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2022 NFL Draft Visits

Top 30 Visit Tracker

Top 30 Visit Tracker

Below is a tracker for all the Top 30 Visits for NFL teams! Each team gets 30 visits to bring in potential draft picks, work them out privately, and have an interview. Some teams use this to figure out who they want to target, while others use them more for future signings as free agents. Just because a player is on the list does not mean the team will draft them or is targeting them, but it can be helpful to look at positions of interest, etc. Check out the Top 30 Visit tracker below!


In addition, teams can bring in players for injury rechecks and local prospects without it counting against their 30 person limit. The list below includes some key local and injury visits/workouts as well. Virtual visits are NOT included, but some names on the list may be ambiguous on if it was in-person or virtual. This is not an exhaustive list, but just what is publicly available. 


If you notice any errors or omissions, please tweet us @DraftCountdown and let us know so we can update! As always, you can click “PDF” at the top to get a PDF of your teams visits.



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