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WR Pre-Draft Notes (2022 NFL Draft)

Garrett Wilson, WR

Below is a quick blurb about each Wide Receiver I have scouted for the 2022 NFL Draft. The order/rankings may change before draft day, but it will be updated. Come back here when your team drafts or signs a WR who you don’t know! Feel free to send me feedback @ShanePHallam and let me know who your favorite WR is.


Garrett Wilson is my WR1. Excellent explosion off the snap to get instant separation. Shows superior body control for tough catches on sideline. Not afraid to get physical. On small side and won’t always dominate deep. Oversells routes at times. Could be special.


Treylon Burks is my WR2. Huge physical WR who is a long strider. Played out of the slot but shows the physicality to go outside. May lack elite explosion and is raw in hand placement to beat a jam. Big upside to be a true alpha WR after the catch.  


Drake London is my WR3. Big body who can leap to catch the ball. Elite red zone threat. Moves well in short space to gain separation off the line. Takes a bit to get up to top speed and can waste movement on his routes. Big upside as #1 WR. 


Jameson Williams is my WR4. High end speed and smooth shifter into routes. Great double move, very tough to cover. Glides in and out of cuts. Can get pushed around at times or take lazy angles and rely on athleticism too much. Great potential.


Chris Olave is my WR5. Smooth mover who makes it look effortless. Great footwork and route running ability. Can go deep or play the middle of the field. Won’t give much after the catch and goes down pretty easily. Should be a nice compliment WR. 


Christian Watson is my WR6. Underutilized at FCS level. Big body with great route footwork. Weapon with big speed and explosion to run end arounds, etc. Late developer who may not have reached his potential yet.


George Pickens is my WR7. Great contested catcher who can high point the football. Gets up to top speed quickly and knows how to beat press coverage. Takes plays off and missed a lot of time. Big upside, big downside. 


Jahan Dotson is my WR8. Extremely fast and shifty receiver who can settle into zone coverage or outrun man. Plays bigger than his size. Crisp cutting ability for sharp slants and posts. Physical WRs can put him out of games though.      


Skyy Moore is my WR9. Great moves off the snap to juke defenders. Deadly after the catch with great angles and speed. Good extension catching the football. Can play slot. Routes are often messy and gets dinged up easily. Big upside.  


David Bell is my WR10. Excellent contested catcher who tracks the football well. Body control allows for catches in any position. Tough to tackle after the catch and uses physicality. Not very fast or quick, won’t separate much.  


Alec Pierce is my WR11. High end athlete who bends well around defenders. Has good field awareness against zone coverage. Body catcher who drops too many passes. Loses the ball tracking it often. Raw after the catch. 


Wan’Dale Robinson is my WR12. Size is a major concern, but plays much bigger than he is. Not afraid to go up and get physical for the football. Experience as a RB. Sells routes with his upper body. Won’t run through a defender, gets knocked off routes.


Jalen Tolbert is my WR13. Long strider who can get down the field. Great catch technique and radius. Productive with poor QB play. Uses hands off line well. High cut can lead to stiffness in routes. May not be a separator in the NFL.  


John Metchie III is my WR14. Sharp route runner with minimal steps. Catches ball with ease and transitions after the catch well. Does most things well, not much great. Average athlete. Doesn’t get a clean release. Torn ACL is a concern.


Khalil Shakir is my WR15. Faster than he appears. Runs routes all the same to sell to defenders. Rarely loses speed turning for the ball. Big route tree. Indecisive after the catch often. Can try to do too much and miss easy catches.


Calvin Austin III is my WR16. Small, explosive athlete who is a top returner. Crisp footwork & agility to separate quickly. Can be a deep threat. Top speed quickly. Can get pushed around by bigger CBs, but often blows by them. 


Danny Gray is my WR17. Electric first step off the snap. Slant king. Game speed is top notch. Good wiggle after the catch to make defenders miss. Raw with less experience. Catches with his body and can drop passes.


Velus Jones Jr. is my WR18. Good long speed and special teams ability. Underutilized. Extends arms for clean catches and rarely makes mental errors. Breaks tons of tackles. Slows down in and out of cuts too much. Can disappear for stretches at a time. 


Bo Melton is my WR19. Great special teams player with speed. Reliable short yardage receiver who can do damage after the catch. Gets off the snap cleanly with clean cuts. Not overly physical, won’t fight for contested balls very much. 


