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QB Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

Matt Corral, QB

Below is a quick blurb about each Quarterback I have scouted for the 2022 #NFLDraft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a QB who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam


Matt Corral is my QB1. Lightning quick release with good movement and athleticism. Solid zip and deep field passer as well. Shows elite RPO ability to read defenses. Can get a bit squeamish under pressure and ball placement is inconsistent. 


Malik Willis is my QB2. Insane speed and athletic ability as a runner. Powerful arm for deep shots and gets the ball to his receivers very quickly. Works best outside the pocket. Holds the ball to long and makes poor decisions under pressure. 


Sam Howell is my QB3. Tough player with solid zip who can get the ball into tight windows. Puts the team on his back and will take off and run as needed. Tool set is a bit below average as a whole and has some bad decisions on film.  


Kenny Pickett is my QB4. Excellent passer on the move. Underrated rushing ability and goo midrange accuracy to the sidelines. Goes through progressions very well. Struggles in bad conditions and can lack zip on shorter passes. May have a limited ceiling.


Desmond Ridder is my QB5. High end athlete. Works well within structure to check down and get the ball to his first read. Flashed an NFL arm. Good at adjusting presnap. Ball placement can be way off at times. Often throws his receiver into bad situations.


Carson Strong is my QB6. Big arm capable of making all the throws. Goes through progressions well in a clean pocket and finds he open receiver. Good anticipation. Lacks movement in the pocket under pressure causing sacks. Medial concerns. 


Bailey Zappe is my QB7. Great ball placement with tons of production. Works through 2 or 3 progressions with ease. Had great control of the offense and rarely rattled under pressure. Arm is weak and lacks NFL zip. Won’t be a downfield passer. 


Kaleb Eleby is my QB8. Accurate to the middle of the field and can lead receivers with good touch. Solid arm strength and flashed in some big games. Subpar athlete who can’t move around the pocket well. Short. High upside back-up with potential.      


EJ Perry is my QB9. Excellent athlete who can rollout and take off as a runner. Limited help around him so he often put the offense on his back. Rarely makes bad decisions. Arm strength is just average and accuracy can be wild at times. Raw with upside.


Jack Coan is my QB10. Good size and decent pocket movement. Has solid arm strength especially when throwing to the sideline. Won’t throw into tight windows well and often makes poor decisions. 


Cole Kelley is my QB11. Massive but can move around a bit. Can chuck it down field and find the open receiver. Elongated throwing motion can cause issues. Instincts and reading defenses still very raw. 


Dustin Crum is my QB12. Good runner who has the instincts on when to take off. Short passer with a quick release. Ball placement is solid. Won’t do much to the sidelines or down the field. Limited back-up. 


Brock Purdy is my QB13. Solid intangibles with experience. Arm strength is solid and has made some big passes. Decision making can be very ugly at times and the ball dies on deeper passes. PS type.


Skylar Thompson is my QB14. Tough runner who uses open space well. Good mid-range passer who throws with nice touch for YAC. Weird motion hitch that can cause problems. Not able to hit most spots on the field. Some back-up upside. 


D’Eriq King is my QB15. Very good athlete who could mirror some of the athletic QBs in the NFL. Not much in the ways of arm strength or ball placement. Erratic often. May need a position switch to be utilized.


Aqeel Glass is my QB16. Big hulking arm with a big wind-up. Can get the ball down the field well. Laser often gets to spot before receiver. No movement ability and struggles when pressured. Some upside. 


Zerrick Cooper is my QB17. Big body who move swell. Good anticipation and accuracy in short to mid range passes. Won’t wow with downfield strength or zip. Footwork messy. Can fall into a rut of bad passes and not get out. 


Chase Garbers is my QB18. Accomplished with plenty of experience. Fundamentals are there with a good arm. Wildly inconsistent from snap to snap and game to game. Lacks the overall upside to be a starter but could make an NFL roster on 


Chris Oladokun is my QB19. Small, but he can tuck it and run as needed. Accomplished passer who doesn’t throw with a tight spiral but gets the ball where it needs to go. Fundamentals are a mess and plays off instinct. Raw package to develop. 


Anthony Brown is my QB20. Had a few good big time games this year. Has a good feel for the game and can make clutch passes. Below average in most areas. Balls die when thrown mid to deep range. PS player only.   


Levi Lewis is my QB21. Good rusher who can even break tackles. On the small end, but with time can have good ball placement. Any pressure breaks down his feet and mechanics. Doesn’t offer much NFL upside.   


Nick Starkel is my QB22. Tall and reads the field well. Has a few impressive games that look pro ready, but many fall short in decision making. Accuracy is iffy, and doesn’t use his feet to launch. Could develop into a bench QB.


Drew Plitt is my QB23. Accurate on short passes and lets his WRs YAC do most of the work. West coast built. May not have the physical upside of an NFL QB but is intriguing for certain systems.


McKenzie Milton is my QB23. Small and lacks the zip to be very effective in the NFL. Tough player with experience and brings a good presence. Flashed with some opportunities this year. Worth having on a roster.


Brandon Peters is my QB24. Athletic mover who can take off and run to pick up tough yardage. Good at going through progressions and making solid decisions. Won’t wow with arm or consistency. 


Anthony Russo is my QB25. Limited upside but stands in the pocket amidst pressure and can try to make the throws. Good leadership ability to rely on run game and make big red zone passes. Low ceiling but could make a roster.


Davis Cheek is my QB26. Solid small school player who has plenty of production. Good ball placement at his level and knows how to read a defense. Limited ceiling and may not have the tools to play in the pros.  


Patrick O’Brien is my QB27. Big presence with solid arm talent. May have the requisite skillset to make it, but incredibly inefficient. Wilts under pressure and is unlikely to hold up at the pro level without major development. 


Terry Wilson is my QB28. Athletic player who has put up some stats in the SEC. Arm talent isn’t great, but can throw on the run well. Essentially had a year off but is worth trying to see if that can be bottled up. 


Jarrett Guratantano is my QB29. Looks the part but rarely plays like it. Inconsistent ball placement and decisions often lead to mistakes. Has been beaten out most places he has gone.   


Cole Johnson is my QB30. Tall and lanky with a good arm after a long windup. Can get the ball down the field, but rarely hits the right spot. Level of competition questions with some rough games. Very raw.  


Eric Barriere is my QB31. Accomplished player with great instincts. Some rushing ability, but lacks the requisite arm to make it in the NFL. May be able to make a roster and develop enough to stick. 


Westin Elliott is my QB32. Good size and pocket movement combo. Can get rattled by pressure, but he has a decent arm. Misses some easy layup passes which doesn’t bode well for the next level.  


Ryan Glover is my QB33. Back-up this past year but has some athletic ability and raw potential. Wasn’t much to go off for Cal film, but had some “it” throws in him. Intriguing prospect who could be worth signing. 


Felix Harper is my QB34. Undersized without the pure arm to be a pro player. Can sidestep pressure pretty well, but throws are all over the place. Not likely to stick at the next level.


Guy Myers is my QB35. Tall and productive but passes often die past 5 yards. Good checkdown player with some instincts, but unlikely to make a dent. 


Sam Noyer is my QB36. Did not play much this past season, but flashes a bit previously at Colorado. Good leader, but does not hold up fundamentally to make it.


Tre Ford is my QB37. Small player with high end athletic ability. Arm talent is meh, but he can scoot and make big plays with his legs. Position switch possible due to lack of tools or the ability to replicate some of the running QBs on scout teams.


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