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5 NFL Players with tremendous potential for greatness

5 NFL Players with tremendous potential for greatness


Are you looking for a new NFL player to support but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are wondering what players have the most potential for greatness before placing any NFL prop bets? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!


To help you place your bets today or simply find out more about the players to watch this season, we have a crackling list of the 5 NFL players with tremendous potential for greatness. These players have all proven themselves and their talent, and we can expect to see wonderful things from them.


Whether you are looking for a new player to support or someone to bet on, keep reading to see who these players are and why we think they are destined for greatness.


5 NFL players with tremendous potential for greatness


Below we have a list of the 5 NFL players we think have potential for greatness. Based on their past performance, training, and exciting new transfers, we can expect to see wonderful things from these players! Remember that this list is only an estimate rather than anything set in stone. Be sure to check all odds and conduct your own research if needed before placing any bets!


  1. Chase Young


Chase Young is already a star, already proving himself last season, putting up 7.5 sacks. He’s known for his defense and is an excellent defense leader, and is looking to be the best of Washington’s defensive line. We can expect the 2021 season to be the year his career launches as one of the best defensive players.


Keep an eye on his games to witness some excellent defending that is sure to keep you entertained and rooting for Young! We can expect to see great things from him with Young’s list of successful defenders sure to soar!


2. Vita Vea


Vita Vea is another wonderful defender to keep an eye out for. He only managed five games last season before he suffered a broken ankle that saw him out. However, he came back fighting in the NFC Championship Game and played a huge role in Tampa Bay’s defensive efforts in the Superbowl!


He has 20 hurries in just 189 rush snaps and has had plenty of time to rest and recover in the off-season. We can expect to see him emerge this season as an explosive and dominant force that is sure to have opposing teams quaking in their boots. Vea certainly is a player to watch!


3. Justin Herbert


It’s no surprise that the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year 2020 winner is on this list! Herbert has earned his right as an excellent player, and we can expect to see this continue in the next season. In the last season, Herbert thrived under pressure and managed to bag a 99.4 passing rate, even against some of the top full-time starters in the league! Not bad for a rookie!


We might even see Herbert as an MVP this season. He is certainly a player you will want to watch out for; his record already screams greatness.


4. Brian Burns


After an outstanding rookie campaign in 2019, Burns’s numbers went up across the board last year, and he racked up an impressive 21 quarterback hits, three forced fumbles, eight tackles for loss, and nine sacks for the Panthers defense. His ranking position has soared because of this, and he is a player we should all keep an eye on.


There is a good chance that Burns will become a household name and one of the league’s best sack artists for years to come. There is potential for greatness shrouding this player.


5. Chase Claypool


Claypool hit the ground running in just his fourth professional game and managed four touchdowns! He finished the season with an impressive nine touchdown catches, most of these being rookie pass-catchers! Providing the gameplay is on his side, we can see him emerge as one of the deep threats for the NFL and one of their best overall receivers.


Here’s hoping that Pittsburgh utilizes Claypool and gives him plenty of opportunities to show us just how talented he is!


Final word

And there you have it, 5 NFL players that come with plenty of potential for greatness. We have already seen how wonderful these players can be, and with more time on the field, we anticipate this will only get better. Be sure to check out more stats about the players and the odds surrounding them before placing any bets! Remember only to bet what you can afford and take regular breaks when gambling.

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