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All the Questions Plaguing the NFL This Season

For all sports lovers and sports betting enthusiasts, this year has started on a high  note. With the Olympics finally being held in Tokyo and back to back games giving you plenty of space to have a truly amazing time, laying back against the cushions and cheering for your favourite team or sports stars. With the NFL playing season coming in with a full on blast unlike last year when the Covid-19 pandemic had ravaged the world and especially the world of sports, all American football players have been having the time of their lives watching, cheering and betting as if their lives depended on it. 


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Interestingly, however, even after the foray into the first six weeks of the NFL season 2021, there are still some questions left to be answered even with the progress and the situation of the teams being pretty prominent now. What are these questions usually based on? Well, the questions pertain to team roster weaknesses, injuries of players, coaching questions and some special situations regarding some teams. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers started the last NFL season with 11 back to back wins right from the beginning, but the roster weaknesses, a lacking running background and a rather inconsistent offense have not been able to carry them forward properly this season. 


As the NFL’s last undefeated team in the 2021 season, the Arizona Cardinals do not pose all that many questions now, especially after their defeat of the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and their exceptional rushing attacks. But, the Arizona Cardinals need to question that even with a running defence, is this just a situational anomaly or a symbol of improvement?


With the Atlanta Falcons, the defence is not even a question under the new coordinator Dean Pees. It entered Week 6 with a rank of 13th in yardage and a solid playing ground, making the Atlanta Falcons win the last  two out of their three matches. Even the offense playing without Julio Jones is not that bad, considering the number of wins the Atlanta Falcons have under its belt now, even though the ranking might be 22nd now. The question, thus, that they should be asking themselves is if they need to look into better personnel who can effectively put pressure on opposing quarterbacks. 


For the Baltimore Ravens which is at an all time high now after having defeated an amazing Los Angeles Chargers team in Week 6 with a score of 5-1 now, the question to be answered is what exactly they want to do regarding the less than stellar passing defense that is being seriously affected by the loss of cornerback Marcus Peters for this season due to an injured ACL. 


To know about more teams, keep watching the games and reading all the news in the world of NFL football games in this amazing season in 2021. Week 6 has been awesome and it has instilled great delight into the hearts of all NFL lovers. So, keep tuned in for the best in touchdown news right here! 


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