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2024 NFL Draft Quarterbacks: Top Landing Spots


I wanted to have some fun with this one, we are in the midst of both the College and NFL seasons, and I wanted to call my shots early. With what we’ve seen out of both leagues, I wanted to take a guess as to where I thought some of the top quarterbacks could land (as well as the draft round). I’ll be using Tankathon for this exercise, so let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into, if you want to see what the general population thinks, check out our friends over at Mock Draft Database!

So for those of you who love to have receipts, as well as make fun of analysts, here’s a softball!

2024 NFL Draft Quarterbacks: Top Landing Spots

Round 1 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Caleb Williams, QB USC – Chicago Bears at pick 1.1

I know, they have Justin Fields but this team appears to be spiraling. I don’t know about you but it wouldn’t surprise me if this staff, front office, and their young quarterback could all be on the hot seat. The bears don’t typically get rid of staff in season but this team could look DRASTICALLY different in 2024. Whoever has the 1st pick in the draft are given the proverbial golden ticket to land the best QB in college, Caleb Williams.

Drake Maye, QB UNC – Minnesota Vikings at pick 1.4

Another team that won’t finish in the top 10 but currently is 0-2, the Vikings will absolutely move on from Kirk if they don’t think he can get them where coach O’Connell wants to go. You will see that I have them here but this could EASILY be the Chicago Bears picking the top 10, if what we’ve been seeing in the comments from Justin Fields and the team is any indication, this team is already potentially spiraling. Both Williams and Maye LOOK like franchise quarterbacks, the Vikings have the skill positions pretty well in order (they need another running back though), and have a defense that’s in transition but this would be a great spot for a young quarterback to land.

Shedeur Sanders, QB Colorado – Arizona Cardinals at pick 1.8 (UPDATE: It appears as though he will stay at Colorado for 2024)

Currently sitting at pick 8 in the Tankathons list, they will absolutely move on from Kyler it appears, though only time will tell. Colorado’s exploding and taking over the College scene, and Shedeur is at the center of that (even if coach Prime tends to take the spotlight), his son is VERY talented, and could easily be the quarterback of the future in Arizona. He’s bigger than Kyler, just as athletic with a good arm and arguably a better college career.

Round 2 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Quinn Ewers, QB Texas – New England Patriots at pick 2.7

I think Nix and Ewers are certainly in the conversation for round 1 draft potential but there is a ton of talent (at least at the moment) heading into the NFL next year, so for the sake of this article, I picked 3 QBs I expect to be drafted in round 1 next year. Ewers looks like he could step in and do just as good if not better than Mac Jones, has a bigger arm, and more athletic ability, and has had to deal with the trials that could have made this kid tough enough to take on anything in the NFL.

Bo Nix, QB Oregon – Los Angeles Rams at pick 2.16

The Rams have been a pleasant surprise so far through 2 weeks, I don’t see that lasting all season. The defense is in flux, the offense is already dealing with drama and injuries, and the chips are stacked against them already. Not to mention they have to deal with San Francisco and Seattle twice a year, I expect them to probably pick a quarterback in the first two rounds next year (sorry Stetson Bennett). Nix could easily sit for another year or two behind Stafford, or if need be start from day 1. Nix, like Ewers, has dealt with a ton of adversity in college, which I think makes them tougher and more NFL-ready potentially.

Round 3 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Why Michigan football QB <a rel=

JJ McCarthy, QB Michigan – Washington Redskins

I love Sam Howell, I just don’t know if he really is the long-term play. I feel almost exactly the same about JJ, so why not pair him with riverboat Ron? He’s bigger, has better athletic ability, and probably a better arm, the team has the weapons and just needs the signal caller to take them to the next level.

Michael Penix Jr, QB Washington – New York Giants

It would not surprise me at all if the Giants picked a quarterback on day two, Daniel Jones has been inconsistent and I just don’t see him being the answer for them, Penix gives me some Josh Allen with better accuracy vibes coming out of college. Seems like a perfect fit for coach Dabol’s system.

Riley Leonard, QB Duke – New Orleans Saints

The Saints have their man currently with Derek Carr but who’s the next great Saints QB? Riley Leonard has some really interesting traits and I think with another year at Duke, he could come out and push to be that next great QB or the next Daniel Jones

Round 4 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Jordan Travis, QB Florida State – Chicago Bears

Tyler Van Dyke, QB Miami – Las Vegas Raiders

Both Travis and Van Dyke could make a play for day-two draft capital, Travis is leading a red-hot FSU team and has been a solid distributor and Van Dyke has shown the tools to be successful but just needs to keep doing it at a high level this year.

Round 5 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Week Thirteen

Austin Reed, QB Western Kentucky

Spencer Rattler, QB South Carolina 

KJ Jefferson, QB Arkansas 

These are all toolsy quarterbacks that have shown something in college, nows the time in the draft when teams take developmental players, and these three have some exciting intangibles that could entice a team to make the pick!

Round 6 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Joe Milton, QB Tennessee

Cameron Ward, QB Washington State 

From round 5 on, any of these quarterbacks could really go in any order, and I wouldn’t be surprised. They all have something that’s intriguing about their game but have just as many (if not more) question marks.

Round 7 NFL Draft Quarterbacks:

Jayden Daniels, QB LSU

Devin Leary, QB Kentucky

Sam Hartman – QB Notre Dame

Dillon Gabriel, QB Oklahoma

Grayson McCall, QB Coastal Carolina

Round 7 or priority free agents, this is the last tier of quarterbacks I see as draftable at least today.

What do you think about this upcoming quarterback class? As always if you want to talk all things football, hit me up on Twitter or over on the Draft Countdown Discord! And check out the rest of my work here.


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