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I know, last week’s article was a bit large (this one will be much the same haha), but at this point in the process, there are some clear favorites but also plenty to like about many of the prospects entering the 2024 NFL Draft season. We are getting close to conference re-alignments, and the PAC 12 will look very different shortly but for today, here are the top names to keep an eye on this college season!



Jayden de Laura Arizona
Drew Pyne Arizona State
Sam Jackson Cal
Shedeur Sanders Colorado
Bo Nix Oregon
Ty Thompson Oregon
Caleb Williams Southern Cal
Collin Schlee UCLA
Ethan Garbers UCLA
Cam Rising Utah
Dylan Morris Washington
Michael Penix Jr. Washington
Cameron Ward Washington State

We have arguably the #1 overall pick in Caleb Williams, as well as a few names that could be in consideration for late day one, possible day two picks in Michael Penix, Bo Nix, and potentially one of either Cam Ward or Shedeur Sanders. The former need to have very strong seasons to push themselves into the conversation, though the spotlight will be on what Coach Prime’s doing in Colorado. 

Nix is probably the most interesting story in the Pac-12, from a high-end prospect to having trouble, changing schools, to potentially bouncing back to day 1/2 NFL Draft is a really fun player to watch. I’ve enjoyed watching former NFL QB JT O’Sullivan’s “QB School” breakdowns, he does a great job of talking through everything from the footwork and throwing motions to just overall decision-making and play designs. 

Running Backs

Michael Wiley Arizona
Cameron Skattebo Arizona State
Byron Cardwell Cal
Isaiah Ifanse Cal
Alton McCaskill Colorado
Kavosiey Smoke Colorado
Bucky Irving Oregon
Noah Whittington Oregon
Austin Jones Southern Cal
MarShawn Lloyd Southern Cal
Casey Filkins Stanford
EJ Smith Stanford
Carson Steele UCLA
Deshun Murrell UCLA
Ja’Quinden Jackson Utah
Micah Bernard Utah
Daniyel Ngata Washington
Dillon Johnson Washington
Richard Newton Washington
Nakia Watson Washington State

This group will be intriguing to watch throughout the season, I could make the case that some of the younger backs in the conference make a name for themselves OVER this group. Lloyd, Irving, and Wiley are the names I’m most interested in seeing but you could make a case for either Stanford or UCLA back pushing up the draft board this fall.

Wide Receivers

Rome Odunze - Football - University of Washington Athletics
Red Box Pictures
Jacob Cowing Arizona
Chad Johnson Jr. Arizona State
Troy Omeire Arizona State
Xavier Guillory Arizona State
Jeremiah Hunter Cal
Jimmy Horn Colorado
Xavier Weaver Colorado
Gary Bryant Oregon
Kris Hutson Oregon
Tez Johnson Oregon
Traeshon Holden Oregon
Troy Franklin Oregon
Brenden Rice Southern Cal
Dorian Singer Southern Cal
Mario Williams Southern Cal
Tahj Washington Southern Cal
John Humphreys Stanford
J. Michael Sturdivant UCLA
Kam Brown UCLA
Kyle Ford UCLA
Mycah Pittman Utah
Jalen McMillan Washington
Rome Odunze Washington

This is an IMMENSELY talented group, with some players that will be drafted throughout the draft. Rome Odunze, Mario Williams, Jalen McMillan, Troy Franklin, Traeshon Holden, and Jacob Cowing are all going to be on the highlight reels with regularity. The first 2-3 names could be round 1/2 prospects, though Odunze is the name I most expect to hear called on night 1. 

Tight Ends

Tanner McLachlan Arizona
Jalin Conyers Arizona State
Messiah Swinson Arizona State
Terrance Ferguson Oregon
Jude Wolfe Southern Cal
Benjamin Yurosek Stanford
Lukas Ungar Stanford
Mike Martinez UCLA
Moliki Matavao UCLA
Brant Kuithe Utah
Thomas Yassmin Utah
Devin Culp Washington

Kuithe and Yurosek are arguably the best of the bunch, and if Kuithe wasn’t injured in 2022, who knows how the draft would have fallen for Dalton Kincaid? Conyers had a solid year on a rough team and should look better this year in a more tight-end-friendly scheme. Ferguson in Oregon had similar numbers to Conyers and is a nice big target that could see a similar bump in production going into 2023. 

Offensive Lineman

Ben Coleman Arizona State
Brian Driscoll Cal
Matt Cindric Cal
Landon Bebee Colorado
Jackson Powers-Johnson Oregon
Junior Angilau Oregon
Jarrett Kingston Southern Cal
Justin Dedich Southern Cal
Levi Rogers Stanford
Duke Clemens UCLA
Keaton Bills Utah
Sataoa Laumea Utah
Geirean Hatchett Washington
Troy Fautanu Washington
Jordan Morgan Arizona
Aaron Frost Arizona State
Savion Washington Colorado
AJ Cornelius Oregon
Steven Jones Oregon
Jonah Monheim Southern Cal
Michael Tarquin Southern Cal
Connor McLaughlin Stanford
Raiqwon O’Neal UCLA
Roger Rosengarten Washington
Fa’alili Fa’amoe
Washington State

Powers-Johnson is the cream of the crop here, and I don’t know that anyone overtakes him during the season. Arizona’s Jordan Morgan wasn’t far behind in PFF ratings, so potentially that’s the next man up to keep an eye on. I watched USC’s 2022 offensive line film over the summer, and it was up and down, so who knows what to make of the 2023 version.

