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From NFL to farm: an encouraging story of the ex-Rams center Jason Brown, who found his calling in a cultivation

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When professional athletes end their careers, their lives undergo significant changes. They have to find themselves anew. Many become journalists and experts on TV. Some go into business. Some live off the money they’ve earned. But sometimes, there are genuinely remarkable transformations. And one prime example is Jason Brown.


The career beginnings

Brown had a successful college career. He was considered one of the best centers in the 2005 draft and was predicted to be a mid-third-round pick. The prediction almost came true: Jason was selected in the fourth round by Baltimore. Such gambling operators, as Parimatch with a review available here, accept bets on picks. If you’d like to try your luck, it’s the best option to start.


Brown was a reserve for two seasons before reclaiming his spot in the starting lineup in 2007. Jason played all 16 games of the season. He was moved from guard to center in 2008. Brown also played all 16 games in his new position. He was considered one of the best linemen in the NFL, and 2009 proved that point. Upon becoming a free agent, Brown signed a 5-year, $37.5 million contract with St. Louis. This contract made Jason the highest-paid center in the league.


Brown continued to show good football but psychologically began to give up. Jason was not happy with what he was doing. The player himself said that he was going through a sort of mid-life crisis at the time. Jason compared his life to his brother, a military intelligence officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he was helping others and his country. But what does he do? What use was his life?


A turning point


With these unhappy thoughts, Brown lost his place in the Rams’ starting lineup two seasons later. He was dismissed from the team in 2012. Despite the apparent decline in his game, Jason was still in demand in the league. Baltimore, San Francisco, and Carolina wanted him. But Brown decided to do things differently.


Jason wanted a change in his life and prayed to God. The footballer asked what he could do to help with all his opportunities. You’d be surprised, but Brown heard the answer. And it sounded like, “I want you to feed my people.” Brown didn’t know a thing about farming. But he decided to follow God’s call.


When Jason told his agent of his decision, he replied, “You’re making the biggest mistake of your life.” And he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Almost everyone said Brown was crazy to give up millions of dollars for farming. Jason, despite all this, remained unwavering in his decision.


Since the ex-footballer knew nothing about farming, he began to learn it from videos on YouTube. Brown moved with his family from his luxury estate to a farm in North Carolina and began farming the land. Understandably, not everything worked out right the first time. Jason admitted that more than once, he thought he had made a big mistake. But he continued to believe in ultimate success. Brown continued his fellowship with God, and it gave him strength.


What was next for Brown?


Two years after leaving the NFL, Jason reaped his first harvest. Brown gave some of it to charity to feed the hungry in the local communities. After a while, representatives from local hunger food banks came to him and asked if Brown had any more vegetables to donate. Without thinking twice, Jason gave them the rest of his harvest.


Since then, Brown has regularly donated his produce to feed the hungry. For example, in one autumn, he contributes an average of about 20,000 kilos of potatoes and 4,500 kilos of cucumbers. And since 2014, he has donated a total of 1.6 million prepared lunches of his fruits and vegetables.


Brown’s farm is doing well, and he is now exploring eco-tourism. Jason says that many people think his farm is gorgeous. That’s why he rents out his premises for various events and is happy to host guests.


Brown also wants to encourage other black people to take up farming, as in the US, this industry is thought to be open only to whites. Jason sees his farm as a true blessing and notes that you will continuously be fed if you have a farm. Even if you live below the poverty line, you will always have food on the table by conventional economic standards.


Brown is now continuing to develop his farm and has also taken up creative work. He released a book called “Centered: Trading Your Plans for a Life That Matters.” In it, he detailed his fantastic story. Jason described his decision to take up farming as “the biggest leap of faith of his life.” The leap ended up being a success. Jason is living the life he wants and helping to make the world a little better.


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