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2024 NFL Draft Review: AFC East

The 2024 NFL Draft is in the books, we saw plenty of talented players make their way from college to the pros and now we look back and see how the AFC East did in Detroit! Did the Patriots get their next franchise quarterback? Were the Jets able to do enough to protect Aaron Rodgers? Did Miami and Buffalo get enough help to make a deep playoff run?

2024 NFL Draft Review: AFC East

New England Patriots

1-3: Drake Maye, QB UNC
2-37: Ja’Lynn Polk, WR Washington
3-68: Caedan Wallace, OT Penn State
4-103: Layden Robinson, IOL Texas A&M
4-110: Javon Baker, WR UCF
6-180: Marcellus Dial, CB South Carolina
6-193: Joe Milton, QB Tennessee
7-231: Jaheim Bell, TE Florida State

Best Overall Pick: Drake Maye, QB UNC
Best Value: Javon Baker, WR UCF
Biggest Reach: Ja’Lynn Polk, WR Washington 
Favorite UDFA: Jontrey Hunter, LB/S Georgia State

Maye is a no-brainer as the best pick for the Pats, as I do see him as their next franchise quarterback (with an asterisk). If they throw him into the fire from day one, I think that’s doing him a disservice honestly. Let Jacoby Brissett handle the reps in year one, and maybe even year two as you have to add a suitable offensive line and pass-catching options to help your young signal-caller out.

With the best value and reach both being the wideouts the Pats drafted, I look at it this way. Baker plays primarily on the outside and though they are similar in size/speed, you didn’t have to spend such a high-end pick getting a guy like Baker where Polk went well before most expected (for example, Huddle Report had him 30+ picks later in their value board). That doesn’t mean I don’t like both players, I think they are immediately better options than anything on their team currently.

For the UDFA’s, I try to figure out who would have a shot to make the 53-man or at least the practice squad and I think Hunter has a chance, with their current LBs getting older they could look to a guy like Hunter as a chance to develop into something down the road. He’s strong and does well taking on the blockers and playing the run. Not the fastest, but having a really good football IQ could go a long way to help him make the roster.

New York Jets

1-11: Olu Fashanu, OT Penn State
3-65: Malachi Corley, WR Western Kentucky
4-134: Braelon Allen, RB Wisconsin 
5-171: Jordan Travis, QB Florida State
5-173: Isaiah Davis, RB South Dakota State 
5-176: Qwan’tez Stiggers, Toronto (CFL) 
7-257: Jaylen Key, S Alabama 

Best Overall Pick: Olu Fashanu, OT Penn State
Best Value: Malachi Corley, WR Western Kentucky
Biggest Reach: Isaiah Davis, RB South Dakota State (I guess)
Favorite UDFA: Braiden McGregor, EDGE Michigan

The Jets are all in on trying to give Aaron Rodgers weapons and protection (as best they can). I would’ve picked Jordan Travis as the best value if they hadn’t drafted Corley, who if you told me was one of the top wideouts in the class in 10 years, I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s gritty, smart, and an electric player that they didn’t have to go up and get which was even better for them. 

A 5th round running back really can’t be considered a reach but they didn’t have many picks, already had used one on a running so it was that it made minimal sense so it became the reach of their class, for what it’s worth! You can never have enough edge rushers, so adding McGregor is really intriguing and is just a relentless edge rusher that I think could work his way into a roster spot, which makes him my favorite of their UDFA class!

Miami Dolphins

1-21: Chop Robinson, EDGE Penn State 
2-55: Patrick Paul, OT Houston 
4-120: Jaylen Wright, RB Tennessee 
5-158: Mohamed Kamara, EDGE Colorado State 
6-184: Malik Washington, WR Virginia 
6-198: Patrick McMorris, S Cal 
7-241: Tahj Washington, WR USC 

Best Overall Pick: Jaylen Wright, RB Tennessee
Best Value: Malik Washington, WR Virginia
Biggest Reach: NA
Favorite UDFA: Storm Duck, CB Louisville

For a team that was in the playoffs, you’d imagine they wouldn’t have nearly as many needs but did a great job adding to their roster in the draft. Wright could easily push for earlier playing time, as he’s a much different style of back than Achane and a younger upgrade for to the veteran Mostert. I couldn’t find a reach here, their top 3 players taken all fell around where most predicted they’d go and I won’t just pluck a name out of thin air here, well done Miami!

Storm Duck is an interesting UDFA, for a team with needs at corner. Their starters are set but the depth could certainly use some reinforcements, and I think that’s where the 6′ Duck comes in handy! He’s an aggressive tackler, has good speed (clocked in at 4.43 in the 40), and has good ball skills that could make the 53 with a strong offseason. 

Buffalo Bills

2-33: Keon Coleman, WR FSU 
2-60: Cole Bishop, S Utah 
3-95: DeWayne Carter, DL Duke 
4-128: Ray Davis, RB Kentucky 
5-141: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, IOL Georgia 
5-160: Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB Washington
5-168: Javon Solomon, EDGE Troy 
6-204: Tylan Grable, OT UCF
6-219: Dequan Hardy, CB Penn State
7-221: Travis Clayton, OT England

Best Overall Pick: Cole Bishop, S Utah
Best Value: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, IOL Georgia
Biggest Reach: None, I won’t stoop to this one lol.
Favorite UDFA: Frank Gore Jr, RB Southern Miss

I love what Buffalo did, their top 2 picks were huge gets for them and could be day 1 starters that turn in big performances from the get-go. Coleman showed the world he could be a #1 last year and that’s something Buffalo needs with Diggs gone Bishop was my favorite safety in the draft class, bringing a versatility that could make him dangerous in that secondary.

Adding a player that most had as a day 2 pick in the 5th round in Pran-Granger was a steal in my opinion, he could play along the interior if injuries occur this year, and could be your long-term fix at center in a couple of seasons. Another team that I think managed the draft well, so no reaches here and I like them bringing in Gore Jr, as they could easily make a case for keeping him on the practice squad and using him in a pinch.

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