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East West Shrine Bowl

The East-West Shrine Bowl continues expanding and will feature NFL coaching staffs for the first time. Being in Las Vegas, the game has attracted some solid NFL Draft talent to come and play. Despite this, the Shrine Bowl still is a step down from the Senior Bowl in terms of full roster, the Shrine does have plenty potential Top 100 picks and maybe even a first round pick on the roster. The Falcons and Patriots coaching staffs should be able to get a close look at the Shrine Bowl and enhance their scouting ability. Let’s dive in and break down each position and predictions on who will stand out in the practices and Shrine Bowl Game.





Tim DeMorat, Fordham

Tanner Morgan, Minnesota

Aidan O’Connell, Purdue



Chase Brice, Appalachian State

Tommy DeVito, Illinois

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, UCLA


It’s an uninspiring group of QBs for the Shrine, as it is for all all-star games this year. With so many “super seniors” going back for a 5th or 6th year of eligibility, the pool was not huge to choose from. 

The best of the group is likely the Bruins’ Dorian Thompson-Robinson who has a long and illustrious career under Chip Kelly. His athleticism and physical arm talents should impressed compared to the group. He has a good chance to be drafted on Day 3 and stick in a mobile based offensive system.

A few others are intriguing and could help their stock. Tim DeMorat has been making the all-star circuit and has a good arm with NFL size. His production at Fordham was great, and there is developmental potential there. He could move himself into draftable range with a big week. Similarly, Chase Brice flashed some NFL moments this year for App State. His big game against North Carolina made him a name to watch, and the Shrine could be an opportunity to get back into that consciousness.

Aidan O’Connell struggled with injuries this year, but he was on pace to be a draftable QB before that. Despite the lack of athleticism, his big downfield arm and work within a great system means he could be a stand out.  


Running Back



Jordan Mims, Fresno State

Deneric Prince, Tulsa

Tavion Thomas, Utah

Derek Parish, Houston



Xazavian Valladay, Arizona State

Mohamed Ibrahim, Minnesota

Travis Dye, Southern Cal

Kazmeir Allen, UCLA


With how deep the RB class is in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Shrine Bowl has a pretty solid RB roster. Big production runners like Mohamed Ibrahim and Travis Dye lead the charge here. Ibrahim isn’t the fastest RB, but he should excel as a power runner in the NFL. If he can showcase some athleticism, early Day 3 is a real possibility for his draft capital. Dye had a big year in Lincoln Riley’s offense and has some good burst. He deserves more buzz than he is receiving.

Thomas, Mims, and Valladay all have good production in college, but may not be more than practice squad types who can fill in in a pinch. The most interesting might be EDGE rusher Derek Parish and his multifaceted skillset. Playing Fullback in the Shrine Bowl is super intriguing and should be fun. 


Wide Receiver



AT Perry, Wake Forest

Antoine Green, North Carolina

Shaquan Davis, South Carolina State

Jadon Haselwood, Arkansas

Jalen Cropper, Fresno State

Nikko Remigio, Fresno State

Kearis Jackson, Georgia

Jacob Copeland, Maryland



Bryce Ford-Wheaton, West Virginia

Dallas Daniels, Jackson State

Demario Douglas, Liberty

Jadakis Bonds, Hampton

Jake Bobo, UCLA

Justin Shorter, Florida

Michael Jefferson, Louisiana

Zay Flowers, Boston College


The highlight of this group is Zay Flowers who is a Top 50 pick with potential to go in the first round. His speed and quickness is elite, shown by his production on a hurting Boston College offense this year. There is little doubt he will dominate the Shrine practices and continue his buzz.

Plenty of other intriguing athletic receivers are on the roster including speed demon Kearis Jackson and former 5* recruits Jadon Haselwood and Justin Shorter. All three developed some this year, but still have a ways to go. The Shrine practices could be a great place to show that development. 

AT Perry is another favorite who has Day 2 potential. With his hulking size and great hands, he might be the best contested catcher in the entire draft. If he shows route running and separation, this should help as well.

The Fresno State duo (Cropper and Remigio), Jake Bobo, Michael Jefferson, and Bryce Ford-Wheaton also are on my list to wanting a closer look in evaluation.