Justyn Ross is my WR20. Top notch freshman season using his size and length to win against all defenders. Multiple medical concerns and looked sluggish this past year in his movement. More a big body contested catcher than separator.


Erik Ezukanma is my WR21. Good size and sneaky athletic. Physical off the line and transitions into route well. Good solid hands with ball tracking. Natural feel. Lack of a polished route tree. May need time to fully develop.  


Tyquan Thornton is my WR22. Killer speed down the field. Great extension for tough catches. Not afraid to get physical. Improved throughout his career. Footwork and route running are subpar. Very raw still in technique.      


Romeo Doubs is my WR23. Straight line speed is there. Great over the shoulder catcher who can stay in stride. Goes down easily after the catch. Struggles in traffic to get open. More straight line than quick.


Jalen Nailor is my WR24. Good route runner who gets off the line quick. Has a feel for zone coverage and finding holes. Shifty in slants and crosses to create space after catch. Catch technique is inconsistent. Limited ceiling.


Kyle Philips is WR25. Technician in footwork who gets open with ease. Agile off the line. Good hands catcher but won’t break many tackles. Won’t be a deep threat and can get boxed out on the sideline. Specific skillset.


Tre Turner is my WR26. Great special teams potential. High Football IQ to read opposing defenders and exploit weaknesses. Thin and can get knocked around. Not overly agile and may struggle against athletic DBs.


Reggie Roberson Jr. is my WR27. Explosive first step off the snap. Smooth in his routes and has plenty of experience. Limited route tree. Has injury concerns. Likely not a starter at the next level. 


Dontario Drummond is my WR28. Good size. Hands catcher who can run through arm tackles after the catch. Footwork is usually solid to gain some separation. Won’t give much down the field. Not as physical as you’d want. Some potential there.


Makai Polk is my WR29. Plays faster than he timed. Physical after the catch to punish smaller tacklers. Will let the ball hit his body too much. High cut and stiff in movement. May be a role player only. 


Kevin Austin Jr. is my WR30. Incredible athlete who doesn’t always play up to it. Underutilized, but good at deep routes and finding the ball in the air. Beats press consistently. One trick pony who will need to improve footwork/hands in the NFL to get playing time.


Slade Bolden is my WR31. Slot specialist. Clean catches even when the ball is off the mark. Reliable target on third down. Not overly athletic and won’t add much after the catch. Role player only. 


Braylon Sanders is my WR32. Uses athleticism for quick passing game. Shifty in space to juke defenders. Gets pushed around often and wastes a ton of movement for little gain. Has some upside, but will need to get stronger. 


Ty Fryfogle is my WR33. Plays bigger than listed. Nice hand usage off the snap to beat press. Big hands and good body control. Disappeared this past season and wasn’t able to win 1-on-1 battles. Upside is there.


Isaiah Weston is my WR34. Elite athlete who used his speed and agility to win at FCS level. Great leaping ability to come down with high passes. Routes are poor and doesn’t scoot down into cuts. Raw upside.


Dai’Jean Dixon is my WR35. Long arms and a good hands catcher. Body control is ++. Won’t give much down the field but can make sideline catches. Slows down too much going into breaks. Makes mental mistakes.


Charleston Rambo is my WR36. Productive route technician who can accelerate after the catch. Lots of experience, can read defenders well. Slight frame that gets pushed around. Won’t ever dominate. Can have bad stretches with drops. 


Johnny Johnson III is my WR37. Consistent in his routes with after the catch ability. High football IQ against zone coverage to find holes. Mediocre athlete. Struggled against better DBs. Footwork gets lazy at times. 


Tay Martin is my WR38. Physical at the point of attack for big catches. Takes great angles after the catch. Contested catcher. Not overly fast or quick for his size. Gets lost against mirroring CBs. Runs hot and cold.    


Josh Johnson is my WR39. Small but explosive off the snap. Electric first step. Catch radius is a plus. Slows down when making cuts and loses to make-up speed. Some nice raw tools that need honed. 


Mike Woods is my WR40. Solid size and uses it well. Boxes out on sideline passes. Good body control with a good radius. Stiff lower body in routes. Limited tree. Wilts against athletic DBs. 


