NFL Draft Countdown

Top 5 Prospects That Everyone Needs To Know About

Quarterbacks are the most popular and well-loved positions in football. It’s the role most sporting fans want to fill, and the sports movies most scripts are made from. This season is starting to feel like a drama already, as the drafts draw closer.


For those interested in NFL Draft Betting, your options are both explosive and daring.


Kayvon Thibodeaux – Oregon

Thibodeaux is one of the explosive players we were mentioning. His quick feet and fast snap give him an edge over his opponents. With a 6 foot 4 height and a 254 pounds behind him, Thibodeaux is one of the rare few who has power as well as speed. 


His natural talents are what brought him to Oregon, but with training, he has pushed further with his skills and created an almost cat-like reflex for quick movement and cunning. When the scene changes and Thibodeaux’s plan is displaced, he can think of a new idea in a blink of an eye.


However, some rising stars become complacent, and many question Thibodeaux’s love for the game. It doesn’t matter how strong of a player you are if your heart isn’t in it. Watching the player off-field or in friendly matches, you can see laziness which professionals don’t allow.


It could be that Thibodeaux is just bored with his current college colleagues, or that the NFL isn’t his only goal.


Malik Willis – Liberty

If you need a comparison to understand Willis’ skills, we would tell you to look at Deshaun Watson and then add in more speed. 


Willis is a fast player and has been in the top 10 spots in the drafts for a while now. He has a powerful arm and a natural connection to the ball, which helps him launch toward targets at strange angles. What makes this skill even better is the speed at which Willis can travel. He can sprint past his opponents, and then fling the ball towards a teammate when things get tricky. His opponents can never know which teammate Willis will throw to, as his aim is too good to ignore players with cover.


His one downfall at the moment is timing. Timing is super important for a quarterback, without it you cannot improvise well.


Kenny Pickett – Pitt

What Willis lacks, Picket picks up. He is a great improviser who seems to be playing with the game, instead of before it. His strategy is mostly reactive, but this means he is keeping on his toes and tries to balance the games. All in all, Pickett is an entertaining player to watch!


We would call Picket an average athlete with an average arm, but he really comes into his own when you look at his fast releases and deep ball placement. He can see where the opponent will go and can direct his team in a new direction. Pair that with his great leadership skills and Picket can make his team act as if they have one mind. 


Derek Stingley Jr – LSU

When Stingley Jr joined LSU as a freshman, he became a star overnight. During the national title run, Stingley Jr showed amazing footwork, gentle balance, and the ability to collect and control the ball like a professional. He was instantly recognized as talented by scouts and has been on many coaches’ watch lists for a while.


Stingley Jr’s heart is undoubtedly in the game, as every turn and interaction is celebrated by this sportsman.


The only downfall for Stingley Jr is his growing list of injuries. Taking the game to heart as he does, means Stingley Jr often finds himself pulled out of the match and waiting on recovery. As long as none of these injuries are lasting, Stingley Jr could make an amazing NFL player; but he needs to balance the game with his body to help him last longer.


Matt Corral – Ole Miss

Corral is a late contender for the first-round drafts. He is often compared to Jalen Hurts, but the real reason we think you should know about him is because of his great leadership skills.


Thinking quickly is a sign of a good quarterback, and Corral is a fast thinker and good decision-maker. His biggest skill is finding where pockets of pressure are accumulating and pushing past them to avoid a rush. You will often see him searching for extra yards.


Although Corral isn’t fast, his agile mobility gets him into the right places to avoid tackles. 


Corral’s weakness lies in refusing to drop back. Sometimes the best way forward is to use the time to your advantage. Slowing down and playing defensively could be all you need to keep the lead.



The quarterbacks this season are a mixture of amazing talent, nimbleness, and teamwork. They all seem to lack perfect accuracy which is needed when playing at the elite level of the NFL. 


Each will need more training before making a real stand in the league, but as prospects, they all show an amazing level of potential. Now we need to wait on the teams to see what they want on their roster. 


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