Don’t discount the small school WRs either. Demario Douglas’ buzz is growing and he may make noise this week. Shaquan Davis, Jadakis Bonds, and Dallas Daniels should all make an NFL camp as well. It’s a great WR group!


Tight End



Daniel Barker, Michigan State

Leonard Taylor, Cincinnati

Blake Whiteheart, Wake Forest

Joel Wilson, Central Michigan



Princeton Fant, Tennessee

Thomas Greaney, Albany

Luke Schoonmaker, Michigan

Travis Vokolek, Nebraska

Jack Colletto, Oregon State


The TE crop has something for everyone. From bigger blockers with soft hands like Luke Schoonmaker and Travis Vokolek to smaller athletic types like Princeton Fant and Leonard Taylor, this will be a diverse group. 

Thomas Greaney is one of my favorites as a big TE who is a strong blocker but is quick off the line, he can be developed into a real weapon. Schoonmaker might end up the highest drafted of the group due to his two-way tendencies as well.

Ultimately, the entire group are late round picks at best, but may show a few flashes this week.


Offensive Line



Carter Warren, Pittsburgh

Earl Bostick Jr., Kansas

John Ojukwu, Boise State

Jordan McFadden, Clemson

Luke Haggard, Indiana

Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, Oregon

Quinton Barrow, Grand Valley State

Spencer Anderson, Maryland

Trevor Reid, Louisville

Alex Palczewski, Illinois

Chandler Zabala, NC State

Jerome Carvin, Tennessee

Juice Scruggs, Penn State



Brent Laing, MN-Duluth

Colby Sorsdal, William & Mary

Connor Galvin, Baylor

Dalton Wagner, Arkansas

Jacky Chen, Pace

Jaxson Kirkland, Washington

Kaddem Telfort, UAB

Mason Brooks, Mississippi

Theor Benedet, British Columbia

Atonio Mafi, UCLA

Henry Bainivalu, Washington

Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas

Mark Evans, AR-Pine Bluff


This is a solid group as a whole. Carter Warren is one of my favorites with an illustrious career against top ACC pass rushers. He should shine. Strong interior linemen like Henry Bainivalu, Ricky Stromberg, and Jerome Carvin all have the ability to help themselves and push into early Day 3 with a big performance. 

There are a few OTs who underperformed this year but have NFL talent. Connor Galvin and Jaxson Kirkland may not have extreme upside but can be swing back-ups in the NFL  and help a team add depth.

The small school linemen in this group are also excellent. Quinton Barrow is massive at over 330 pounds with athletic feet that makes him a huge upside pick. If he shows he can hang with the pass rushers at the Shrine, the sky is the limit. Mark Evans is on the lighter athletic side, but he plays tough and can knock you out. 

Honorable mention to a few others I like including Trevor Reid, Jordan McFadden, and Juice Scruggs.


Defensive Line



Brodric Martin, Western Kentucky

Dante Stills, West Virginia

Keondre Coburn, Texas

Kobie Turner, Wake Forest

Moro Ojomo, Texas

Vilami Fehoko, San Jose State

Ikenna Enechukwu, Rice

Ochaun Mathis, Nebraska



Desjuan Johnson, Toledo

Devonnsha Maxwell, Chattanooga

Jerron Cage, Ohio State

PJ Mustipher, Penn State

Taron Vincent, Ohio State


The Texas duo intrigue me the most with Moro Ojomo and Keondre Coburn both having great seasons. Ojomo may be more in demand as a small 3-tech pass rusher who can get after the QB, but Coburn eats up space and can help in the run game. 

Dante Stills was a big NFL name early in his career, and he still shows the ability to get after the QB. That should be in demand as a Day 3 pick with upside to perform. Kobie Turner also has  a similar skillset that he showed off late in the season and in the Gasparilla Bowl this year.

Devonnsha Maxwell will have my eye to see how he performs against the good OL during the week. He is explosive for his size, but may struggle with leverage.





BJ Thompson, Stephen F. Austin

Caleb Murphy, Ferris State

Jose Ramirez, Eastern Michigan

Robert Beal Jr., Georgia



Andre Johnson, Louisiana

Brenton Cox Jr., Florida

Habakkuk Baldonado, Pittsburgh

Titus Leo, Wagner

Truman Jones, Harvard


This group ranges from big upside to solid career production. Brenton Cox and Habakkuk Baldonado are the best of the group from a longevity standpoint. Both have good careers and have flashed pass rush explosion off the edge with good moves. 

