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NFL Coaching Carousel: Ranking the 2024 Head Coaching Vacancies

It’s crazy to think about a year in which we see Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, and in college Nick Saban all move on from their teams, as all three have been instrumental in the success of those teams.

On top of that, we saw the Tennessee Titans move on from Mike Vrabel, the Atlanta Falcons move on from Arthur Smith, the Washington Commanders move on from Ron Rivera, top of the in-season firings of Frank Reich (Panthers), Josh McDaniels (Raiders), and Brandon Staley (Chargers). 

NFL Coaching Carousel

My Ranks of the Current Available Head Coaching Jobs

I wanted to rank and give a brief overview of why I think they are in the order I placed them in, so feel free to roast away in 3…2…1…

#1 Top Job: Los Angeles Chargers

You have a franchise QB, who’s young and extremely talented. You do have some issues with defensive players ages, as well as some potential cap issues but some trades can be made, as well as plenty of draft capital to move around. 

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#2 Carolina Panthers

Whether you love Bryce Young or not, you have a young potential franchise quarterback on a rookie deal. If you can find a coach who believes in him (and I don’t see why you couldn’t), you have some elite defensive pieces and you just need to add some offensive line pieces and skill position help, you could see this team competing in the south within a year or two at least. As long as you can figure out how to deal with ownership, this is a prime spot to build a winner!

#3 Washington Commanders

You have draft capital from the trades you made, some young pieces on offense and defense to work with, a young quarterback with the potential to go with whatever you do in free agency or the draft, and ownership that wants to make things better (and seems to be a lot better than the previous ownership). Not as ready to compete in a tough division, but there’s hope in the capital!

#4 Seattle Seahawks

I could see you flip Washington and Seattle, and I don’t know that I’d argue it. The reason I put Seattle down one is, with a new regime what do you do with Geno and that fairly large contract? If you believe in him, and think you have enough on defense to compete still (or again), then this could make it one of the better gigs to land potentially. Seattle’s in a weird spot where you aren’t exactly sure which way they should go, they have some nice young pieces on offense but there are just as many aging vets to make it a tough call, and potentially a cap nightmare.

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#5 Tennessee Titans

You’re seeing a trend here, if you have a young quarterback, you have some direction, otherwise, you’re in trouble. The next Tennessee HC won’t know that answer just yet, even though he has two young QBs in Malik Willis and Will Levis. Now, this leaves ownership in an interesting spot, as they can decide what type of coach they can get, based on which style of QB they want to build around. Maybe they decide once they get a new coach to trade a young QB, sometimes that can help around the draft. Either way, this team needs an identity, they are transitioning away from a fierce power-running team, and aging vets are leaving on the regular, so they are in a good spot to start over, and in a division that they could turn it around fast in.

#6 Atlanta Falcons

Young stud WR, RB, and TE should easily make this an attractive position but I lower it on my rankings because they don’t have their QB situation figured out, an aging offensive line, and not a lot on the defensive line. There’s plenty of potential on both sides of the ball but just as many question marks.

#7 Las Vegas Raiders

Like Atlanta, they have a stud WR, he’s just getting older and I’d expect to see him traded this offseason if they bring in a new coach. I think this whole situation changes if interim HC Antonio Pierce stays on long term. They have an elite pass rusher, some pieces on the offensive line, and just as many question marks at the QB position. If you told me this team went full rebuild, I wouldn’t be shocked, if you told me they gutted it out and kept trying to build around what they have, I’d be a little more surprised. I expect a new HC will want to come in and change things up significantly.

#8 New England Patriots

I know, it could be a complete tear-down situation in Foxboro, and coming after a hall-of-fame coach could make it even harder to handle, I will say that if the next coach believes in Mac Jones, that could answer the biggest question you’ll have to deal with (I just don’t know if you find that coach, most want to bring in their guys). This job shouldn’t be at the bottom of the list but there’s so much concern and unknown about the direction, and how the aging Robert Kraft wants to proceed will be a fun storyline to watch this offseason.


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