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Biggest Team Needs – NFC East & North

I wanted to take a break from my personal top players at each position, though I’ll get back to that here soon.  As we are on the brink of bowl season and the NFL inching toward the playoffs, I wanted to take a look at each team’s biggest needs. On top of that, I’ll offer my favorite player for said team, and when we pull receipts we can see how far off I was lol.

Biggest Team Needs – NFC East 

Dallas Cowboys

The trenches used to be a strength for the Cowboys, it’s definitely in flux at the moment. I’d say the interior defensive line is the bigger need, they did invest early draft capital on the offensive line in 2022. I’d love to see a guy like Zacch Pickens, a disruptor in the middle of that defense.

New York Giants

I am not 100% on board with Daniel Jones but this team has bigger needs. Interior offensive lineman, a center/guard combo would be great. A guy like Andrew Voorhees from USC would be an interesting fit here. He’s a big, physical, versatile lineman that could play outside in a pinch.

Philadelphia Eagles

They’ve been really good this season but anyone can be better. This team could use another linebacker or safety to really strengthen that back half of the defense. Jordan Battle would be fun here, they could use him at either safety position. He can play up in the box or deep, and he’s super aggressive.

Washington Commanders

For another team that could use interior offensive line help, I’ll pivot and go with Paris Johnson from Ohio State. He is a great athlete that could play inside or outside, so Washington can determine where he fits.

I could see this team looking for tight end help as well, a Michael Mayer or Darnell Washington type. I could see this team going in a few directions, even a QB wouldn’t surprise me but they really should just see what happens with Heinicke as the #1 for now.

Biggest Team Needs – NFC North

Chicago Bears

A rebuilding team that already has its quarterback is well on its way! I’d say the Bears should grab the best available but for this exercise, linebacker is potentially their biggest need. If a Noah Sewell-type player is there, they need to run the card up. They need a leader in the middle of that group, and Sewell would be a huge addition. The fun thing here is the Bears have a ton of money to spend as well, so this will be an interesting offseason.

Detroit Lions

Detroit needs Linebackers, plural. They need a franchise QB but it’s not the biggest need. I’d love to see them target the defensive line again this year, give me a monster in the middle to pair with McNeil like Jalen Carter from Georgia.

With multiple firsts, I’d love to see them target defense twice this year. There is a ton of defensive talent, if they could get a cornerback like a Christian Gonzalez, that’d be huge!

Green Bay Packers

I think they are good at WR and QB (looking at you Jordan Love). The offensive line would be where I’d turn my attention to, Jaelyn Duncan would be an awesome addition because he can start out on the right side if need be and shift to the left when Bakhtiari moves on.

Minnesota Vikings

Pretty clear, this defense needs reinforcements. Jared Verse from FSU would be great rushing off the edge. His first step burst is strong. I would think about Derrick Hall from Auburn as well but I think he’s not on the same level as Verse at this time. 

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