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Aaron Rodgers To Wear a New Shade of Green

Aaron Rodgers

There is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers has had a spectacular, Hall of Fame career. 15 years of starting for the Green Bay Packers after shadowing predecessor Brett Favre.

Like all good things in life, they do have a natural end and eventually run their course at no fault of either party. This “Rodgers Watch” that seems to propagate the last few offseasons is back again, but will seemingly result in a departure-this time to the New York Jets.

Quick snapshot of Aaron Rodgers‘ career stats:

  • 59,055 total yards
  • 475 TD/105 INT
  • 103.6 Passer Rating
  • Four-time NFL MVP winner
  • One Super Bowl ring/Super Bowl MVP (2010)

While New York and Green Bay are at an impasse with this looming trade. It is reported that the holdup is the compensation package offered in exchange for the quarterback. No doubt that both parties want to get this finalized. Sooner rather than later.

Let’s look at “leverage”

Green Bay has their quarterback, Jordan Love. They have been preparing for life after Rodgers for some time. The Jets’ backup plan is Zach Wilson-not a welcomed household name for Jets faithful. That paired with Rodgers publicly announcing his INTENTION to play for the Jets will rile up the salivating fanbase and continue to pressure GM Joe Douglas to finalize a deal.

The idea is that a scenario exists where Rodgers comes back just to stick it to Green Bay. Forcing them to cough up $60 million is laughable. The Packers are comfortable waiting until closer to Draft Day. Hoping that the feisty New York fanbase can do the dirty work. Forcing Douglas’ hand to make this transaction happen.

It would seem that the Jets have more of an upper hand until draft day and then the Packers take over once we hit early May.

What seems to be a fair compensation package?

From what I’ve read, the Packers are not asking for multiple first-round picks. However, I would think that one 2023 1st or MAYBE 2nd rounder paired with an offensive weapon (Corey Davis perhaps?) and then a 2024 conditional pick based on Rodgers’ performance is reasonable. Another, arguably bigger, component to this whole package will be how much the Jets are willing to take on as far as Rodgers’ contract goes.

How does this trade impact each team’s draft needs?

The Jets will likely bolster their offensive line in preparation for protecting their nearly-40-year-old QB. Assuming they keep their 13th pick in the first round, I expect it to be an NFL-ready tackle (a la Paris Johnson Jr.).

As far as the Packers go, if they do not acquire a receiver in this trade with NY then I would be shocked if we don’t target one in the draft. We have to equip Jordan Love with as much as possible-especially with the departure of both Allen Lazard and Robert Tonyan. Though the Packers have certainly surprised me in years past.

The popcorn has been flowing over here waiting for the news that a trade has been agreed upon. I would love to hear your thoughts on a fair compensation package in this Aaron Rodgers to New York deal! Let me know @MirdaSheWrote on Twitter!

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