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Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft (2024)

Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft, 2024 Shane Hallam

The Seahawks have their first head coaching change in over a decade. With Mike Macdonald taking over, changes will be coming to the systems the Seahawks use. Washington Huskies Offensive Coordinator Ryan Grubb will be taking over the offense with Defensive Coordinator Aden Durde being promoted.

The glaring hole on the Seahawks is the offensive line with the interior needing a lot of help, while Abraham Lucas and Charles Cross have not lived up to expectations at the Tackle spots.

The defense needs depth at almost every level, especially EDGE rusher. 

This would be a fun draft to build out and see if the Seahawks can add enough depth to contend.

This draft utilized the Mock Draft Database Mock Draft Simulator (the best for my money, which is to say, it is free) to simulate the draft. I did not try to trade any picks nor accept trades offered. 


Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft

Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft, 2024 Shane Hallam
Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft, 2024 Shane Hallam


The offensive line was a top priority, and Ryan Grubb got his starting OTs from the Huskies. Troy Fautanu will kick inside as the first-round selection. His nastiness and technique are exceptional, and if Cross flames out, Fautanu could certainly step into LT.

Roger Rosengarten is underrated right now and is likely to be a Top 100 pick. He can plug into the RT spot if Lucas’ knee issues force him to the sideline. He also has the versatility to play guard or tackle as well.

Marshawn Kneeland will give Macdonald a versatile edge piece who dominated in the MAC. He is big enough to kick inside as well. He could vary between 1-4i tech and allow for different uses. Adding pressure on the QB is Kneeland’s strength and what the Seahawks truly need.


Day 3 was mostly about depth. Sione Vaki gives some safety and special teams depth while he can be used at RB or in different areas of the defense as well. Vaki is a fun player who would fit the Seahawks’ culture and safety usage we have seen from MacDonald.

Joe Milton is an intriguing upside shot to take with his downfield passing ability and arm. I’m certainly not a Milton fan, but he is a fit for Grubb’s offense.

Devin Culp will hop back into his college offense as a big, athletic depth piece behind Noah Fant. Culp’s familiarity with the Seahawks’ offense should help him secure a spot and be a blocker and receiver in the red zone.

Finally, Tyrice Knight is a late-round shot in the “see ball, hit ball” mold. He can play special teams as well.


This draft won’t win awards, but it would solidify the Seahawks’ main issues while adding depth. 

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