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Can Grayson McCall Take the Next Step in 2023?

Grayson McCall

In honor of my very first article, similarly titled but about now New Orleans Saints rookie QB Jake Haener, I wanted to talk about another quarterback I like a lot with Day 3 NFL Draft potential. In today’s NFL, we see that having a solid #2 is not only hard to find but critical to have. Even if we just look back at San Fran last year. Having a #2 and #3 was important. It ultimately cost them a chance at another Super Bowl in the end.

I am calling my shot already, I do see McCall as a day-three prospect. He’s had a ton of playing time. Later in the Draft tends to be appealing to NFL ball clubs. It’s not the be-all-end-all but the kind of experience McCall has. Even in the Sun Belt, will be noticeable and attractive to his next team.

Grayson McCall – The Facts


He is a 70% passer (even if you don’t include 2019’s 4 completions). McCall has been a stalwart and made fans happy by leaving the transfer portal to lead them one last time in 2023. 

If you look into the rushing side of things, he’s had at least 91 rushing attempts each of the last 3 seasons. McCall has definitely shown the ability to escape when the play breaks down. 

If you want to look at specific games, I’d recommend Troy and Marshall from 2022. Troy and Georgia State from 2021. Also, Louisiana and App State in 2020 to get a good sample size of McCall’s skills in some closely contested games. He’s had some hard-fought wins, as well as some tough losses in his career. I believe with one last season of action teams will have enough tape to build a profile. A profile of who he can be at the next level.

Sun Belt
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Grayson McCall – Draft Profile

I believe we have seen enough in the last 33 games to get a good feel for who Grayson McCall is as a play-caller. He’s a strong leader, with a tough hard-nose attitude his teammates love. He isn’t afraid to fight for the yardage when he escapes the pocket. When in the pocket does a good job of working through his progressions. I’ve watched many, many games and what I do know for sure is he plays with rhythm and has good zip on the passes. No matter where he has to deliver them. He’s been the player of the year in the Sun Belt for the last 3 years. McCall is on the Senior Bowl watchlist (which is a huge opportunity to get to the league). 

I think the biggest knock that he will need to overcome is the system he has played in. The RPO style he has been in doesn’t translate as well to the NFL level. While he does have good zip on his passes, his arm strength isn’t going to put him in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks. 

In the end, I think he will be an appealing prospect for teams that are big into short-area rhythm passing schemes. As well as those who are looking for an athletic game manager who can move the ball down the field quickly. Because, albeit the RPO game doesn’t translate, the ability to move the team down the field with tempo could be seen as a positive to scouts and front offices.

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