Dareke Young is my WR41. Massive body with great long speed. Big strides create separation on 9 routes. Punishes defenders after the catch. Work in progress in short game. Can get tripped up on more precise routes. Raw.


Tanner Conner is my WR42. Huge body with excellent raw athleticism. Fast down the field and gains separation with explosive start. Often finds himself open. Struggles with drops and mental mistakes. Runs himself out of plays often. Not aggressive.


Devon Williams is my WR43. Tall with long arms. Experienced big catch radius. Can pluck the ball out of the air. Sluggish off the snap. Doesn’t use his size effectively. Runs cold often.


Jerreth Sterns is my WR44. Explosive athlete who wins with speed and quickness. Extremely productive. Good angles after the catch. One year of FBS experience. Small and slight. Won’t get very physical. May be a one trick pony.


Jaruarii Roberson is my WR45. Productive with good red zone ability. Good route runner with a decent tree. Worked within system.  Lacks effort at times. Catch technique is messy. Won’t wow with athletic ability.


Emeka Emezie is my WR46. Good frame and can box out on contested catches. Physical against press. Runs clean routes. Doesn’t sell fakes well. Rarely gets clear separation. Limited upside. 


Jalen Virgil is my WR47. Speed demon with special teams ability. Oozes raw athleticism to win down the field. 9 route only with limited exposure to other routes. Will need time and patience to become an NFL weapon.


Jaivon Heiligh is my WR48. Productive with good hands. Will try to run guys over. Shifty in and out of breaks. Not a top athlete. May be more a system player than a true talent. Won’t give anything after the catch.


Tyler Snead is my WR49. Small slot type with some speed when he builds up to it. Gets low in and out of breaks to add some explosion. Inconsistent and can take stretches off. Not physical. Loses on timing routes.  


Britain Covey is my WR50. Tough and physical despite size. Good footwork on routes. Major medical concerns. Very slight and may not hold up on an NFL field. Not the best straight line athlete.


Samori Toure is my WR51. Underutilized with nice extension and physicality. Adds some wiggle after the catch too. Rounds off routes too much. Doesn’t get clean separation. Some upside, but may be limited. 


Dennis Houston is my WR52. Productive with good deep speed. Doesn’t waste motion and separates. Ball tracking is on point. Catching technique is inconsistent. Makes mental errors at FCS level. Needs work.   


Montrell Washington is my WR53. Excellent returner. Can be used as a gadget weapon. Quicker on field than testing. Small and may not hold up to NFL physicality. Role player on special teams.   


Kalil Pimpleton is my WR54. Top returner. Proactive with some deep catches for touchdowns. Ability to take balls to the house. Technique is sloppy. Small and slight.   


Andrew Parchment is my WR55. Good deep ball catcher. Underutilized at FSU. Tall with some range. Gets knocked off routes often. Won’t give much between the hashes.


Andre Miller is my WR56. Great size and physicality against press. Good at highpointing. Catches the ball against his body too much. Mental lapses. Footwork is sloppy often. 


Stanley Berryhill III is my WR57. Small with decent speed. Chops his feet well. Not overly quick in short space and can get caught by slot CBs. Oversells routes and slows himself down at times.  


Corey Sutton is my WR58. Good hands catcher with production to boot. Uses arms to get off press and gain separation. Won’t wow with athleticism, but has good moments. Slows down when turning for the ball. Has trouble getting to high gear. 


Jequez Ezzard is my WR59. Good production at FCS level. Moves in and out of breaks seamlessly. Takes good angles. Can body catch too much and drop passes. Not very physical and won’t win any 50/50 balls. Role player.  


Cyrus Holder is my WR60. Big, athletic, explosive. Gallops down the field. Doesn’t get moved off his spot easily. Pretty raw in terms of breaking on his routes, can stiffen, but lots to like with an upside profile. 


Demetris Robertson is my WR61. Solid speed and quickness in and out of breaks. Reads defender well and can sell routes.  Not good against press. Slows down when catching the ball. Lacks overall explosiveness. Major medical concerns.


Jack Sorensonb is my WR62. Runs clean crisp routes to get separation and make receptions. First step is inconsistent off the snap. Small and slow. Lacks NFL athleticism despite solid film. 


Mike Harley is my WR63. Smart player who is a hands catcher. Doesn’t lose much speed transitioning after the catch. Frail body that gets pushed around. Doesn’t add much after the catch. Lacks high end NFL talent.  


