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2024 NFL Draft Deal or No Deal: Round One

2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is a little over nine weeks away. A lot of business negotiations will be done at the Scouting Combine starting next week. Every year we see a few hot spots for trading in round one. Today, I will look at a handful of them.

2024 NFL Draft Deal or No Deal: Round One

Pick 1: Chicago Bears (f. Carolina)

At this point, I am about 95% convinced that Chicago is staying put, taking Southern Cal QB Caleb Williams and moving QB Justin Fields later.

Pick 2: Washington Commanders

I can’t see the Commanders giving up the haul it would take to go from #2 to #1. Nor do I see them trading out of the pick and passing on either North Carolina QB Drake Maye or LSU QB Jayden Daniels.

Pick 3: New England Patriots

This is where I think we see a deal.’s Chad Reuter sees the Patriots as a possibility to trade for Justin Fields and I love it. The Bears pair Marvin Harrison Jr. (WR/Ohio State) with Caleb Williams. They give up a quarterback they are moving on from anyway. I would expect the trade to look like pick 3 for pick 9 and Fields. Plus some pick swaps are thrown in there as well.

Pick 4: Arizona Cardinals

If Marvin Harrison Jr. is indeed off the board, then I would expect the Cardinals’ phone to buzz from many teams picking below them. Teams looking to secure that third quarterback on the board. The New York Giants at 6, Falcons at 8, Vikings at 11, Broncos at 12, Raiders at 13, and the Saints at 14 are all teams that would be interested in a move up.

I would be curious as to what that package of picks would look like.

Pick 12: Denver Broncos

Broncos head coach Sean Payton has made it abundantly clear that they need new blood at quarterback. Russell Wilson is out and Jarrett Stidham ain’t it. 

In a trade-up scenario, I talked about them potentially going up to three to draft either Maye or Daniels. Denver doesn’t have an abundance of draft capital. They don’t have a second-round pick (Sean Payton trade). So a move that far up may not be logistically possible. However, a slight move up to get ahead of Atlanta and/or Minnesota for Michigan QB JJ McCarthy could be more palatable.

Pick 14: New Orleans Saints

I include the New Orleans Saints here because their GM Mickey Loomis is a lunatic who is allergic to a rebuild and hates draft picks more than Les Snead. He could trade up for anything and it would not shock me.

Pick 18: Cincinnati Bengals


I included this because the Bengals never trade up and it makes me sad.

Pick 19: Los Angeles Rams

If the Rams stay in the first round it will be the first time they have made a first-round selection since 2016 (Jared Goff). Les Snead has only just come around to liking picks again.

Pick 20: Pittsburgh Steelers

Could the Steelers be involved in some sort of pick swap with Chicago involving Justin Fields? A move up for an offensive tackle again? Pittsburgh has never been afraid of maneuvering around the draft board. You have to respect that.

Rest of the First Round

As always the back seven picks of the first round are always prime-time real estate for moving up or out of round one. 


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