The upside of Jose Ramirez and Robert Beal is super intriguing though. Ramirez was a monster in the MAC and will get a chance to prove himself here. Beal got some real play after the Nolan Smith injury and showed up for the Dawgs. He might be underrated and flash during the week.

Some of the smaller school players are interesting as well. Andre Johnson has very little bad film. BJ Thompson and Caleb Murphy show some athletic upside with a good few years. The pit drills should be very fun.





Jeremy Banks, Tennessee

Kyle Soelle, Arizona State

Ben VanSumeren, Michigan State

Anfernee Orji, Vanderbilt

Amari Burney, Florida



Jaiden Woodbey, Florida State

Drake Thomas, NC State

Isaiah Moore, NC State

Mohamoud Diabate, Utah

Charlie Thomas, Georgia Tech

Jalen Graham, Purdue

Tyrus Wheat, Mississippi State


This is a strong group with Anfernee Orji leading the way with his combination of pass rush and weak side coverage ability, he is unique. There are plenty of good thumpers as well like Drake Thomas and Mohamoud Diabate who had very productive careers.

Charlie Thomas and Jeremy Banks are two of my personal favorites. Banks was a big part of Tennessee’s pass rush success and though raw, he has NFL upside. Thomas has great lateral mobility and he reads the run game so well. A definite NFL talent.

Jaiden Woodbey may be the wild card. More of an in the box safety type, he gives some upside after a great college career. 





Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, TCU

D’Shawn Jamison, Texas

Lance Boykin, Coastal Carolina

Kei’Trel Clark, Louisville

Mekhi Garner, LSU

Nehemiah Shelton, San Jose State

Kahlef Hailassie, Western Kentucky



Jarrick Bernard-Converse, LSU

Starling Thomas V, UAB

Nic Jones, Ball State

Eric Scott Jr., Southern Miss

Cam Brown, Ohio State

Jaylin Williams, Indiana

Myles Brooks, Louisiana Tech

Terell Smith, Minnesota


Corner is deep this year in the draft, and this group shows that. Tre’Vius Hodges Tomlinson headlines the group after a solid playoff game against Michigan. The slot corner is a playmaker and may make the highlight reel in Vegas. The LSU duo impressed me this year. Mekhi Garner and Jarrick Bernard-Converse flashed tight coverage skills with athletic upside. Add Cam Brown to that list too.

The G5 corners in Nic Jones and Myles Brooks will be some nice Day 3 upside shots to take. Both have fluid hips and aren’t afraid to tackle. Names to note for sure. I also think Starling Thomas is a sleeper at the position with his press ability at the line.

Overall, another deep CB class and plenty should be drafted.





Gervarrius Owens, Houston

Bennett Williams, Oregon

AJ Finley, Mississippi

Tyreque Jones, Boise State

Art Green, Houston



Trey Dean III, Florida

Jordan Howden, Minnesota

Christian Izien, Rutgers


Trey Dean leads this safety group as a playmaker who can roam center field and close on receivers. Though he isn’t the type of physical safety many teams want, there could be a role for him at the next level.

Gervarrius Owens is most likely to be drafted highest however due to his size and athleticism combination. He is a missile in playing to the line and stopping the run, but big enough to not get bullied by TEs. Offenses went away from him in Houston, so the Shrine could be an area to shine. 

AJ Finley and Christian Izien also may be drafted with some special teams ability. Both have good bulk coming in over 200 pounds and aren’t afraid to get their noses dirty and play physical. That may shine through at the Shrine.


Special Teams



Andre Szmyt, K, Syracuse

Ethan Evans, P, Wingate

Matt Hembrough, LS, Oklahoma State



Jake Moody, K, Michigan

Michael Turk, P, Oklahoma

Chris Stoll, LS, Penn State


Moody is my top kicker in the draft with a solid leg and good accuracy, especially in the big moments. Szmyt has had his successes too, but may be more of a camp body. Evans and Turk both have good careers and can boom punts at times, but may lack the consistency to be drafted.


It should be an interesting Shrine Bowl this year!


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