Kendric Pryor is my WR64. Tough player who isn’t afraid to fight for balls. Decent quickness. Good ball tracker. Doesn’t fit the slot but not great at the boundary. Rarely gets separation. Will have a tough time in the NFL.  


Deven Thompkins is my WR65. Small blazer who could be a special teams ace. Smooth athlete who can get down the field. Wilts at contact and doesn’t have great moves in space. Footwork wastes movement. Some intriguing upside.


Michael Young is my WR66. Solid size and consistent at catching passes around him. Decent stutter step. Can do a little after the catch as well. Average route runner and won’t wow deep. Could find his way onto a roster. 


Taysir Mack is my WR67. Good early career but fell off behind younger talents. Solid size and speed prospect who should be more open than he is. Makes mental errors in routes and can lose the football in the air. Some upside.


Brandon Johnson is my WR68. Good height and plays big to box out on contested balls. Sluggish off the snap and needs to be more consistent in his routes. Shows quickness at times, but lacks polish.


Travell Harris is my WR69. Small but productive. Good after the catch and able to make defenders miss in space. Not overly fast or athletic. Unlikely to make much traction in the NFL.  


Kwame Lassiter II is my WR70. Slight frame but moves well on slants and crosses. Won’t add much after the catch. Good radius, but lacks polish in route running.  


Tyshaun James is my WR71. Good sized athlete. Long strider who gets down the field quickly and can be killer on 9 routes. Doesn’t quite get fundamentals on how to separate. Has some big upside.


Neil Pau’u is my WR72. Productive career using large catch radius. Will get physical off the line. Sluggish in routes and will get tracked down easily in the pros.


Andrew Kamienski is my WR73. Good quickness off the snap and flashes potential. Slight frame can get pushed around. Late in tracking and catching often. Raw.


Keith Corbin is my WR74. Fundamentally sound in crisp routes and good catch technique. Small and slow, but knows the intricacies at the position. Could stick on a practice squad. 


LuJuan Winningham is my WR75. Tall, lanky build who can go up for passes. Won’t add much athletically. Red zone threat only.


Stephon Robinson is my WR76. Tough small WR who can get physical off the line. Decent route runner, but rarely gets clean separation. Won’t add much down the field. 


Bryce Singleton is my WR77. Good lower body movement agility. Has some wiggle post catch. Technique is sloppy and catches into body often. Struggles to catch and turn up field. Not the best athlete. 


Keshunn Abram is my WR78. Fast athlete with good size. Flashes down field ability. Raw in ball tracking and knowing how to use his feet to separate. Good upside. 


Jared Smart is my WR79. Productive WR with good catch technique. Goes down easy after the catch. Good route runner. Likely not the athlete needed for the NFL. 


JaVon Hayes is my WR80. Productive small athlete who flows smoothly in and out of breaks. Worked at level of competition, but footwork is raw to find a path in the pros.   


Mychal Cooper is my WR81. Big physical wideout who can box out and make catches. Not afraid of 50/50 balls. Hesitates off the snap, still learning.  


Jaylen Erwin is my WR82. Nice footwork off the snap for quick passes. Struggles with longer routes and not fast enough to outrun down the field. Some intriguing tools.  


Kaylon Geiger Sr. is my WR83. Small jittery WR with a little quickness. Catch radius is small and small route tree. Far off from pro ready. 


Trevor Begue is my WR84. Uses hands well to get off the line. Nice catch technique. Short arms leads to losing contested catches. Not overly fast or athletic.


De’Vion Warren is my WR85. Good football IQ to run various routes with success. Small and slow; rarely separates. Physical tools are the big question.  


Kyric McGowan is my WR86. Strong at the point of attack. Won’t get clean off the line and plays very high cut. Can run through after catch.


Nykeim Johnson is my WR87. Very small WR who doesn’t have much speed or explosiveness. Good hands catcher and chops his feet well, but not much upside.   


Jahcour Pearson is my WR88. Small special teams player with okay speed. More of a gadget player than starting WR type.


Balewa (BJ) Byrd is my WR89. Good length and catch radius for his size. Struggled in some games vs. lower level of competition. Not sure he translates. 


