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Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Draft | 7-Round Mock Draft

I love a good underdog story and the Panthers could be viewed that way in 2024. The Carolina Panthers made some solid moves since bringing in a new staff, adding a #1 receiver in Diontae Johnson, some offensive line help to protect their young quarterback, and some defensive help that can help offset the fact that they don’t have a first-round pick to use.

They are making the right choice at present, trying to build a solid offense around Bryce Young, who’s smart and could certainly be your guy if given the right help. For me, going into this mock draft I look for the best talent, guys that could be on the roster for the long haul. They need some WR help, DBs, and Edge rushers as their highest needs, I will say the draft looks a little different to start but let us see what we can do!

NOTE: I’m trying PFN’s mock draft simulator this go around, but also used our friends over at NFL Mock Draft Database as both are great tools to help you prep for the 2024 NFL Draft!

Carolina Panthers 2024 NFL Draft | 7-Round Mock Draft Results:

2-33: Jordan Morgan, OT Arizona

The way the board fell, I was really surprised to see a player that most seem to view as a top 25-30 prospect. The big knock on Morgan revolves around strength but he’s a player you don’t have to start immediately with playable vets ahead of him while you help develop him, he’s worth a 2nd round pick easily.

2-39: Ladd McConkey, WR Georgia

Hopefully, you’re happy Panthers fans, as it looks like most consensus picks point toward McConkey as their top WR to target in the early 2nd. Truth be told, I considered Troy Franklin at 33 but with Morgan falling I really thought that was the smarter play long term. You have some taller, larger wideouts on the team in Mingo and Marshall Jr, a do-it-all in Johnson so McConkey can add a variety to the room that I think helps allow Coach Canales to use him, Johnson, and even a vet like David Moore in ways to set up mismatches. 

3-65: Chris Braswell, EDGE Alabama

For some reason, Brian Burns is no longer on your team. I don’t think this draft necessarily fixes that for you but I target some high-upside athletic edge rushers to potentially rotate in and fill the void. Both Braswell (and Murphy later) post some strong RAS scores (if that’s your sort of thing) but you land arguably 2 of the top 10-12 edge rushers in a class full of solid edge rushers. 

3-101: Andru Phillips, CB Kentucky

Sadly, I didn’t get you DB help earlier but I think you’ll be pleased with the DB I got you! Phillips is still newer to the position but is a really good athlete who, with some time, development, and reps, could turn into a nice starter for you. 

4-141: Jaheim Bell, TE Florida State

Bell could wind up being the story of the player that never was, or he can turn an up-and-down college career into a long NFL career, it’s up to him. He’s a better pass-catcher than a blocker but he doesn’t have to start early. He can be the depth that they deploy as a receiver until he’s ready to step up, and at the very least can be a good backup.

4-142: Isaac Guerendo, RB Louisville

Everyone was talking about Guerendo after posting some amazing numbers, but he’s more than just numbers. He can help as a pass-catcher, and he can be a game-changing big-play threat as a runner as well.

7-240: Gabriel Murphy, EDGE UCLA

Like Braswell, Murphy has a ton of athletic ability, and getting a guy like that this late, can make a team’s draft look amazing. Is he the next Shaq Barrett? Probably not, but could be a nice starter down the road or at least rotational for you now. Absolutely!

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