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Welcome Back! Glad to see you, and with my first outing back this season we are looking at some of the big names and names to watch in the Big 12 conference! There are some strong players in this conference, from Quinn Ewers and Dillon Gabriel to Cobee Bryant (Also a cornerback) and Kobe Savage. It’s ok if you aren’t familiar with them, we have you covered!



Blake Shapen Baylor
Kedon Slovis BYU
Emory Jones Cincinnati
Evan Prater Cincinnati
Donovan Smith Houston
Jalon Daniels Kansas
Will Howard Kansas State
Dillon Gabriel Oklahoma
Alan Bowman Oklahoma State
Chance Nolan TCU
Chandler Morris TCU
Quinn Ewers Texas
Behren Morton Texas Tech
Tyler Shough Texas Tech
Garrett Greene West Virginia

I know everyone’s excited about Arch Manning, and Maalik Murphy but Ewers is QB1 for the 2023 season. If you’ve checked out our mock drafts, we think Quinn Ewers has day-two NFL Draft potential. Slovis is a name everyone’s heard but after landing on his 3rd college team, can he turn things around? BYU enters its first year in the Big 12. They have recently produced NFL quarterbacks like Zach Wilson and Jarren Hall, so is the 3rd time a charm?

Dillon Gabriel is a player I think can take a big step in his draft potential this season, he played well at UCF but can take his game to the next level with a strong year at Oklahoma. The downside for Gabriel will inevitably be age-related, though if a player is good enough it won’t matter.

Tyler Shough is another guy that had higher expectations when he took over for Justin Herbert at Oregon but hasn’t seen that come to fruition. He went 8-1 for Texas Tech, with a 63% completion percentage in his time there and a solid command of the offense, he should be able to impress in his final year with the Red Raiders.

Running Backs

Jordan Jenkins Baylor
Aidan Robbins BYU
Corey Kiner Cincinnati
Ryan Montgomery Cincinnati
Devin Neal Kansas
Dylan McDuffie Kansas
Sevion Morrison Kansas
Treshaun Ward Kansas State
Marcus Major Oklahoma
Elijah Collins Oklahoma State
Emani Bailey TCU
Trey Sanders TCU
Jonathon Brooks Texas
Keilan Robinson Texas
Tahj Brooks Texas Tech
Kansas reaches bowl eligibility for first time since 2008 as Jayhawks soar  past No. 18 Oklahoma State -

Devin Neal and Trey Sanders are arguably the biggest names in the conference but I’d argue we haven’t seen the best out of guys like Corey Kiner and Keilan Robinson. With many Big 12 rushing leaders being drafted this spring, there’s plenty of room for some of these names to make the jump to the top. Neal was 5th in yards from scrimmage last season, and most of the other top 10 are in the NFL.

Wide Receivers

Monaray Baldwin Baylor
Dee Wiggins Cincinnati
Keyshawn Helton Cincinnati
Xzavier Henderson Cincinnati
Devaughn Vele Houston
Phillip Brooks III Kansas State
Cody Jackson Oklahoma
Drake Stoops Oklahoma
Jalil Farooq Oklahoma
LV Bunkley-Shelton Oklahoma
Brennan Presley Oklahoma State
De’Zhaun Stribling Oklahoma State
Jaden Bray Oklahoma State
Jack Bech TCU
Jaylon Robinson TCU
JoJo Earle TCU
Savion Williams TCU
Shadrach Banks TCU
Adonai Mitchell Texas
Isaiah Neyor Texas
Jordan Whittington Texas
Xavier Worthy Texas
Drae McCray Texas Tech
Loic Fouonji Texas Tech
Devin Carter West Virginia
Ja’Shaun Poke West Virginia

Xavier Worthy is definitely at the top of this list and already has a chance to be a round-one receiver in the 2024 NFL Draft. Another year with coach Sarkisian, he has a chance to be a mid 1st round selection. He has excellent size, plus route-running ability, breakaway speed (think a gazelle lol), and many more of the intangibles you ask from your elite WR1. I’d argue him for WR1 in the class but Marvin Harrison Jr and Emeka Egbuka are hard to catch.

Tight Ends

Drake Dabney Baylor
Isaac Rex BYU
Masen Wake BYU
Joey Beljan Cincinnati
Mike O’Laughlin Houston
Jared Casey Kansas
Mason Fairchild Kansas
Ben Sinnott Kansas State
Austin Stogner Oklahoma
Braden Cassity Oklahoma State
Josiah Johnson Oklahoma State
Jared Wiley TCU
Ja’Tavion Sanders Texas
Baylor Cupp Texas Tech
Kole Taylor West Virginia
(Photo: Ben Queen, USA Today Sports)

In their final year season in the conference, Texas has plenty of talent that will keep scouts’ eyes locked on the Big 12. Ja’Tavion Sanders is the cream of the crop but Austin Stogners a close 2nd in this group. Sanders is a receiving threat first and I’d argue there are better blockers in the conference than him. 

