT68. Solid size and good footwork. Won’t give much for the run game. Plays high. Can get moved around.


Zein Obeid is my OT69. Good small school athlete. Technique is super messy, but uses his physical tools. Intriguing practice squad candidate.


TJ Storment is my OT70. Big with good power. Flashed some agility in pass protection. Raw with some real upside. 


Tyrell Smith is my OT71. Has some good technique and hand placement. Weak link of the Hokies OL. Not very athletic. 


Liam Ryan is my OT72. Small pass protector who struggled with power rushers. Held up in quick pass game but unlikely in NFL.


Barry Wesley is my OT73. Tall with good range. Inconsistent footwork and gets caught off balance often.



Zion Johnson is my G1. High end athlete who can pull and leg drive to open holes. Great balance and tenacious in effort. Rarely beat cleanly. Can handle bigger DL. High FBI. Not oberly dominating, won’t get pancakes. Can get lazy with technique at times.   


Kenyon Green is my G2. Bubble butt creates a strong anchor. Good leverage to mover defenders out of gap. Consistent. Not overly quick. Feet can get off balance when trying to drive. Athletic interior linemen can sneak past him.  


Ed Ingram is my G3. Nasty run blocker who likes to dominate. Pancake blocker. Makes defenders work hard. Good explosion off the snap to pop the defense. On small side. Gets caught offbalance often. Pass blocking only average.


Cole Strange is my G4. Versatile piece. Wins with athleticism and smooth movement. Defenders rarely beat him cleanly. Can pull and give an edge in run game. Won’t dominate with strength. Lacks requisite anchor in run blocking. Scheme specific.   


Dylan Parham is my G5. Explosive athlete who uses leverage to win in run game. Mover in a phone booth. Good bend and pop. Has a real nasty streak. Gets over aggressive at times. Struggles with hand placement and technique. High upside.   


Jamaree Salyer is my G6. Versatile OT/G. Very strong with great upper body strength. Very experienced. Mirrors well with high FBI. Not overly athletic of explosive. Can get beat by better athletes. Won’t ever be dominant but could be solid starter.  


Thayer Munford is my G7. Experience at OT/G. Good size and leg drive. Tough to drive backward. Nice pull with good footwork. Did well against top competition. Not a high end athlete. Heavy waisted knee bender. Sluggish off the snap.   


Justin Shaffer is my G8. Rarely makes mental errors. Gets good leverage with solid bend. Knows how to makes defenders work hard. Doesn’t overwhelm with strength. Can be driven backward. Lacks ideal upside.   


Lecitus Smith is my G9. Technician who keeps his balance and knows hands/leverage technique. Bests raw athletes often. Small and not very explosive. Has trouble against stunts. Won’t have many plus plays. 


Zachary Thomas is my G10. Tall and rangy. Good foot movement to pull or get to the second level. Has some really impressive hot streaks. Mistakes start to snowball. Doesn’t have great lower body strength. Some upside with development.   


Logan Bruss is my G11. Surprising power for his size. Nice anchor and stands his ground in the run game. Surprisingly agile when pass blocking. Hands aren’t very sticky. Gets stacked up often. Won’t be a pulling guard. Light.      


Chasen Hines is my G12. Great mobility in short space. Crisp steps to mirror athletic DL. Can be used as a pulling league blocker and gains steam quickly. Rarely moves defenders off their spot in run game. Can get pushed around. Not overly strong.


William Dunkle is my G13. Top tier run blocker that dominates opposition. Loves pancakes. Punishing upper and lower body strength. Power gap only. Not much of a mover. Slow feet and heavy waisted bender. Gets blown by in pass protection.  


Marquis Hayes is my G14. Goes everything okay, nothing great. Decent footwork and hand placement to win. Flashes good run blocking and power. Struggles against better competition. Won’t overwhelm and makes errors on key plays.


Kellen Diesch is my G15. Could play OT in certain schemes. Top tier athletic ability with excellent make up speed. Seals the edge very well. Short arms. Not overly physical. Won’t give much in the run game. Best suited for an inside zone scheme.  


Tyrese Robinson is my G16. Carries his weight well. Big bubble butt anchor, rarely gets pushed back. Has some fire in him to be a mauler. Heavy footed, moves through quicksand. Struggles to contend with great first steps. Not a plus pass blocker. 