Caleb Thomas is my WR90. Thin framed WR with good footspeed. Quick in cuts, but will struggle to match up with NFL CBs. Could have special teams potential. 


Zackery Smith is my WR91. Good bodied WR who can beat press and make contested catches. Lazy in routes and doesn’t attack the ball. Will need coached up for NFL.


Sam Flowers is my WR92. Good length and catching ability. Clean player with a decent Football IQ. May not have NFL athletic ability and likely would lag in coverage.  


Malik Honeycutt is my WR93. Thin WR who slows down out of breaks. Decent ball tracking ability, but has struggles at his level of competition.


Tywan Pearce is my WR94. Small/short WR who isn’t overly fast. May be special teamer at best getting knocked around at the line and a limited route tree.


Dwight Blakey is my WR95. Good frame. Won’t wow you, but can flash some toughness in contested catches. Unreliable hands and makes mental errors. 


CT Thomas is my WR96. Rarely used WR who couldn’t find his way onto the field. Not athletic enough to match up.


Melvin Rouse II is my WR97. Productive wideout who gets low in and out of routes. Not overly fast or quick and has small size.


Keith Pearson Jr. is my WR98. Slow and small, but has good technique in his footwork. Wins with some toughness too. Unlikely to make a roster.


Austin Mitchell is my WR99. Very small, but wingspan allows him to surprise when catching. Thin frame that won’t hold up.


Bryce Nunnelly is my WR100. Decent athlete who could be a solid returner. Good angles in return game.


Caleb Vander Esch is my WR101. Solid size with good knowledge of how to attack man coverage. Doesn’t have much quickness in his step and likely lags behind in the NFL.


Keric Wheatfall is my WR102. Did best in the middle of the field. Won’t fight on the boundaries and takes awhile to get to top speed.  


Thomas Hennigan is my WR103. Big WR who had some good production this year. Still raw in routes and receiving, but flashed some big games this year. Slight potential.


Joshua Lanier is my WR104. Small footwork WR who was productive at his level. Likely not a pro prospect, but has some flashes of route work despite lack of size and athleticism. 


Cameron Saunders is my WR105. Slow all around, but has some size to box out and get receptions. Won’t add much after the catch.


Tavares Chase is my WR106. Decent height and good acceleration off the snap. Slows down on cuts and not very clean in his breaks.  


Rodney Coates is my WR107. Long arms with some upside to be a reserve at the next level. Good against physical corners. Has some potential.


Changa Hodge is my WR108. Dealt with some injuries and struggled to make an impact on Virginia Tech. Showed route running prowess at Villanova. Basketball background.  


Daylen Baldwin is my WR109. Big player who never quite made an impact. Physical after the catch, but struggles to get away from defenders. Always covered. 


Kameron Brown is my WR110. Long arm prospect who flashed a bit. System got him open and couldn’t do much after the catch.


Tyriq Martin is my WR111. Tall with some wiggle in his routes. Won’t go down the field and was up and down against less competition. 


Aakiel Greer is my WR112. Tall long strider who dominated his level of competition. Likely not athletic enough for the NFL, but has some intrigue.  


Trey Gross is my WR113. Not very fast or athletic despite production. Good hands catcher though. 


Kobe Miranda is my WR114. Can play some RB or WR. Utilized as both and has a decent build. Could be tried out to see if he has NFL athletic ability. Some upside.


Dee Anderson is my WR115. Huge height, weight, speed prospect. Gets down the field in a hurry. No real route running or details, but plays backyard football. Worth a flyer in camp.


Thomas Reid III is my WR116. Not utilized much, but has solid size. Likely not an NFL player.


Tyson Morris is my WR117. Flashed some production, but not a plus athlete. Improved through the season and may have room for more growth.


Drew Estrada is my WR118. Transfer up who flashed good hands and routes this season. Unlikely to hit the athletic thresholds needed, but is tough. 


Octavius Evans is my WR119. Solid athlete who flashed some production. Catches with his body and can lead to drops, but could make a camp.  


Kekoa Crawford is my WR120. Decent production with some agility in routes. Nothing flashy and has massive cold stretches.


Trevon Clark is my WR121. Leading WR for Cal, but does not have pro style athleticism. Trouble moving off line and deep.


Elijah Lilly is my WR122. Transfer down who still struggled a bit at lower level in some games. Thin frame, good speed in space. 


