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RB Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

Breece Hall, RB

Below is a quick blurb about each Running Back I have scouted for the 2022 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a RB who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam and let me know who your favorite RB is.


Breece Hall is my RB1. Explosive off the snap with great vision and first step. One cut runner who runs low and can plow forward on contact. Can create his own space. Plus receiver. Less athletic on film than testing, + contact balance. Never hit upside. 


Kenneth Walker is my RB2. Top notch year with good short area quickness to make players miss in open space. Vision improved through the year and carried his offense. Not used much as a receiver/blocker and only one year of production. 


Isaiah Spiller is my RB3. Tough inside runner with good explosion off the snap. Rarely goes down at first contact. Good fundamental footwork. Can catch. Lacks upside as a dynamic runner and may not be a top athlete. 


Rachaad White is my RB4. Best pass catching RB in the draft. Solid blocker too. Explosive when cutting with good long range speed. Kicks plays outside too much and is still very raw in his vision. Upside is there.  


Pierre Strong is my RB5. Good deep speed and vision. Gets up to top speed quickly. Can hit the homerun or make D miss in space. Excellent balance. Good pass catcher/blocker but not used much. A bit light in the pants and goes down at first contact.


Tyler Allgeier is my RB6. Tough inside runner who rarely goes down at first contact. Gets to top speed quickly off the snap. Plays more finesse than his size. Could be solid in ZBS. Raw vision taking bad angles at times. Upside is there but needs work. 


Zamir White is my RB7. Productive runner who is a great athlete. Developed vision allows for tough yardage and homerun ability. Takes smart angles to avoid defenders. Rarely takes big contact. Medical concerns and may lack starter upside.


James Cook is my RB8. Excellent pass catcher who can split out wide. Shifty runner who rarely takes clean contact. Vision has improved, but he has never fully carried a load. May be more role player than every down RB.


Dameon Pierce is my RB9. Tough inside runner who was underutilized. Bounces off of contact and can churn tough inside yardage. Bruiser in space. Not overly athletic and explosive and takes time to get up to top speed. Good short yardage RB. 


Jerome Ford is my RB10. Great blend of size and long speed. Tough to tackle and keeps legs moving through contact. Big play threat and flashes pass catching ability. Straight line runner & change of direction can be sluggish.


Brian Robinson is my RB11. Good inside vision and can carry defenders for extra yardage. Smart with cutback lanes and footwork. Ideal size and weight to be a bellcow RB. Lacks ideal explosion off the snap. Holes may close too quickly in the NFL. 


Abram Smith is my RB12. Interior runner who gets up to top speed quickly. Raw in vision, but makes up for it by making players miss in space. Developed throughout the season and kept improving. May be raw and need work on vision/technique.


Hassan Haskins is my RB13. Bruiser who is rarely tackled by one player. Played best in big games. Keeps speed through contact. Good fundamentals and vision Slow but could be a short yardage/goal line role player. Upright runner. 


Keaontay Ingram is my RB14. Excellent pass catching runner who accelerates quickly. Footwork solid in space. Long productive career. Inconsistent from game to game, but has the skillset to be a contributor in the NFL.   


Jerrion Ealy is my RB15. Electric speed when healthy with excellent cutting ability. Goes fast off movement. High end receiver. Ideal zone runner. Goes down a bit too easy on contact and still raw vision when rushing the ball. Role player. 


Tyler Badie is my RB16. Fast and productive in the SEC. Plays low due to lack of height and can scoot under bigger defenders. Takes a bit to hit that top speed and won’t break many tackles straight up. Good depth RB. 


Kyren Williams is my RB17. Super agile runner who is dangerous in open space. High end pass catcher who can also block really well despite small size. Excellent footwork, but lacks deep speed to be a real threat. Will need the right system to sustain.


ZaQuandre White is my RB18. Great vision runner who played in a power gap scheme. Cutting improved through season. Uses feet to move laterally. North/South runner. Not overly fast or athletic but could be productive in the right circumstance. 


Zonovan Knight is my RB19. Productive despite lack of agility or deep speed. Utilizes his blockers well but won’t create much on his own. Plays low and can carry defenders for extra yards. Average runner and depth player.     