Joshua Ezeudu is my G17. Explosive off the snap Jolts defenders with his hands. Good foot movement. Plays too upright and gets knocked off balance.  Tries to hug too much and gets holding flags. Gets driven backwards often.   


J’Atyre Carter is my G18. Good hustle off the snap. Outworks using his hands and feet. Dominant at level of competition. May play OT. Can get a bit wild at times and miss easy stops. Doesn’t dominate in run game. Needs technique honed in.


Andrew Stueber is my G19. Great size. Can get solid leverage under the pads to hold defenders. Not very athletic and gets beat on the swim. Doesn’t have the strength to dominate and gets driven back by smaller DL. Lacks upside. 


Blaise Andries is my G20. Could play OT. Moves effortlessly with good technique. Stays balanced and rarely beat cleanly. Doesn’t hold much lower body strength and gets driven backwards in run game. Mental errors are an issue. 


Marcus McKethan is my G21. Hulking size and explosive off the snap. Can drive in the run game. Had some great plays with pancakes or good pass protection. Plays high at times. Motor can run cold. Lacks lateral mobility for athletic DL.     


Josh Sills is my G22. Agile mover who can pull in the run game and move feet well in pass game. Not overly strong upper body. Rarely makes a mental error. Won’t get a big push off the snap. Average player who could find a roster. 


Xavier Newman-Johnson is my G23. Good lower body drive in the run game. On the small side, but moves really well. Hand placement is sloppy. Gets stacked often. Struggled against top competition. 


Jason Poe is my G24. Excellent athlete with elite upper body strength. Is able to toss defenders around in the run game. Good movement to pull. Dominated at his level. Small with below average technique. Developmental prospect with upside.


Hayden Howerton is my G25. Explosive off the snap. Great lower body strength with good push. Worked well within the scheme. Small and lean. Plays high at times and bigger DL can move him.  


Cain Madden is my G26. Experienced and strong. Best at moving defenders off the gap. Slow and sluggish feet. Struggles to mirror better athletes. Let up numerous pressures. 


Cole Schneider is my G27. Solid size with a ton of upper body strength. Paves the way into the second level. Keeps balance. Makes mental errors. Has trouble in pass protection. Some upside.   


Conner Olson is my G28. Can play C as well. Solid size and gets a pop off the snap. Footwork is sneaky fast. Anchor is average. Gets a push in the run game. Won’t add much in pass protection.  


Josh Seltzner is my G29. Fits Wisconsin OL. Country strong. Not the most athletic but makes up with tenacity. Major effort but doesn’t match athleticism or consistent technique. Can be honed in to become a good reserve.   


Stewart Reese is my G30. Massive body, big long arms. Looks the part, but rarely plays it. Can flash strength in run game, but struggles with his footwork and balance. Can’t get under pads either.


Sebastian Gutierrez is my G31. Excellent athlete who dominated level of competition. Great mover, but messy in other aspects. Not on NFL level yet, but could be a good practice squad developmental type. 


Shamarious Gilmore is my G32. Small with agile footwork. Knows how to move in a box. Solid leg drive. Doesn’t understand leverage. Pass blocking is average at best. Some tools to work with.


Zeveyon Furcron is my G33. Good size and strength in productive offense. Led the way on some lead blocks. Very short with short arms. May not be able to handle bigger linemen in the NFL. Can be slow off the snap.  


Andrew Vastardis is my G34. Had a weak early career but came through as a big run blocker this season. Could play Center or G. Not a plus in pass pro and has trouble swinging his hips well to block.  


Mike Caliendo is my G35. Can play C. Not the best athlete, but tough in the box and hits hard. Good effort, but rarely gets big push and hand placement gets wonky after the snap.  


Denzel Okafor is my G36. Long arms and great athletic tools, but doesn’t quite know how to use them. Has some splash plays but plenty of bad pass blocks. Short. 


Jake Stetz is my G37. Good tough nosed run blocker. Drives with legs. Not consistent in leverage, but has some potential. Medical concerns. 


Eric Wilson is my G38. Another good PSU athlete who moves his feet well in the box. Overextends himself a lot, but flashes good strength. Some upside potential there. 


Greg Long is my G39. Not overly strong or quick. Medical concerns. More finesse but had some good pass blocking reps.


Vince McConnell is my G40. Small, fast, puncher. Good pull athlete with some upside. Never got a great run push and needs to learn how to keep balance. 


