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Cooper Kupps Journey To Super Bowl MVP

In the NFL almost every player dreams of becoming an MVP one day, and every player dreams of making it to the Super Bowl too. 


However, most don’t get there, but the few to slip through and make both, are well worth hearing about. 


These players don’t just come out of thin air though, they all start off at the draft at some point in their careers, rocking the NFL draft odds, and end up making history at one point or another.


Cooper Kupps made history in the 2022 Super Bowl, if you watched it you will know just how astounding it was. The Rams Vs The Bengals, it was not a match that we were expecting. We had expected to see the Buccaneers taking the Super Bowl, considering it was Brady’s last year. 


Instead, we were met with this set up, and while most had the Rams as their favorites, with the hardcore defense of the Bengals, we were not sure if they were going to make it. But thanks to some epic play by the Rams, they made it in the last minutes of the game!


Who Is Cooper Kupps?


So, who is Connor Kupp, and how did he become a Super Bowl MVP? 


Well, we are so used to seeing quarterbacks snag this title, but Kupp is a wide receiver, and in February 2022 he caught the game-winning touchdown. The game was tough, especially in the final quarter. 


The Rams had started off the game well, but by the end of the second quarter the Bengals were catching up fast, and by the middle of the final quarter it wasn’t looking great for the Rams, many thought the Bengals had it nailed! 


Kupp is the man who led the Rams to victory though. He was also named Offensive Player of the Year, and he finished with 8 catches, 92 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Not amazing in some comparisons. 


However, it was his 1-yard winning touchdown that happened in the last 2 minutes of game-play, that iced a 79-yard drive and 15-play. 


The game was called not long after, as Aaron Donald sacked Joe Burrow. 


The Rams hadn’t had a win at a Super Bowl yet in the Century, but the Bengals had not had a win in over 30 years! The competition was really high, and ambition was flaring up the game. 


The Rams achieved their long awaited victory thanks to a superb catch by Kupp. 


If you watched the game, you would’ve seen the footage of Kupp near teary in celebration as soon as the game was called. His teammates crowded around him like their favorite superhero, and it was well deserved. 


Not having won a Super Bowl since 1999, we think the Rams definitely waited long enough for this, and having turned it around when they did, it is no surprise that this is being noted as a game that will go down in history. 


Kupp noted that he felt like they were going to win, and he was going to be an MVP, he just felt it in his heart, soul, and gut. Sometimes it is good to trust your instincts, and that gut feeling, Kupp did, and look what happened! 


Super Bowl February 2022


Connor Kupp is coming out of one of the greatest seasons we have seen in the history of the NFL. He led the NFL in receiving yards at 1,947, in receptions at 145, and touchdowns at 16. He also recorded the most catches in a single postseason too, catching 33 times. 


He proved that the center point of a team is functional with the receiver. Sure, you can have a solid quarterback like Burrow, but your receivers have to be on point too. 


Kupps compensated for Woods, who was injured earlier in the season. They went up against the Buccaneers in the divisionals too, and he made a clutch at 25 yards on the 4th down, winning the game against the 49ers in the conference game.


He did amazingly throughout the season, not just at the Super Bowl. That is what we forget, we didn’t really notice how skilled he was, or what he was doing until we saw the end result of it all at the Super Bowl. 


Some of us were too busy watching Joe Burrow and the Bengals, and they had their best season in years, considering they went to the Super Bowl, it is not surprising. However, watching the Bengals, some of us forgot to keep an eye on the Rams too. 


If we had been watching them more closely, we might have noticed what was coming, and might have been more prepared for what Kupp would pull in the last minutes of the Super Bowl. 


But, it is safe to say that he sure does deserve every title he gained from this season, he absolutely nailed it, and considering that one move totally changed the outcome of the game in a close-call victory, it makes it even better. 


Without Kupp, the game might have gone to the Bengals! 


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