Kevin Harris is my RB20. Flashes explosion and high end speed for long TDs. High ceiling, but still raw in vision and footwork. Not very quick and injury concerns may limit his potential. Upside pick that could develop into a starter. 


Kennedy Brooks is my RB21. Productive and can punish defenders. Good at working through the line and exploding to the second level. Not the ideal athlete and is likely a better college player than NFL player. Back-up who could produce if needed. 


D’Vonte Price is my RB22. High end athlete who is extremely tough to bring down. Great lateral agility and accelerates quickly up to top speed. Raw vision and often takes poor angles. Should have been much more productive. Upside is there. 


Tyler Goodson is my RB23. Good pass catcher who has been productive in the Big Ten. Excels in outside rushes and would be a good zone runner. Doesn’t hit the homerun and can go down too easily, but good role player. 


Jashaun Corbin is my RB24. Has great vision and was productive despite poor blocking upfront. Good blocker and receiver. Footwork is solid. Goes down too easily at contact and seems to process a bit slowly. Some upside to be better than where he is drafted. 


Ty Chandler is my RB25. Fast athlete who utilizes his athletic ability to hit homeruns. Decent receiver. Does well going outside and getting to the sideline before defenders. Can be indecisive and miss easy yardage. More niche than a starter.


Isaih Pacheco is my RB26. Gets to full speed very quickly and can make big runs. Very fast and electric but didn’t hit heights due to poor blocking. Good receiver and blocker. Raw vision and runs into OL too much. Will need developed.


Trestan Ebner is my RB27. Big athlete who can gain a full head of steam quickly. Often falls forward and picks up extra yardage. More of a plodder than anything and may be limited in his scheme and fit as a reserve.  


CJ Verdell is my RB28. Good short area quickness with past production. Inconsistent effort leads to lack of yardage at times. Willing blocker, can catch and run. Questions on injuries and skillset.         


Tyrion Davis-Price is my RB29. Had some very good games but also very poor ones. Good size and athleticism. Upright runner who bangs through the line more than tries to avoid contact. Very raw player who could provide an edge in NFL.     


Leddie Brown is my RB30. Top notch vision and angle player who has a high FBI. Slow and not very explosive but found ways to pick up yardage and not waste movement. Practice squad type who could play his way onto field. 


Max Borghi is my RB31. Top notch receiver who can run a number of routes. Lacks basic rushing instincts and often misses wide open holes. Takes awhile to get up to top speed. Specialized player.    


Sincere McCormick is my RB32. Productive runner who is on the small and slow side. Good instincts with an active stiff arm to keep defenders away. Not a ton of upside, but sound fundamentals could see him make a team.


Snoop Conner is my RB33. Tough inside runner who rarely gets knocked backwards. Not much lateral mobility and often crashes into the back of the line. When he has an open hole, hits it with good movement. One track player. 


Greg Bell is my RB34. Solid athlete who showed some production. Has dealt with some injuries. Can really get up to speed quickly. Takes wasted steps though and looks in quicksand changing directions. Reserve at best.


Ronnie Rivers is my RB35. Productive player who is small and slow. Plays low and is hard to bring down directly. Can be physical to pick up extra yards. Won’t give much outside and may not be explosive enough for the NFL.


Jaylen Warren is my RB36. A small bowling ball type who pounds up the middle. Gap power ideal. Not decisive though and it can lead to bad runs with holes. Puts his head down a bit too much. Short yardage only. 


Clint Ratkovich is my RB37. Fullback who can catch the football and give some rushing juice. Average blocker but does well with space to ramp up. Could be a starting FB down the line with a little work in a Shanahan type system. 


Stephen Carr is my RB38. Good vision and cutback ability to pick up short yardage. Plays high, but still can break a tackle or two. Limited athletic upside and is unlikely to create anything on his own. Not great outside. 


CamRon Harris is my RB39. Has been productive but lacks any high end traits. Not fast or quick enough, but can get skinny through the line. Could produce with opportunity and good blocking but needs help. 


Ricky Person is my RB40. Big time recruit who didn’t live up to billing. Good pass catcher who isn’t overly fast or quick. Declared early but will need a lot of work to hit the NFL field.


Calvin Turner is my RB41. Excellent pass catcher who may be better off at WR. Quick out of the backfield to the sideline but struggles moving north to south. Not a plus athlete but has a nice spin move in space.    