Devontay Love-Taylor is my G41. Slow, sluggish linemen who has decent experience. Solid size, but doesn’t hit NFL thresholds with slow movement and reaction time.


Paul Grattan is my G42. Good bulk and leg drive, but plays high and ends up on skates often. Once he loses leverage, it snowballs from there often. Camp body.   


Liam Fornadel is my G43. Impressive at his level of competition. Good size and lateral mobility. Too much inconsistency to feel good about pro potential. Some rough games where the NFL feels far off.    


Kohl Levao is my G44. Great size and hard to move off his spot. Rushers often dip around to get to the QB. Doesn’t have the push ability to open gaps.


Jake Dixon is my G45. T/G tweener who has functional strength and very good footwork. Some big upside, but makes mental errors at his level. Lump of clay that can be molded.  


Ty Clary is my G46. Medical concerns. Light anchor and gets pushed around a lot. Has a good motor and can get to second level, but not overly exciting in any aspect.


Johncarlo Valentin is my G47. Big hulk that uses weight to win. Struggles against athletes and plays very high. Could work in certain schemes as a deep reserve. 


Ryan Johnson  is my G48. Good size and sharp movement after the snap. Struggles if he doesn’t win immediately. May play OT. Decent arm length, but doesn’t move laterally well.


Chris Hughes is my G49. Good size and had some plus run blocks this year. Overwhelmed by better competition and struggled with leverage and consistency.


Malik Clark is my G50. Not a great athlete. Tries to move laterally and rarely hits his spot. Camp body at best.


Nous Keobounnam is my G51. Injury concern with Achilles. Really light and likely not an NFL player even when healthy. May be a zone mover if all goes well.


Keldrick Wilson is my G52. Long arms, but small and slow. Was a weak point for Pitt’s offensive line allowing interior pressure. 


Derek Kerstetter is my G53. Can play OT. Good footwork and has functional strength. On the smaller side, but has some athleticism. Could have some camp upside.


Josh Burger is my G54. Small and slow. Doesn’t have NFL athletic ability.


Liam Jimmons is my G55. Tall, but not overly explosive. Little pop in his hands. Was problematic allowing defenders through often.    


Chris Glaser is my G56. Athletic mover who often tries to do too much. Very raw player who needs technique help. Developmental player.


Kyler Schott is my G57. Weak part of Iowa’s offensive line. Decent athlete and has some country strength, but gets off balance in the box often. 


Ben Adler is my G58. Massive with nice anchor. Doesn’t get moved around, but won’t add anything to an offensive line. Some really bad plays playing high and getting knocked around.



Tyler Linderbaum is my C1. Tenacious blocker who puts guys into the ground. Creates instant holes in the interior run game. Plus pass blocker who is more athletic than he looks. Lightweight and short arms. May only fit a zone scheme in the NFL.


Cam Jurgens is my C2. Athletic off the snap. Rarely is beat in pass protection with excellent balance. Shows pop in run blocking and was often the go to gap. Not very big and can get overpowered at times. Technique is wild. May need the right scheme fit.   


Zach Tom is my C3. Can play any OL position. Top notch athlete. Glides well to his spot and can mirror well. Makes defenders work to pass rush. Not much of an anchor and gets pushed back a lot. Gets too aggressive and whiffs. Raw and toolsy.   


Alec Lindstrom is my C4. Rock solid run blocker who uses leverage and upper-body strength to win. Keeps his feet under him and rarely gives up space. Won’t wow with movement. Zion Johnson carried heavier load. Technique wilts against better competition.


Dohnovan West is my C5. Good movement in short space. Shows some power with his hands. High effort player who knows defenders tendencies. Balance is iffy and will get tossed around in the run game at times. Not overly strong.   


Luke Fortner is my C6. Country strong using brute force to win. Great lower leg drive. Plus run blocker. Got better as the year went on in squaring up. Not overwhelming pass blocker. Can get caught reaching too much. Technique needs work. 


Dawson Deaton is my C7. Good athlete who sticks with pass rushing DL. Difficult to stack and shed. High cut. Get poor leverage. Arm length is an issue. Average upper body strength.


Luke Wattenburg is my C8. Tall with long arms. Moves well in a box. Great at getting to block after snap. Weak anchor. Won’t give much run blocking. Motor can run cold. Problems with technique and hand placement.