Offensive Lineman

Campbell Barrington Baylor
Clark Barrington Baylor
Connor Pay BYU
Mike Novitsky Kansas
Cooper Beebe Kansas State
Andrew Raym Oklahoma
McKade Mettauer Oklahoma
Nate Anderson Oklahoma
Brandon Coleman TCU
Garrett Hayes TCU
Jake Majors Texas
Cole Spencer Texas Tech
Rusty Staats Texas Tech
Brandon Yates West Virginia
Doug Nester West Virginia
Zach Frazier West Virginia
Gavin Byers Baylor
Ian Fitzgerald BYU
Kingsley Suamataia BYU
Jaylen Garth Houston
Patrick Paul Houston
Logan Brown Kansas
Christian Duffie Kansas State
Tyler Guyton Oklahoma
Walter Rouse Oklahoma
Andrew Coker TCU
Tommy Brockermeyer TCU
Christian Jones Texas
Wyatt Milum West Virginia

I typically start with scouting Oklahoma linemen, as they have a solid track record. Jones and Majors from Texas have a chance to spotlight their abilities but time will tell if they can handle what’s going to be asked of them.

Defensive Lineman

Gabe Hall Baylor
TJ Franklin Baylor
Dontay Corleone Cincinnati
Jowon Briggs Cincinnati
Chidozie Nwankwo Houston
Isaiah Coe Oklahoma
Jacob Lacey Oklahoma
Jordan Kelley Oklahoma
Byron Murphy Texas
T’Vondre Sweat Texas
Vernon Broughton Texas
Jaylon Hutchings Texas Tech
Myles Cole Texas Tech
Tony Bradford Jr. Texas Tech
Garmon Randolph Baylor
Tyler Batty BYU
Khalid Duke Kansas State
Nate Matlack Kansas State
Ethan Downs Oklahoma
Jonah Laulu Oklahoma
Reggie Grimes Oklahoma
Rondell Bothroyd Oklahoma
Trace Ford Oklahoma
Anthony Goodlow Oklahoma State
Collin Oliver Oklahoma State
Alfred Collins Texas
Barryn Sorrell Texas
Sean Martin West Virginia
(Photo: Jay Biggerstaff, USA Today Sports)

TJ Franklin and Alfred Collins are currently at the top of my list from this group, though I’m intrigued to see what happens with Oklahoma’s defensive line situation as the season unfolds. I also appreciate when a player opts to come back and try to take the team to another level, Franklin didn’t like how things went for Baylor last year, and believes he can help finish his career strong, shows leadership and character.


Byron Vaughns Baylor
Matt Jones Baylor
AJ Vongphachanh BYU
Ben Bywater BYU
Chaz Ah You BYU
Max Tooley BYU
DeShawn Pace Cincinnati
David Ugwoegbu Houston
Nelson Caesar Houston
Craig Young Kansas
Daniel Green Kansas State
Danny Stutsman Oklahoma
Marcus Stripling Oklahoma
Shane Whitter Oklahoma
Justin Wright Oklahoma State
Jamoi Hodge TCU
Johnny Hodges TCU
Marcel Brooks TCU
Jaylan Ford Texas
Steve Linton Texas Tech

Currently, Danny Stutsman’s the top backer on my watch list, and should be a day two draft pick next year. Stutsman’s not the only solid defender in Oklahoma (also in their final Big 12 season) but the tackle machine looks like an intense day 2 NFL Draft candidate, with strong athletic ability, plus vision and he does a great job wrapping up and bringing players down.


Hasaan Hypolite Houston
Kenny Logan Jr. Kansas
Marvin Grant Kansas
Kobe Savage Kansas State
Billy Bowman Oklahoma
Key Lawrence Oklahoma
Reggie Pearson Jr. Oklahoma
Kendal Daniels Oklahoma State
Bud Clark TCU
Mark Perry TCU
Nook Bradford TCU
Jalen Catalon Texas
Jerrin Thompson Texas
Ryan Watts Texas
Dadrion Taylor-Demerson Texas Tech
Aubrey Burks West Virginia
(Photo: Taylor Estes, 247Sports)

Jalen Catalon and Kobe Savage headline this group (so far) for me, I had thought Catalon was good enough to be a top safety if he came out last year, still have the same feeling this season. Catalon’s got great instincts and is a big hitter with ball-hawking ability that teams will fall in love with during the draft process (if they haven’t already).


Isaiah Dunson Baylor
Brian George Houston
Cobee Bryant Kansas
Damarius McGhee Kansas
DJ Graham Oklahoma
Woodi Washington Oklahoma
Avery Helm TCU
Josh Newton TCU
Jahdae Barron Texas
Kitan Crawford Texas
Rayshad Williams Texas Tech
Montre Miller West Virginia

I’m leaving this group as TBD, there have been flashes shown by some of these Big 12 prospects but I have more film to watch before I can give a strong opinion on this crop of corners.

If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, as I am always looking for new opportunities to write and join new teams, and make new friends! Check out the Mock Drafts we will be dropping throughout the year, and feel free to check out the NFL odds.

Take care!


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