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Five Bold Predictions for the 2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is six days away. For the most part, everyone’s boards should be set. We, as fans of the draft process almost revel in the chaos of it all. With that being said, today I make five bold predictions that would add to the anarchy of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Five Bold Predictions for the 2024 NFL Draft

ZERO Safeties Will Be Selected in the First Two Rounds

This safety class is weak sauce. There assuredly will not be one drafted in the first round. I don’t even think we will see a safety go in round two. I like both Javon Bullard (Georgia) and Cole Bishop (Utah) as potential day-one starters. Washington State’s Jaden Hicks has a lot of fans in the league and could push to be the first safety as well. I just think the value from other spots will push them all down to round three. Others like Kamren Kinchens (Miami-FL) and Tyler Nubin (Minnesota) completely tanked the draft process. 

Only 3 Tight Ends Selected before Day Three

This tight end class is nowhere on the level of its 2023 counterpart. Essentially, you have Brock Bowers (Georgia) who is head and shoulders above everyone else. Texas TE J’Tavion Sanders has been TE2 for most of the process but an average NFL Combine performance coupled with other factors has pushed him to TE3 for me. Ben Sinnott (Kansas State) is a tremendous athlete with good all-around tape. 

I just don’t think another TE is worth the shot on day two. Jaheim Bell (Florida State) is going to be a fun weapon for a team but I  don’t know how many teams even have him on the board as a tight end. Jared Wiley (TCU) is getting pumped up a bit as well. After that, you would have to make a compelling argument for Theo Johnson (Penn State) and Cade Stover (Ohio State) to spend that kind of draft capital on them.

No Running Back Taken Before the 56th Pick

It is no secret that the running back position has been de-valued from an NFL Draft perspective. And the way the NFL was handing out contracts to veteran RBs this offseason it also may be an indication of how they feel about the 2024 NFL Draft RB class.

Any of the top 6 RBs on my board could be the first back taken. But until Dallas comes on the clock at pick 56, I don’t see a team spending a draft pick on one.

Colts Draft a SUB-8 RAS Player

The Indianapolis Colts have not drafted a sub-8.0 RAS player in the last two NFL Drafts. The last one selected was in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft (TE Kylen Granson).

In the Chris Ballard era in Indy (since 2017), the Colts have made 64 draft picks. 59 of the players have tested enough to get a RAS score. The average score for them in that timeframe is 8.39. Indy likes athletes. 

However, 2024 feels like a time to bust that streak. So, I believe Ballard goes off script and dips into the YELLOW once again.

T’Vondre Sweat Nearly Falls to Day 3

Texas DL T’Vondre Sweat had appeared in a few first-round mocks after the Senior Bowl. A Senior Bowl where he raised a red flag by refusing to weigh in. Now those red flags are flying in full regalia. Sweat was arrested and charged with a DWI a few weeks ago. This only intensified a reputation for alcohol issues and immaturity. Now, he almost assuredly will fall out of day one and may even slip into day three.

But it only takes one team to overlook things. Which is why I believe Sweat comes off the board late on day two. Somewhere between the 93rd pick for Baltimore and the 100th selection by the Washington Commanders. The 49ers at pick 94 and KC at pick 95 are also in play.

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