Mataeo Durant is my RB42. Productive ACC runner who has good long speed. Change of direction ability is rough and not very fluid. Home Run hitter who is still developing his vision. Could find his way onto a roster.


Julius Chestnut is my RB43. Athletic and dominant runner at his level of competition, but often injured missing games. Inconsistent from play to play, but is a very good athlete. Runs through defenders and picks up speed quickly. Upside is there if he can stay healthy. 


Malik Davis is my RB44. Underutilized between the tackle runner with a nose for the end zone. Compact and low while lowering his shoulder. Limited upside with lack of speed and won’t outrun LBs. Not much out of backfield but can block.  


Bryant Koback is my RB45. Small productive runner who is change of pace at best. Good pass catcher and tries to block. Explosive off the snap, but struggles to keep speed when changing direction.  


Tayon Fleet-Davis is my RB46. Some productive games but moves too fast for his vision at times. Good size, but doesn’t always use it well. Packs a punch in open field and can avoid tacklers. Intriguing upside.


TJ Pledger is my RB47. Good pass catcher who showed some productivity. Not the best athlete, but knows how to settle down in a zone. Above average vision. He has some rushing upside with development on his vision.


Kevin Marks is my RB48. Good vision for a runner and finds ways to get yardage in a ZBS. Athleticism is a question and footwork can get wonky, but falls forward often. Could find his way onto a practice squad.    


LD Brown is my RB49. Small RB with good outside rushing ability, Brown flashes electric runs. Solid hands out of the backfield too. Won’t do much inside, but could develop into a role player in the NFL.   


Master Teague is my RB50. High end athleticism, but rarely uses it. Runs straight forward often and misses open holes. Goes down quickly with contact. Lost starting job multiple times. Tons of upside as a big, fast runner, but will need work.


Jordan Mason is my RB51. Experienced but couldn’t overcome a mediocre line. Took a backseat the past two years. Not much athletic juice and can’t create on his own. Decent contact balance.  


Vavae Malepeai is my RB52. Plodder who picks up the yardage given. Not a terrible athlete, but will need a power gap for success. Lowers his shoulders for a boom, but can get thrown off balance quickly. Reserve at best. 


Jah-Maine Martin is my RB53. Productive RB with good vision who dominated his level of comp at times. Had a down year and seemed to lack the explosiveness once shown. Has high FBI and vision, but may not have an NFL skillset.


John Lovett is my RB54. Productive career but never really flashed NFL potential. Solid size and good vision. Won’t offer explosive upside and may even be positioned as an H-Back type in certain schemes. 


Zander Horvath is my RB55. Had some production but lacks the lateral agility to be an effective NFL runner. Big between the tackles banger who goes down too easily for his size. Could develop into a short yardage back with time.  


Shermari Jones is my RB56. Solid size and speed combo. Footwork has some good moments of making players miss in space, but won’t wow for a whole game. Consistency is an issue.


Deon McIntosh is my RB57. Good receiving RB who can block too despite smaller size. Great effort, but doesn’t have the upside to make defenders miss tackles. Could develop on a practice squad.   


Raheem Blackshear is my RB58. Some very productive moments and games. Athletic upside to be a change of pace back is there, but really struggled between the tackles. Can get rocked by bigger defenders. 


Maurice Burkley is my RB59. Big time athlete who can take any carry to the house. Lacks fundamental vision and will make wrong choices. Raw lump of clay with some outside rushing ability for the future.


Sean McGrew is my RB60. Very small runner who may not hold up in the NFL. Slender but has good cutting ability. Can play himself off balance. Won’t do much heads up against a defense.


BJ Baylor is my RB61. Productive runner who has good vision to find small holes and fit through them. Surprisingly quick. Lacks the explosion off the snap to make a big impact but some intriguing traits there.


Logan Wright is my RB62. Big boy who will likely have to play FB at the next level. Had production, but super slow and unathletic. Just barreled through the line and was tough to bring down. 


Quay Holmes is my RB63. Slow plodder who doesn’t quite have the vision to sustain in the NFL. Plays big and could run through arm tackles at his level but is unlikely to hold up in the pros. 