Lionell McConnell is my WR123. Not much to pull away from. Average receiver and athlete who rarely dominated his level of competition.  


Caleb Eagans is my WR124. Small special teams only player who probably is not fast enough to be in the NFL.


Rick Wells is my WR125. Not utilized much, but flashed some red zone ability early in the season. Disappeared late and likely won’t be in the NFL.


Brandon Robinson is my WR126. Big mitts and long arms used to reach over defenders. Doesn’t sink his hips at all and can’t break much though, so very limited.


TJ Chase is my WR127. Not utilized much. Had a few good catches, but not enough for a full evaluation as an NFL player.


Wilie Wright is my WR128. Small and slow. Didn’t get a ton of play at FAU. Gets knocked around a lot and won’t add much after the catch.


Irvin Charles is my WR129. Big athlete who has insanely long arms and gets down the field. Doesn’t play as physical as he should, but there is some upside to bringing him into camp.


Josh Ali is my WR130. Injury from a car accident. Good hands, but rarely was able to beat his man. Likely not NFL material. Also wrote a children’s book.


Shai Werts is my WR131. Former QB converted to WR. Didn’t get much traction at Louisville. Just learning the position.


Jontre Kirklin is my WR132. QB convert who is a very good athlete with some upside. Not the biggest or strongest, but may make a camp.


Willie Johnson is my WR133. Showed some production, but weak catching technique and sluggish movement doesn’t help his NFL case.


Jimmy Marshall is my WR134. A TE/WR tweener who has the length and size. Not a great athlete and plays very stiff.


Keke Chism is my WR135. Productive big WR who knows how to use his size. Some impressive catches, but late breakout may stop NFL upside.


CJ Riley is my WR136. Not utilized much. Had a few nice catches but nothing that flashed NFL ability.


Kaden Davis is my WR137. Good footwork in routes, showed improvement through the season. Not a big time athlete, but may be slight upside.       


Imoni Donadelle is my WR138. Small receiver who doesn’t have much deep speed. Body catcher.


Jaylon Redd is my WR139. Had some run for Oregon, but is slight and can’t win against DBs. Late foot injury hurt his upside.


Trevon Bradford is my WR140. Special teams player who led Oregon State in receiving. On the smaller end and more quick than fast. 


Tre Tipton is my WR141. Not utilized much and never seemed to flash ability to move up the Pitt depth chart. 


Jalen Martin is my WR142. Small school player who doesn’t have much movement ability to get down the field.


Jackson Anthrop is my WR143. Productive WR for Purdue who didn’t get much separation. Doesn’t fit the NFL.  


Kashard Cohens is my WR144. Not overly athletic or active. Likely not an NFL prospect. 


JaVonta Payton is my WR145. Red zone threat who has good leaping ability. Did not do much else.


Eric Collins is my WR146. Good seam route runner but won’t add dynamic routes. Catching technique is inconsistent. 


Derek Wright is my WR147. Good speed and explosion. Has some upside with athletic ability. Doesn’t understand spacing or subtlety of the position yet.


KD Nixon is my WR148. Small, has some return ability but wasn’t consistently in that position. Camp body.


Theo Howard is my WR149. Decent extension to cleanly catch passes. Good shakes in routes. Not a high end athlete. Early succes at UCLA, but not much past that.


Savon Scarver is my WR150. Speedy wideout who can get down the field in a hurry. On the small side but could make a camp.


Ra’Shaun Henry is my WR151. Good height with long arms. Flashed some ability but disappeared for many games. May have camp potential.


Calvin Jackson Jr. is my WR152. Good speed and executes offense well. Hasn’t been shown to be physical or attack the football. 


Jack Dunn is my WR153. Return man first and foremost. Got some throws and runs at times, but not a natural feel for the position.


J’Kobi Reddick is my WR154. Slight frame but can pack a punch after the catch. Good for more gadget type plays.


D’ionte Smith is my WR155. Super small return special teamer. Solid speed, but won’t contribute much in the NFL.


Jalik Jaggwe is my WR156. Struggled at times against lower level of competition. Likely not an NFL player without the requisite athletic ability.


Riyo Miyazawa is my WR157. Thin frame, but has some good footwork. Learning the position and improving.


Shigeya Masunami is my WR158. Small and goes down easily, but has some flashes at times.


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