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Top 10 Quarterbacks for the 2023 NFL Draft (Well Mine At Least)


Thursday Night, April 27th can’t get here fast enough. As a Lions fan I’m ready for my Super Bowl lol. There are multiple teams that could be looking closely at next year’s crop of quarterbacks, as there are some spots that need a franchise QB. Detroit, Carolina, Washington, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and even Denver could be in the market next year. A lot can change between today and then but either way, this class will have plenty of opportunities to target QB.

This class is ordered based on the guys I’ve liked the most and why I like them. All ten of these players have a chance to push for day 1/2 consideration. Historically speaking, you don’t get that many drafted that fast. With that being said, feel free to DM me if you want to talk more about any of these prospects!

Top 10 Quarterbacks for the 2023 NFL Draft (Well Mine At Least)

  1. Will Levis – Kentucky

    I know this will shock most people, this kid has all the tools to be successful at the next level. Levis has taken a good but not great team and had them beating up on stronger opponents. He’s got plus accuracy on medium and deep balls, can make all the throws and has a quick release.

  2. CJ Stroud – Ohio State

    I’ll be honest, I’d prefer college QB’s stay in college all four years, develop as much as they can and then head to the league. Unfortunately, it’s a business and most don’t have too. Stroud has a solid arm, and from what I’ve watched does a good job with placement. I see no issues with his ability to navigate the pocket and his progressions.

  3. Bryce Young – Alabama

    Some folks worry about size, some about injuries. I will say 2022 has shown that he is tough, can elevate those around him and deal with adversity without losing his cool. I think he will have plenty of suitors in the first round next year but I also could make the case that he slides to day 2…

  4. Hendon Hooker – Tennessee

    No one would’ve had him here, in consideration for 1st round draft capital even six months ago (probably). Through now, he’s only thrown 1 interception…let that sink in. He has the proto-typical NFL frame, can make all the throws and runs that spread offense well. It’ll be interesting to see how he projects to the next level, with how much teams have to go off script and improvise.

  5. Grayson McCall – Coastal Carolina

    Sports Illustrated

    This young man is TOUGH and he has the physical tools to be a starter in the NFL. He’s mobile enough to be dangerous and I can easily see him lead just about any offensive scheme.

  6. DJ Uiagalelei – Clemson

    People have been off and on with DJ-U over his career, mostly because expectations weren’t met immediately. He has the size-speed profile teams will love and I still think he projects as a starting QB in the NFL. His arm strength is top 15 NFL easily, can make deep passes and outs with great velocity. 

  7. Anthony Richardson – Florida

    This player I HOPE stays another year, he could be really exciting as a potential first rounder in 2024 but I don’t know that he’d do that in this class. His running ability is elite but its the other elements of being a QB that just need some refinement. Richardson’s got the arm to make all the passes but still needs to learn proper touch, again reps will improve this.

  8. Tyler Van Dyke (TVD) – Miami

    TVD’s run the Hurricanes spread offense perfectly, he’s got all the physical tools to be a starter at the next level. I feel like I should say see Anthony Richardson’s response, as live reps will be huge for TVD.

  9. Tanner McKee – Stanford

    He may be the first pro-style signal caller on my list. He’s the tallest but that also has its pitfalls. As we move down the list, 7-10 really could change based on reps and coaching. They all have the talent to make it to the league but will teams see the potential of alot of their raw tools?

  10. KJ Jefferson – Arkansas

    BYU football is preparing for the return of Arkansas QB KJ Jefferson, who was sidelined last week with a head injury. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
    Wesley Hitt/Getty

    This dudes athletic profile is top 5  but his passing game needs work. He has the tools and size to develop into a starter, just needs coached up. I’d love to see him go to a team with a veteran, give him a year or two and let him take over then.

There were easily 10-15 other names I debated about and some of these may go back to school. Any questions or just want to keep the conversation going, hit me up on Twitter Feel free to @ me or DM me and we can talk more about them and the rest of the 2023 NFL Draft, and don’t forget to check out our Mock Draft’s here on Draft Countdown!

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