DeAndre Torrey is my RB64. Productive, short RB who can get compact and move through holes with ease. Has a lot of upside as a receiver too. May not be able to sustain NFL hits consistently, but has shown production.


Brittain Brown is my RB65. Minus athlete who used his vision and scheme to get yardage. Will need big holes to be productive and can’t create any space. Goes down fairly quickly on contact especially to good fundamentals.


Charles Williams is my RB66. Small end runner who had production. Good cutting ability sustained in a zone scheme. Not quite fast or explosive enough to handle carries.


Marcus Williams is my RB67. Good athlete who explodes on a dime, but often wastes movement and motion trying to do too much. May be a practice squad type to work with.


Travis Levy is my RB68. Slow off the snap but lowers his head to bring a little boom at times. Can churn out tough yardage, but may give plenty of negative plays too.


Kevin Mensah is my RB69. Made his own yardage at times due to lack of blocking in front, but went down pretty easily. Often loses balance on contact. Can give some receiving ability though.  


Al McKeller is my RB70. Bruiser type who plays with a low pad level. Falls forward often without contact and not very explosive. Can get off balance on contact, but tough to tackle cleanly.    


Quardraiz Wadley is my RB71. Productive at times, but small and slow. Not overly athletic, doesn’t waste steps. Average vision and receiving. Might have a little upside in a good situation.


John Chenal is my RB72. Fullback brother of Leo Chenal. Has some pop when blocking, but often reaches in pass pro. Won’t give much in receiving or rushing. Blocker only who could sneak onto a team. 


Karl Mofor is my RB73. Big small school RB who can run outside surprisingly well. Doesn’t use his weight to grind though and not fast enough for NFL outside zone runs. Could be a worthwhile practice squad shot..


Jawon Hamilton is my RB74. Shorter runner who has some production but won’t add anything receiving or blocking. Struggled against better defenses but popped in one game. Unlikely to have an NFL skillset.


Bishop Bonnett is my RB75. Smaller RB with some electric rushing. Works well in short space for his level but unlikely to get away with moves in the NFL. Could have some receiving work upside or even return with his short area agility. Intriguing.


James Charles is my RB76. Didn’t get much work this year and struggled to make a dent between the tackles. Upright runner who gets taken down too easy.


Joshua Mack is my RB77. Small and slow prospect who doesn’t have much explosiveness. Can be sluggish off the snap but run through the line when he gets up to speed. Not an ideal NFL RB.  


Tobias Little is my RB78. Bruiser who bangs between the tackles without much regard. Soft lower body can lead to low tackles. Good footwork at times, but inconsistent.


Devin Wynn is my RB 79. Productive runner at his level of competition with solid vision and some upside. May not hold up to NFL rigor but could be worth a practice squad spot.


Devin Darrington is my RB80. Had some production at Harvard but didn’t do much for Virginia. Popped on a few TD runs but unlikely to stick.


Jace Jordan is my RB81. Very good athlete with not much to back it up. Was on another athletic level from competition but lacks some of the angle knowledge to be very effective.


Kamari Pleasant is my RB82. Had a few good games but never appeared to have pure NFL talent. Good size and wasn’t afraid to use his lower body strength to get forward.


Cyrus Habibi-Likio is my RB83. Got some run this season but needed a lot of help blocking wise to be productive. Fine when not touched but went down quickly on contact.


Daniel Adeboboye is my RB84. Shorter but productive prospect who has some agility in short space. Likely not an NFL player.


Kevin Brown is my RB85. Moves well off the snap but slows down a ton when changing directions. Worked well with big holes thanks to his QB but unlikely to hold up in the pros.


Ivory Kelly-Martin is my RB86. Some injury concerns and never quite cracked the lineup for Iowa. Had some tough interior runs but unlikely to do much. 


Joshua Pierre-Charles is my RB87. Small school RB who pops at his level but doesn’t have the size or speed combo to truly be a threat..


Deandre Wright is my RB88. Had some good runs at Louisburg, but didn’t show NFL caliber athleticism. 


Samuel Oram-Jones is my RB89. Injury concerns and not much in the way of getting the ball in college.


Aaron Shampklin is my RB90. Great RB athlete compared to competition at Harvard, but not great vision or short area quickness.


Isaiah Wright is my RB91. Mediocre at Union level, not an NFL player.


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