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NFL Legacies: Aaron Rodgers

NFL Legacies: Aaron Rodgers


Who Is Aaron Rodgers? 


We love the players in our favorite NFL franchises, they become a part of our lives, we find joy and sadness when we watch them win or lose games, score, and do brilliant things off the pitch too. 


There are many epic NFL players who have legacies in the making, who are making a name for themselves, or already have. One of the players who is making his own legacy right now is Aaron Rodgers. 


He is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, and is considered to be one of the greatest players to ever take up this position, next to Brady. He led them to their Super Bowl championship in 2011, and is still raking in the success. 


If you are looking for someone to wager on with Fanduels Super Bowl prop bets, Rodgers might actually be a wise choice. But, let’s focus on this legacy for a moment, because there could be change on the horizon.


Rodgers was actually not considered as a legendary player through his college career, as he was not regularly recruited by football teams in college. In 2004, he took over as the starting quarterback for the Golden Bears at the University of California and led them to a 10-2 record. 


Then, as he was named as a first-team All-Pacific-10 Conference, he was chosen by the Packers in the first round of the draft in 2005. 


When he started with the Packers, he began a long apprenticeship as the backup quarterback, behind Brett Favre. For his first three seasons, he didn’t see much action, as he only appeared in seven games. 


All this changed when Favre fell out with the team’s management, and the offense was handed over to Aaron Rodgers. He proved himself very capable, and passed for 4,038 yards, and 28 touchdowns in that one season alone.


He was quickly awarded a 6-year contract with a $65 million extension, and he continued to perform at the top of his game. 


He became the only NFL player to ever post consistently 4,000 yards passing campaigns in his starter two years. In ‘09, he also recorded an incredible 103.2 passer rating as well, which is known as being the absolute best in history, just behind Bart Starr’s 1966 rate of 105. 


Rodgers was then selected to play in the Pro Bowl. 


Since then, he has continued to be legendary, apart from the 2017 season which saw him play only 7 games due to a broken collarbone. After this he did struggle a bit, but they won their first playoff game in the postseason of 2019, however they lost to the 49ers in the conference game. 


Is His Legacy On The Line? 


While his unbridled skill could easily make him seem untouchable, this post-season has the potential to change his legacy forever. 


If the NFL season ended right this second, then things might not be so concerning. However, since Rodgers and the Packers made the NFC Championship game five times in a row, they have failed to go any further. 


They have been playing in a division that has been theirs for the taking for two decades; they have won 8 division titles since Rodgers took the reins. 


To this date, Rodger’s main losses have been to Brady and the Buccaneers, as well as the 49ers, and the Falcons, and then the Seahawks and the Giants. Only the Buccaneers and Giants won the Super Bowl from those losses. 


So, we have to wonder, because this could be the next chance for Rodgers to take the Packers to win a Super Bowl, as their most recent title this decade. But, if this post season collapses, how will this impact him? 


The answer, not great. The way the Packer’s last game ended against the Buccaneers would have gone differently, and Rodgers could have taken the win. This is not to say that if things do not go well this postseason that he will be labeled as no longer being a legendary quarterback, but it will change the outlook. 


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