Ben Brown is my C9. Good bulk and size. RPO experience. Agile off the snap and mirrors well. Can be too punchy. Not dominating. Inconsistent leverage.  Injury concerns.  


Doug Kramer is my C10. Good power for his size. Has some athletic tools. Great snapper. Heavy waisted and doesn’t bend well. Sluggish movement in pass protection.  


Brock Hoffman is my C11. Sound technician who wins with balance and hand placement. Average athlete who struggles against good first steps. Not a plus athlete. Upper body isn’t polished. 


James Empey is my C12. Squares up after snap and makes defenders work. Can create holes in run game inside. Small and slow. Won’t wow with lower body drive. Pass blocking is rough. Loses more than he wins. 


Liam Shannahan is my C13. Good size and athletic ability. Relies on his raw tools. Hand and footwork are pretty sloppy. Lots of upside, but a ton to work on.


Sam Gerak is my C14. Lots of experience. Gets low and can drive back in the run game. Has some pulling experience. Relies too much on toughness. Stronger DL beat him consistently. May not have the ceiling to be a starter.  


Chris Owens is my C15. Gets hands inside and can keep defenders at bay in run game. Has a nice anchor. Holds when he loses .Gets off balance easily when stepping. Struggled mightily this season. Relied on teammates to win. 


Wesley French is my C16. Great footspeed. Led the offensive line calls. Smart player who reads his opponent. More athlete than blocker. Plays upright and loses his strength. Won’t move defenders in run game. 


Michael Maietti is my C17. Gets off the snap quickly. Tough player with a high motor. Will make you work. Short with short arms. Not the best athlete. Struggles with leverage and technique. 


Jack Wohlabaugh is my C18. Good size and upper body strength. Keeps feet moving in pass protection. Doesn’t move laterally well. Starts tensing up after bad plays.  Injury concerns. 


Orlando Umana is my C19. Good size and experience, but doesn’t flash high end traits. Not much push in the run game. Moves through quicksand. Has some plus games, but major questions. 


Derek Schwieger is my C20. Can play G. Good athlete who doesn’t quite use his tools well. Shows some promise in pass protection, but little push as a G. Hand placement very messy.   


Nick Ford is my C21. Solid balance, good size. Has flashes of NFL potential followed by long stretches of sluggish movement and poor effort.  


Matt Allen is my C22. Good effort blocker who is tough and will keep fighting. Small and slow. Can’t handle more athletic linemen. Plays back on his heels too often.  


Josh McCauley is my C23. Nimble mover. Good hand placement and can win against smaller DL. Slender build and not very strong. Gets pushed around most plays. Can be a swinging door. 


Kody Russey is my C24. Flashes athleticism to mirror in pass protection. Can get under opposing pads and drive at times. Short arms and height lead to stacking and shedding. Overextends too often.


Bryce Harris is my C25. Can play anywhere on the line. Shuffles feet well and punches in pass protection. Not very strong and jabs rather than pushes. Gets knocked around too much. Has trouble adjusting to pass rush moves.  


Baer Hunter is my C26. Gets a good pop off the snap. Explosive leg drive. If he lags, short arms cause problems. Not a good anchor. Gets knocked down a lot. Problematic, but versatile.  

Josh Rivas is my C27. Massive size. Immovable object who plants himself and holds defenders in place. Won’t add much lateral agility. Doesn’t get a push either.  


Alex Mollette is my C28. Showed athleticism getting to second level in the run game. Flashes upper body strength, but usually gets pushed around. Slower off the snap than he should be. Ends up on skates a lot.   


Kade Parmelly is my C29. Can play G. Has good balance and gets a little push at times. Sluggish in his movement and can’t handle high end athletes. Unlikely to have the athleticism for the NFL.  


Mike Van Hoeven is my C30. Tall with a little bit of range. Good early game film moving, but wears down quickly. Decent strength, but not dominant at level of competition to flash NFL skillset.


Josh Sokol is my C31. Can play any level of OL. Agile feet and good mover who helps clear holes. Not consistent at stopping pass rushers. Struggles with bigger defenders.


Hunter Kelly is my C32. Experienced player who has good FBI. Foot movement is slow and his hands don’t have good punch. Not an NFL athlete. 


Tyler Witt is my C33. Experienced player who has some leg drive. Small with short arms. Won’t do much in pass protection. Would be a liability. 


Api Mane is my C34. Good build. Hard to move. Very slow feet and reaction time. Lacks proper leverage. 


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