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2023 NFL Draft – Mock Trades in the Top 10!

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So I’m putting my GM hat on and looking at some trades that make sense (to me), that I could see happening on draft night! Throughout seven rounds, you’ll see tons of trades, especially as we get to day three. What I’m focusing on for this piece is just round one, and what could potentially be wild top-ten picks!

2023 NFL Draft – Mock Trades in the Top 10!

Round 1 – Let the trade madness begin!

1.1 – Chicago Bears. Them trading this pick almost feels like a forgone conclusion to me. Their trade partner could be anyone in the top 10 or potentially in the top 11 picks. Houston, Indy, Seattle & Detroit (potentially), Las Vegas, Atlanta, Carolina, and Tennessee all could have a case made for drafting a QB that high. Now the draft compensation is the key to the deal (obviously), and Houston, Detroit, and Seattle would all be teams that have the firepower to make a move. With Detroit and Seattle potentially not needing QB, and Houston one spot behind them, I could see Chicago sticking with the pick or making a different type of deal.

Mock Trade: Chicago sends pick 1 to Indianapolis for 1.4, 2, and Linebacker Shaq Leonard. I reason that Chicago’s HC has a relationship with Leonard and even with the injury, knows exactly what Leonard can bring to a Bears team that needs talent. We haven’t seen many round 1 trades involving picks and a player but the Colts will have a new staff that may want to go full rebuild.

1.2 – Houston Texans. This pick I don’t see moving teams, so I’ll not spend much time here. They only move this pick if they get a wild deal, and they get that offer (potentially) if Chicago stays at pick 1 and takes BPA. If that happens, the madness breaks out and any of the teams I mentioned above decide they need to get their guy. 

Mock Trade: Texans send pick 1 to Las Vegas for picks in rounds 1, 2, 3, and their 2024 1st round pick. Probably Not happening, I’d expect Vegas to target a veteran quarterback but anything is possible!

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This is where things start to get fun!

1.3 – Arizona Cardinals. Arizona is a team that will be in transition, the bigger question is what are they transitioning to? Is Kyler Murray the centerpiece of that transition? If so they keep their pick and target offensive or defensive line help.

Mock Trade: Don’t see anything happening here, they’re smart to stick with Kyler but get him protection ASAP! A fun trade would be to add more picks and send pick 1.3 to Carolina for their 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 2024 1st-round pick.

1.4 – Indianapolis Colts. Another team I see moving, more so trying to move up I’d think. They need their QB of the future, first, need their coaching staff of the present though. We know they will target QB, bigger question is do they target that player in free agency or the draft? The HC will be critical to figuring this out, we know some coaches aren’t the biggest fans of trying to develop a rookie. 

Mock Trade: I see them trying to get pick 1, otherwise they stand pat and take their top QB at pick 4 (probably). I’d love to see this team take some of their older players and package them to get pick 1. They could potentially look to move: DT Grover Stewart, LB Shaq Leonard, and CB Stephon Gilmore. 

Picks 5-10, Someone’s Moving Right?

1.5 – Seattle Seahawks. This team trades this pick IF the QBs slide, otherwise, they stand pat and take whatever best player is here. They have the firepower to move up but with the quality of defensive talent in this class, I’d think they don’t need to make a move.

Mock Trade: With five picks in the first three rounds, they can move anywhere they want. Let’s get crazy, I know that Cleveland is having trouble with an all-pro edge rusher. So let’s trade Myles Garrett and a fourth-rounder to Seattle for pick 5! Gets Seattle an elite edge rusher, they could just need to improve this defense and push for the playoffs again. 

1.6 – Detroit Lions. This pick I don’t see moving but Detroit isn’t afraid to go get their guy. If they need to move up to target a defensive lineman, they’ll do it. 

Mock Trade: Detroit sends pick 6 BACK to the Rams for Jalen Ramsey and two 6th-round picks.

Will Levis, NFL Draft Predictions
Will Levis, NFL Draft Predictions[/media-credit] Will Levis, NFL Draft Predictions Getty Images

So Much Uncertainty With Picks 7 & 8

1.7 – Las Vegas. This team needs help, quite a bit on the offensive side. If they stay, it’s QB, if they move it’s probably up to get a QB. They could use offensive linemen, a couple of wide receivers, defensive tackles, and some secondary help.

Mock Trade: Las Vegas sends pick 7, a 5th and 7th rounder this year, and a 5th in 2024 to move up two spots with Seattle. In theory, they are just jumping Detroit for a lineman because I could see Vegas targeting a veteran free-agent quarterback.

1.8 – Atlanta Falcons. If this team believes in Desmond Ridder, this could just be the best available lineman. I have also tweeted about a move that wouldn’t surprise me, so with that being said…

Mock Trade: Atlanta sends pick 8  a 4th and 7th rounder to Baltimore for quarterback Lamar Jackson! Let’s go, Atlanta gets their QB that will have no trouble making Arthur Smith’s offense soar in the NFC South. I’d go as far as to say this is a playoff team in 2023 if that move alone happens. The South is up for grabs, and anyone can take it this season!

Pick 9 & 10 all depend…

1.9 – Carolina Panthers. Is Matt Corral the answer at quarterback? He was drafted by Matt Rhule, so a new Head Coach could mean he wants his own QB. So most expect them to target QB this offseason, and their trade could be…

Mock Trade: Carolina sends pick 9, a 2nd and 4th rounder in this draft PLUS a 1st in 2024 to Arizona for pick 3. This allows them to get their QB, no matter who the 2nd QB is in this class.

1.10 – Philadelphia Eagles. The rich get richer here, they can trade the pick or just take the best available. With the age of their defensive line, I could see them trying to get younger.

Mock Trade: Philly sends both firsts to Houston for pick 2. Not happening but would be wild to see their future being Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter, absolutely WILD!

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