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Biggest Team Needs – AFC West and South

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It’s felt like every article goes something like “team X’s biggest need is…offensive line”. My hope as we dive down the rabbit trail here, is that the teams need more but honestly you can’t have enough good lineman! The AFC West and South have definitely been down in 2022, other than KC and the Chargers. So I’m sure we will see plenty of needs met with this talented incoming class of rookie.

Biggest Team Needs – AFC West

Denver Broncos

Honestly it starts under center, Russell Wilson has not done well for the Broncos. Everyone will have their opinions, be it personality not fitting or just aging vet that hasn’t got it anymore. I myself don’t really care either way, what I see is a Broncos team that needs to hit the reset button across the board. 

How you do that can differ, I say go get your quarterback now. First things first, is this front office and coaching staff right to take this team in a new direction? Money will be the big issue, and this team will inevitably HAVE to stick with Russ, so you go get him protection. 

Though, truth be told in my 1st mock here on the site, I gave them Will Levis as this team needs to think about the future. If you look at lineman, a John Michael-Schmitz from Minnesota makes a lot of sense. You have a lineman that can play anywhere on the interior, and you slot him in from day 1 and see an immediate help.

Kansas City Chiefs

What do you do for the team that is yearly talked about as a favorite to win it all? Whatever you want really ha ha. I gave them Rashee Rice from SMU, I could also see them take secondary pieces or offensive lineman, and all could use some reinforcements honestly. 

Rice gives them a big, physical, speedy wideout that allows you to keep Toney as your gadget wideout and then you can utilize Skyy Moore as your other outside speedster, and you really are creating mismatches all over the field.

Las Vegas Raiders

Can you draft a new head coach? I kid, I kid but I think their problems start at the top. I gave them Bryan Breese as I see defensive line as the biggest need for this team. You fix that line and I think you put them in a better spot, taking the pressure off the offense. Other needs would be wide receiver and secondary but with a top 10 pick (probably), nothing can be done. 

Los Angeles Chargers

I gave them an offensive lineman, as it seems like that’s a constant need for this team. I’d love to see them target some defense, maybe a Noah Sewell if he was available. The Chargers are ready to take the next step, feels like they are just a couple players away though.

Biggest Team Needs – AFC South

Houston Texans

Quarterback, offensive line, defensive line, secondary could all use some help. They take their top QB, whether its Bryce or CJ, then they have a 2nd first rounder to take BPA. I gave them Quentin Johnston from TCU, as a true WR1 to pair with your young QB could be a huge help. 

Indianapolis Colts

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, the Colts need QB help…

Unfortunately, this team needs more than a QB but with the division they are in, they could fix it fast. One good offseason of free agency and solid drafting, things could be different in 2023. I gave them CJ Stroud, but I could see them take Levis or wait till the second round and target Anthony Richardson.  

Jacksonville Jaguars

They are looking dangerous as 2022 closes out, and I think they could target offensive o defensive lineman. Interior on either side could be huge but I gave them a game-changer at wideout in JSN. I think my mock will change for them a lot over the next month or two. I gave them my favorite player there but if I target need, it’s probably best interior defensive lineman. 

Tennessee Titans

The class of the AFC South is in dire straits, and they need a few pieces unfortunately. I expect them to target edge rushers, and gave them Nolan Smith in round 1. If they can add two pass rushers, I’d feel better about their odds to win the division in 2023. 

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