Defensive Lineman

How UW outside linebacker Zion Tupuola-Fetui went from toe-wiggling to  quarterback-sacking in a six-month span | The Seattle Times
Washington linebacker Zion Tupuola-Fetui reacts to a play during a game against UCLA, Oct. 16, 2021, in Seattle. (Ted S. Warren / AP)
Kyon Barrs Arizona
Brett Johnson Cal
Leonard Payne, Jr. Colorado
Shane Cokes Colorado
Brandon Dorlus Oregon
Popo Aumavae Oregon
Taki Taimani Oregon
Jamar Sekona Southern Cal
Korey Foreman Southern Cal
Tobin Phillips Stanford
Tyler Manoa UCLA
Junior Tafuna Utah
Simote Pepa Utah
Jacob Bandes Washington
Tuli Letuligasenoa Washington
Ulumoo Ale Washington
Jason Harris Arizona
Clayton Smith Arizona State
Xavier Carlton Cal
Sav’ell Smalls Colorado
Taijh Alston Colorado
Taylor Upshaw Colorado
Jordan Burch Oregon
Gabriel Murphy UCLA
Grayson Murphy UCLA
Laiatu Latu UCLA
Jonah Elliss Utah
Van Fillinger Utah
Bralen Trice Washington
Zion Tupuola-Fetui Washington
Brennan Jackson Washington State
Ron Stone Washington State

Korey Foreman, the highly rated prospect coming out of high school, has a chance to make a name for himself with a strong showing but my favorites from the conference are easily Tupuola-Fetui and Bralen Trice. Both edge rushers could see their name called early in the NFL Draft, as they have some strong traits that teams will fall in love with this fall.


Justin Flowe Arizona
Prince Dorbah Arizona State
Jackson Sirmon Cal
Sergio Allen Cal
Demouy Kennedy Colorado
LaVonta Bentley Colorado
Jeffrey Bassa Oregon
Jestin Jacobs Oregon
Mase Funa Oregon
Eric Gentry Southern Cal
Mason Cobb Southern Cal
Shane Lee Southern Cal
Bo Calvert UCLA
Carl Jones UCLA
Damian Sellers UCLA
Darius Muasau UCLA
JonJon Vaughns UCLA
Karene Reid Utah
Levani Damuni Utah
Alphonzo Tuputala Washington
Carson Bruener Washington
Edefuan Ulofoshio Washington
Ralen Goforth Washington

This is an interesting group of linebackers, as you don’t always think of the Pac-12 and think of dominant defensive prospects. I think USC with Cobb and Arizona with Flowe have the best chance for drafted prospects in 2024 but I wouldn’t count out Oregon, as Bassa leads what could be a sneaky-good linebacker room.


Chris Edmonds Arizona State
D.J. Taylor Arizona State
Jordan Clark Arizona State
Xavion Alford Arizona State
Craig Woodson Cal
Patrick McMorris Cal
Myles Slusher Colorado
Evan Williams Oregon
Jamal Hill Oregon
Jared Greenfield Oregon
Calen Bullock Southern Cal
Chris Thompson Jr. Southern Cal
Jacobe Covington Southern Cal
Jordan Anderson UCLA
Cole Bishop Utah
Jaden Hicks Washington State

Cole Bishop is probably my favorite safety from the Pac-12 today, Bullock from USC would be the next player I’m keeping an eye on. The two highlight different strengths, Bishop is more of a tackle machine whereas Bullock shows some nice ball-hawking abilities as well.


Ro Torrence Arizona State
Jahquez Robinson Colorado
Dontae Manning Oregon
Khyree Jackson Oregon
Nikko Reed Oregon
Trikweze Bridges Oregon
Ceyair Wright Southern Cal
Christian Roland-Wallace Southern Cal
Max Williams Southern Cal
Devin Kirkwood UCLA
JaTravis Broughton Utah
Miles Battle Utah
Zemaiah Vaughn Utah
Dominique Hampton Washington
Jabbar Muhammad Washington
Chau Smith-Wade Washington State

Roland-Wallace and Smith-Wade are probably the names to watch from this group as it stands right now. With cornerbacks, do you want big and physical Seattle-style corners or smaller, speedy ball-hawking-type corners? Depending on how you answer that, some of the other names, such as Torrence and Kirkwood could be intriguing players to watch this fall.

If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, as I am always looking for new opportunities to write and join new teams, and make new friends! Check out the Mock Drafts we will be dropping throughout the year, and feel free to check out the NFL odds.

Take care!

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