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Houston Texans Mock Draft 2024

Coming off of a playoff season, the Houston Texans look to push for more in 2024! They’ve done some big things at the start of free agency but this article is focused on what they might do in the 2024 NFL Draft! They have a really solid roster, outside of interior defensive and offensive linemen, I could see this team focus on just taking the best player, no matter the position.

Houston Texans 2024 Mock Draft Results:

2-42: Braden Fiske, DL Florida State

May not be the biggest linemen but man this dudes athletic! The combine showcased that athleticism but for this article, the reason I targeted him for the Texans (even though they spent plenty on free agents) is that this young man could step into the rotation from day 1 and play anywhere across the line. He’s good in the run game OR as a pass rusher, and just gives them another attacker to take them to the next level!

2-59: Edgerrin Cooper, EDGE Texas A&M

Cooper brings a physicality that could turn him (quickly) into a feared edge rusher in the NFL. He was one of the faster edge players in this class (along with a player we drafted later) but is a better pass rusher than run defender at least today.

3-86: Christian Haynes, IOL Connecticut

As much as I like Haynes, I could see him here in the 3rd round because he’s purely an interior offensive lineman (and that’s perfectly fine!). He’s strong, smart, and has been a captain for some time at UConn, and this team hasn’t added any offensive linemen so it’s certainly possible they draft one early this year.

4-123: Khyree Jackson, CB Oregon

I know I’ve mocked him in the 4th round a few times (and will some more), as you just don’t see a lot of 6’4” outside corners that could develop into a starter but don’t have to in year 1 or 2 (which could be huge for him). He’s physical and at his size, can make any catch a contested catch!

4-127: Malik Washington, WR Virginia

Smaller wideout at 5’8” but could develop into their slot wideout of the future, and he played a ton in the slot at Virginia, so I think the development time may be shorter for a player like Washington.

6-188: Tykee Smith, S Georgia

Smith is a strong, physical safety who could spend a ton of time in the box as you saw him take on linemen regularly and did well shedding them. He could rotate in from day 1 but probably is more of a long-term backup with the ability to spot start in case of injury.

7-238: Isaac Guerendo, RB Louisville

Guerendo made a name for himself at the combine, will be interesting to see if that helps his draft stock at all. The Texans traded for Joe Mixon but you can’t beat the speed that Guerendo brings to the table, and with his size and speed, some team will draft him so why not a team like the Texans?

7-247: Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE Washington

He’s explosive and could be a nice developmental stash this late in the draft. He’s a physical edge rusher who does an above-average job shedding blockers and could see him as a rotational depth edge rusher in year one.

7-252: Kalen DeLoach, LB Florida State

With his size and speed, I’d wonder how teams look to use him at the next level (play some safety?). He’s got the athleticism and has done enough in college and the draft process to get drafted, so landing in a spot like this could give him time to develop!

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